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"Powerful ideas are spread as free currency." Quote: Carol Sutton


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BLANK PHOTO©-blank-photo-sm.gif, by Carol Sutton©BLANK PHOTO:
+ More photography - 2007 :

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Balcony/ grillscreen/ ironwork Images tiny_updated.gifALL URL'S BELOW ARE CHANGED to images/

and More Images (Balconies): all html files dream balcony by Carol SuttonDream Balcony pic of FM Radio Balcony painting by Carol SuttonFM Radio Balcony

Paper Images | Paper Paintings and Collages:
sut051.jpg, paper work on baudelaire by Carol Suttonbaudelaire
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As of October, 2000 :
arrow.blink.gifBreda Folder- + DiegoVelazquez Surrender of Breda -Inspired by Velazquez
The Breda type of Specific Historically Based Paintings© by Carol Sutton - 15 large paintings +2 giant
Breda Folder- Specific Historically Based Paintings - small mini images and full size images with information
breda_true_lace_mini.jpg-Carol Sutton- Images- LEAD IN Mini images - True Lace Breda 2009
pri_dwarf_title.jpg-sub-group The Prince & Dwarf-Carol Sutton html

Specific Historically Based INDEXSeptember 3, 2007
specific_his.jpg©Carol Sutton, made in Painter Adobe, Specific Historically Based Paintings logo image©
MANET BASED: Ball at The Opera by Carol Sutton-
MANET BASED: The Surprised Nymph ( Manet) by Carol Sutton-
MANET + VELASQUEZ BASED: Manet Dress Is As If Flesh Woman With Parrot and Velasquez No Specific Use of Violet + Dress Is As If Flesh Breda-
VANDYCK BASED: Suzanna Surprised by The Elders ( VanDyck) by Carol Sutton -
GOYA + GAUDI BASED: Blue Goya Gaudi by Carol Sutton:

barcelona_triangle.jpg Barcelona Triangle, Barcelona, Spain, artist workshop 1987
Participants: Plus photo of Anthony Caro
plus a few photos: Barcelona Triangle Participants
TITLE page and links to Barcelona Triangle Paintingstiny_updated.gifIncludes; Specific Historically Based Paintings - small mini images and full size images with information : such as: TITIAN BASED; GOTHIC Art of Catalunya Based; soup dish; Pulpo en su Mismo Tinto Based:(is aregional authentic cuisine dish of seacoast origins) & other sources
+ photographs of the two studios where I worked in Art Triangle Barcelona 1987
Art Triangle Barcelona 1987 Group Photograph, with information added by Carol Sutton, added names of all I can identify in this group photograph.
(1987) Virgin of the Cherries
Painted during the BarcelonaTriangleWorkshop in Barcelona, Spain
PLUS Photograph by: Fotografia Ferran Freixa #466,
offical photographer for the Barcelona Triangle.
(1987) Yellow/Gold/Mauve
Painted during the BarcelonaTriangleWorkshop in Barcelona, Spain
Size: 93inches by 110inches, or apx. 236 cm by 286 cm ?, show here unstretched and unframed.
Materials: Golden Acrylic on cotton canvas
Collection of: BFA, or Barcelona Fine Art Museum, Barcelona, Spain.
(1987) Blue Goya Gaudi
Painted during the BarcelonaTriangleWorkshop in Barcelona, Spain-Two Combined Sources of Inspiration:

Goya represented by his portrait of the Duchess of Alba. Plus the ironwork on the front gates of Palua Guell by Gaudi, used in the upper left side of the painting.
(1987) Virgin of Black and Gold Spots
or alternate title:
Pulpo en su mismo tinto [English is; "Octopus in it's own ink"]
Painted during the BarcelonaTriangleWorkshop in Barcelona, Spain
May, 1987
(1987) Brown Green Breda
Painted during the BarcelonaTriangleWorkshop in Barcelona, Spain
Painted during the BarcelonaTriangleWorkshop in Barcelona, Spain- plus Goya paintings as inspiration:GOYA- Gabriela Palafox y Portocarrero, Marquesa de Lazan,size: 193 cm x 115 cm,Collection: Casa de Alba, Spain
May, 17, 18 TO 25 1987
Size: 90 inches by 115 inches, or cm by cm,
Inventory #87B/05/17,18, TO 25
(1987) Lace & Blue & Gold Multi Splash
Painted during the BarcelonaTriangleWorkshop in Barcelona, Spain
(1987) Titian Red Blue Gold
Painted during the BarcelonaTriangleWorkshop in Barcelona, Spain - Plus photographs

