Gem_Yellow.gifPart 2. TEACHERS and PEERS from Richmond Professional Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University)


by Carol L. Sutton {Carol Lorraine Sutton, formerly known as: Carol Sutton Martin}

PART 1. My high school was Granby High School, in Norfolk, Virginia. I am a 1963 graduate of Granby High. See my page on Granby for more information at this link: Granby High School, Norfolk,Virginia {VA},Sutton graduate:
DATE: 1960 to 1963 - High School Diploma

Granby High School, Norfolk,Virginia {VA},Sutton graduate

usa_flag_zheimer.gifPLACE: Norfolk, Virginia
PART 2. Followed by: 1967 Receives B.F.A. or Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Richmond Professional Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University) - Magna Cum Laude - Art Achievement Award, THE GOLD KEY, representing the department of Communication and Design and Art, upon Graduation (The highest Honour attainable within school - selected by faculty and by peer students), in Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.
DATE: 1963 to 1967 - B.F.A. Degree - Magna Cum Laude, The Gold Key Art Achievemnet Award

Richmond Professional Institute, (Carol Sutton)

now Virginia Commonwealth University (

usa_flag_zheimer.gifPLACE: Richmond, Virginia
PART 3. Followed by post graduate work: 1969: Receives M.F. A. or Masters of Fine Arts Degree, Masters of Fine Art degree, from University of North Carolina, Greensboro, (Carol Sutton) North Carolina, U.S.A.,
DATE: 1967 to 1969 - M.F.A. Degree - Chancellors Purchase Award of sculpture

University of North Carolina at Greensboro (

usa_flag_zheimer.gifPLACE: Greensboro, North Carolina
1966 web.gifVirginia Museum Fellowship* []

1967 Virginia Museum Fellowship
1967 Receives B.F.A. degree from Richmond Professional Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University) and Art Achievement Award, THE GOLD KEY, representing the department of Communication and Design and Art, upon Graduation (highest Honour attainable within school - selected by faculty and by peer students), in Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.
1967 Full Tuition Scholarship, to attend the 'School of Visual Arts' in New York City, New York, U.S.A.
1968 Teaching Fellowship, University of North Carolian, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A.
1969 Teaching Fellowship, University of North Carolian, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A.
1969 Receives M.F. A. degree, Masters of Fine Art degree, from University of North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A.,
1969 CHANCELLORS PURCHASE AWARD, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A., purchase of large scale sculpture by 'Weatherspoon Art Gallery', Greensboro, N.C.

Family ties of Carol Lorraine Sutton:
Carol Sutton, formerly known as : Carol Martin, then: Carol Sutton-Martin, or Carol Sutton Martin, while attending RPI from 1963 to 1967 and UNCG from 1967 to 1969.
daughter of:
Mother: to Nancy Chester Sustare, (born November 17, 1920 in Greensboro, NC and died May 12, 1997, in Norfolk, Virginia.) daughter of Nannie Clara Williams and Beverly Townsend Sustare.
Father: web.gif"Robert William Sutton, "Red" or "Bob"[obituary] 76, of Norfolk, an industrialist, died Monday, February 13, 1995. Was born in:Norfolk, Va., on March 8, 1918, and was a lifelong resident of the city. Son ofweb.gif Porter Odry Sutton and Margaret Lorine Crocker.
ex-spouse of: Dennis Stillwell Martin
current spouse of: Andre Joseph Lucien Fauteux- website which has Andre Fauteux's work:web.gif

Carol Sutton-Martin, age 19, photography by husband Dennis Stillwell Martin© Copyright© and all rights reserved. 1965

Carol Sutton-Martin, age 19, photography by husband Dennis Stillwell Martin © Copyright © and all rights reserved. 1965

I am sitting in front of one of Dennis S. Martin's oil paintings, done in the class of Jewett Campbell, our painting and drawing teacher.

Place of Photo: Our Richmond, Virginia home at 100 Plum Street/ corner of Floyd Avenue, The Fan District of Richmond.

(I made this blue tone print lithograph plate, from the photograph, in a printing class, under Willy Pilchard.

I am wearing a reproduction Civil War jacket with original buttons made by Dennis Stillwell Martin. who took part in Civil War reenactments, studied Civil War history, made uniforms, and shoes, and used war images in his artwork. )

