worthdress.jpg,Worth Dress by Carol Sutton 88 1/2


Worth Dress

by Carol Sutton

88 1/2" x 119" or 225 cm x 302 cm
Golden Acrylic on cotton canvas

"I prefer the horizontal orientation as it makes the painting more abstract." C.S.

vertical orientation of Worth Dress

Dress.jpg, Worth Dress painting by artist Carol Sutton©

Worth Dress

by Carol Sutton

119" x 88 1/2" or 302 cm x 225 cm
Golden Acrylic on cotton canvas

The image above is online within the Ruben Salazar Library (Ruben Salazar 1929 to 1970)- Woman Artist Collection Listing
Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California, 94928


Recently I found on the web a page devoted to this dress coming from The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum (gift of Eva Drexel Dahlgren, 1977), which has a photograph of the dress with description-

MET connection to Costume Institute=Worth Dress




A little history of my source material and the story of how I came to paint the Worth ironwork dress.

Charles Frederick Worth (1825-1895), who was the first dress maker to market himself as an artist, even posing for Nadar to photograph him in his artist beret (Worth also at times wore a black skullcap), and moreover making dresses that were not on client commission from a particular client, but rather aimed at his own high standards and distributed through secondary merchandising sources as well, that is ready made, as opposed to custom made.

Read about the

Eiffel Tower


to fashion...


These bold and innovative designs were created for no particular woman in mind, but would rather be wished for by all women who wanted the top fashion designer's latest inventions. Charles Worth 's radical contribution to fashion was adding a label, his own label inside his dresses, and he was the first designer to do this.Worth's sons, Jean-Philippe and Gaston, carried on the label after the death of their father and the enormous export business in a large part due to American clients. These dresses would care the Worth label.
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yale+6worth.ptgs.jpg, Yale Sutton-Fauteux in his mom's studio, Carol Sutton, with the 6 small Worth Dress Paintings©

My son, Yale Sutton-Fauteux in my studio with 6 small Worth Dress Paintings. 1989

Read about my stolen Worth Dress Painting #6 that is still gone. If you have this painting you are in possesion of stolen property.

worth6 by Carol Sutton©

I am alleging that this small Worth Dress painting was stolen on January 29, 1996 and are still missing. I am alleging this art was stolen by the now

closed MCAD or Museum of Canadian Art & Design , a one man museum, run by Maurice Fisher, a.k.a. Morris Fisher. If you

buy or hold these works be aware that you are buying stolen art.These works were at one time consigned to this museum and Maurice Fisher, who closed the museum and took this art with him valued at over $20,500. CDN.

1989, 40 X32 1/2", on canvas, $10,000.

(white BACKGROUND WORTH DRESS smaller size of Size: 32 1/2" x 48" or 82.5cm x 122cm, with black curlique motifs, in a dress) It is very similar to this painting.

MORE: http://www.carolsutton.net/images/stolen_art_paintings.html



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