garmentlogo.gif by Carol Sutton©
Garment Based Images, + Earrings: 8 pages
sut_worth_paper.jpg, Worth Dress by Carol Sutton©
spanishcapelogo.gif by Carol Sutton©
Carol Sutton, garment based work, Canada Apron,©Canada Apron, by Carol Sutton
____________* * * * * ______________
kokoshinik, or Kyiora, Carol Sutton's Carl Faberge jewelry painting©1997
& 6 pages: SUB GROUP OF GARMENT BASED WORKS> are The paintings based on the designs of Carl Faberge and his workshops.
Carol Sutton's The Carl Fabergé Jewelry Series, 1997 to 2002-- LEAD PAGE to Faberge works
Carol Sutton's: The masculine ones: cuff links
Carol Sutton's: Carl Faberge workshop diamond bow:
Carol Sutton's: A painting of a Carl Faberge pendant.
Carol Sutton's: A single large image of a Faberge painting of :
Title: Kyiora* 1909, kokoshinik by Carl Faberge designer © date:February 7, 1997; F
GALLERY ONE invitation for Carol Sutton's - Faberge Paintings Series- 
Show date: March 22 to April 9, 2003, at 121 Scollard Street, Toronto, ON, m5r 1g4



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LINKS: gearhead.gif -
Essay by Walter Darby Bannard and some Sistare Genealogy, Thomas Say link to Sistare & Seashell title paintings by Carol Sutton:
Portrait of Thomas Say, Entomologist, conchologist.
Essay by Donna Lypchuk on Carol Sutton

ALL URL'S BELOW ARE CHANGED AND tiny_updated.giftext/

Education , Peers, Educators of Carol Sutton (Carol Sutton Martin) - Since 2004 -
Granby High School, Norfolk, Virginia -
RPI, Richmond Professional Institute- (VCU) -
University of North Carolina at Greensboro -
BANG ARTS FESTIVAL 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, Richmond Professional Institute:
Robert Sutton and Chester Sustare at Maury High School, Norfolk, Virginia

babel_catpawprint.jpgThe Pip Story, Andre Fauteux and Pip the cat,
Carol Sutton Martin art University of North Carolina Greensboro, [UNCG],
Walter Barker, Wally Barker, Sutton Barker Beckman Pip Story -
Photo of one of a set, from the Silk screen portfolio of 16 prints titled The Artist As A Young Woman - Picabia.: Jacob Kainen Collection,
Smithsonian, and Collector Ruthie Julian own this set.
Carol with a sunlight set up to photograph her artwork showing an oval and two frog legs, a cut out piece.
+ photographs of 4 sculptures by Carol Sutton tiny_updated.gif tiny_updated.gif

Andre Fauteux Sculpture:Flyover, sculpture by Andre Fauteux©, Canadian,, tiny pic ,
Andre Fauteux Genealogy: August 25 2005
+ OFF SITE: André Fauteux From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

RIVERSIDE DISTRICT, Toronto, Ontario, (formerly Queen/Broadview Village) 5 MAJOR BUILDINGS OF NOTE:
Why is this area called Riverside? Because this area runs beside The Don River. Note the curving blue brick water line in the new sidewalk renovations and street upgrade that meanders through the Riverside area.
Riverside area Queen St East, Toronto, ON architecture
RIVERSIDE, Toronto, Ontario, (formerly Queen/Broadview Village) 5 MAJOR BUILDINGS OF NOTE ... inside Andre's rental studio at 'Queen ...
Photographs by Carol Sutton.
1. Broadview Hotel, 704 Queen St. E .-Commercial - Shops for A.W. Dingman; 1891 at Broadview (NW) and Queen Street East
2. former: The New Edwin Hotel, 650 Queen East at Carroll Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4M1G5
3.Commercial - former : Canadian Bank of Commerce, (CIBC BANK) 1905, Darling & Pearson -on the corner of Grant Street and 744 Queen Street East on the North side; 744 QUEEN ST East, Toronto, Ontario, Canaada
4. Queen/Saulter Library (QS), at 735 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON, M4M 1H3
5. The Poulton Block, 2 Boulton Avenue, and 792 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON
local historical architecture

warning_word_sign.jpg Be Aware
STOLEN ART FROM CAROL SUTTON by MAURICE FISHER- I am alleging that the following works of art were stolen on January 29, 1996 and are still missing. by the now closed MCAD or Museum of Canadian Art & Design , a one man museum, run by Maurice Fisherby Maurice Fisher; August 25 2005

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Carol  Sutton Fine Art & BLANK PHOTO


Sutton, Carol Lorraine (American painter in Canada, born 1945)

Union List of Artist Names, Getty Museum, California, USA, Carol Sutton painter, listed in Research Institute of The J. Paul Getty Trust.