DATE: 1963 to 1967

Richmond Professional Institute,

now Virginia Commonwealth University

usa_flag_zheimer.gifPLACE: Richmond, Virginia


Memories: One of my great teachers was Richard Carlyon at RPI now called VCU carylon.gif, William Richard Carlyon, my painting teacher, RPI, Richmond Professional Institute, Richmond, VAMr. Carlyon opened the door to art history for me. He taught me to seek an art full of purpose and feeling. Richmond Professional Institute, was in Richmond, Virginia. It is now called Virginia Commonwealth University. The great RPI team at the helm: [This picture was taken from a recent award site-March 2002- which I am as of 2004 unable to find.]
Carol enrolled in Richmond Professional Institute, nowweb.gif Virginia Commonwealth University, as full-time student of art; does design, painting, drawing, art history, photography; where she gained her B.F.A. or Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in 1967 and received The Gold Key Award upon her graduation. .
These were my professors and educators:
Carol's teachers at The Richmond Professional Institute or RPI, were Jewett Campbell for painting and drawing,{William} Richard Carlyon {tiny portrait photo of Richard above.}for art history, drawing and painting, Jim Bumgardner, [web.gifJames Bumgardner],
Willard Pilchard - "Willy" for printmaking and typography, Jonathan Bowie for architecture and design, George Nan for photography, Art Beal for graphic design, George Nan, Maurice Bonds {art history and head of fine art department}; John T. Hilton {head of the Commercial Art Department} were at the helm."This amazing team of teachers had a profound effect on my long term thinking about art and on my approach to art and its making. I was there in great time jewel slot of 1963 to 1967 and feel so lucky to have been a part of that time."
The Commercial Art Department was the department that I was enrolled in for study, and oddly, and to my benefit the Commercial Art Department had a vast focus on fine art, as many of it's teachers were practicing artists. I believe that I actually got a better 'fine' art education in Commercial Art Department, than I would have had I been a student enrolled in the actual Fine Art Department.
My teachers were on to everything happening. Once in one of their tiny office round table chats {There was actually no round table only a tiny 4 by 7 foot office 4 chairs a desk and folks} Richard said: " We heard there are these 2 guys up in D.C. doing painting that looks like awning canvas. Let's pile in a V.W. bus and go up to D.C. and see what they are doing this weekend." So about 8 of us did just that. I found myself face to face with the art vision of Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland. All of a sudden abstract expressionism just was radically sweep aside by this newer clean way to paint. They also brought in just anyone they thought we should hear or see or experience. And once I even danced with Barnett Newman at Jewett Campbell's house/studio. Barnett Newman had been invited by my group of professors to come visit RPI and give a lecture; a dinner and party followed in the evening, and that is where I met Barnett Newman.
Richard Carlyon always impressed me with his razor sharp mind and insights into art history. I remember his vast personal art library, his love for books and learning. The dedication that he gave to his art, painting and drawing. I remember his great sense of line and his bold shapes, his great drawings. What a great and intense time. Students lined up for and packed his art history lectures, which often were in such demand that it was standing room only if you arrived a bit late. 
BLOG: Read more on Richard Carlyon- + see photos of his artwork.
Richard Carlyon
24 Jan 2006 by Martin Bromirski 

Here is an excerpt from a Richard Carlyon testimonial I've found on-line, written by former student Carol Sutton, and which pre-dates his death - "One of my great teachers was Richard Carlyon at RPI, now called VCU. Mr. ...
Once in a joint class, Mr. Carlyon and Mr. Bumgardner, gave a lecture on modern art, Jim Bumgardner asked the class , "What is Cubism?", then he spun around picked up a paper cup and smashed it onto the blackboard, then removed it, held it aloft in his hand, and the pronounced, "Now that is Cubism". To this date that was the most graphic example explanation of Cubism I have yet witnessed.
The Spring season RPI held the 'BANG' Arts Festival and Film Festival. One year I designed and silk-screen printed a poster, that had a super enlarged antique print I had found of a baby screaming, at the top of the poster I put large fuchsia pink 19th century carnival wood type with the letters: B A N G. The posters were so popular that they often got taken down as fast as they were put in place.John Cage, Gordon Mumma, and Allen Kaprow did happenings. Judith Dunn and Robert Morris preformed a nude dance work that was very minimal at one of these BANG Festivals. (read below)
READ MORE | SEE MORE | 2 NEW PAGES ON BANG ARTS FESTIVALS,new3.gif, tiny italian new icon
web.gifBANG Arts Festivals, Richmond Professional Institute, RPI, now called VCU, Richmond, Virginia, USA, ,1963, 1964, 1965, 1966
web.gifMorris,Dunn dance,BANG4 Arts Festival,Richmond Professional Institute, RPI>VCU,1963-1967
THE BANG, BANG, BANG. . . ETC. Was the Spring Arts Festival orgainzed by the faculty and students of the school of Art of the Richmond Professional Institiute. A week of programs and events, in music, drama, film making, painting, graphics, and photography. Some of the contributing artists in 1964 were:
{RECENTLY FOUND article on how Theresa Pollak saved Bernard Martin's jobnew3.gif, tiny italian new icon and mentions all five of my top professors: Richard Carlyon, Jim Bumgardner, John Bowie and Willie Pilchard, all brought in to explain the remarkable spirit moving dance by Judith Dunn and Robert Morris .
Richmond Magazine - Feature
... RPI (what would become VCU), where, in the class of the late Jewett Campbell, he realized ...
EXCERPT: The Sixth Annual Theresa Pollak Prizes
QUOTE: "For the sixth year, Richmond magazine recognizes those who enrich us with their talents and continue the creative legacy of Theresa Pollak, founder of VCU's School of the Arts. To get a glimpse of Pollak's own work, visit VCU's Anderson Gallery from Jan. 23 to March 7, 2004, when an exhibit primarily focused on her works on paper will be presented.
Harry Kollatz Jr.
Lifetime Achievement: Bernard Martin
Theresa Pollak saved Bernard Martin's job.
Five young professors were summoned before Richmond Professional Institute president Dr. George J. Oliver the day after a dance performance that was part of a weeklong arts festival Martin helped organize and promote. Visiting sculptor/dancer Robert Morris, in the nude, led his troupe in a piece called "The Watermelon Switch."
Martin, Richard Carlyon, Jim Bumgardner, John Bowie and Willie Pilchard were brought in to explain their involvement. "I am certain he intended to fire all five of us," Martin recalls with a rueful chuckle. "Then came this slight knocking on the door, and in comes Theresa Pollak, this diminutive, white-haired Jewish lady. And she says, "Dr. Oliver, I know you were concerned about the performance last night, but it was lovely. I went home and lay awake remembering its beauty, how stirring it was," and she went on in rapturous language. Then Dr. Oliver thanked and dismissed her and glared at us and said, "Never do this again! There will never be any more nude dance performances at RPI as long as I'm president." If he'd fired the five of us, the direction of that art school in the 1960s would?ve gone in a very different direction."
Martin grew up in Furham,Va., "on the edge of Appalachia, with moonshiners, where nobody had ever heard of Rembrandt or Picasso," he says. " END QUOTE---continues:]
ASSASSINATION OF KENNEDY: Friday, November 22, 1964. Everyone remembers where they were when they learned our Presiden John Fitzgerald KENNEDY had been shot. I was with a class drawing in the Richmond Cemetery, when the news came over the radio.


My student peers were:
Dennis Martin, of Falls Church, Virginia, whom I married at age nineteen in Richmond, Virginia and years later divorced in Toronto, Ontario.
Kent English of Salisbury, Maryland, who has remained a life long friend; Judy Meade of the hills of western side of Virginia in the mountains, who did an extraordinary photographic portrait portfolio of her mother, younger brothers and family, for her thesis, which I own , as we would trade our thesis projects with each other. [see Image-WINTER 1966/1967, for pages of these photographs, 'IMAGE magazine -a journal of creative ideas' published by the Student Government Association of the Richmond Professional Institution, 901 West Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia ];
Judy Skeen, also of Virginia, [Kent English has just recently found her address] and Dolly Braswell , who I believe who was from Virginia Beach, Virginia?
Daingerfield Ashton III, [or Dangerfield Ashton III] a wild and intense painter, who was a friend and lived in our apartment basement for six months. Dennis and I llived on the corner of Plum and Floyd Avenue, in the Fan District of Richmond, Virginia. Our address was 100 Plum Street, and Dejanne Lemmon was our neighbor just north at 102 Plum Street. Daingerfield Ashton III filled sketchbooks with his drawings. I own two of these sketchbooks and a few of his small paintings on board and canvas; including a portrait of Dejanne Lemmon. Daingerfield drew outlined nudes against abstract hills. He may have gone to Haight Ashbury in California after he left Richmond, Virginia. Recently I found out Daingerfield is living in South Carolina, and I have put is found address below with much more information.

Ralph Cox, of North Carolina, a wonderful painter, Ralph worked with me on Saturdays at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art teaching children's art classes, as we both had Fellowships /Grants from The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; which required use to help with the Children's Art Classes in exchange for our VIRGINIA MUSEUM

FELLOWSHIPS. {See my Awards pageweb.gif}. A number of Ralph Cox's works are illustrated in the Richmond Professional Institute's 'IMAGE literary and art magazine', published at RPI at that time. , about 1964- 1967. [See PEERS FOUND CONTINUED after Virginia Museum section.]
To see the latest list and names:
quote:"Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Latest Awards Bring Total Since 1940 To 814 Fellowships Worth $2.5 Million
Thirty-one Virginia artists and art students have been awarded a total of $182,000 in 2001 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowships.
In the 61 years in which the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has awarded Fellowships, the museum has awarded $2.5 million to 814 professional and student artists who are permanent residents of Virginia.
"Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowships provide crucial support for artists who wish to advance their careers or further their education," says Dr. Michael Brand, director of the Virginia Museum.
Money for the Fellowships comes from a privately endowed fund administered by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It was initiated in 1940 by John Lee Pratt of Fredericksburg (husband of Lillian Pratt, donor of the museum's Fabergé collection). The fund was later supplemented by gifts from the Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, the J. Warwick McClintic Jr. Scholarship Fund, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Foundation. "
NOTE: This is very interesting to me:It was initiated in 1940 by John Lee Pratt of Fredericksburg (husband of Lillian Pratt, donor of the museum's Fabergé collection)- particularly in lieu of my latest art work on the paintings of Carl Faberge's Jewelry that I have been working on since 1995. Now I realize that I would have seen those very Faberge works, given by John Lee and Lillian Pratt, while I was at the Virginia Museum on those Saturdays with my friend and fellow art student, Ralph Cox. In addition to seeing those at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, my very first exposure to Faberge works would have been when I was a teenager going to Granby High School, in Norfolk, Virginia, and lived very near to The Hermitage Foundation, where I would sometimes go to do oil painting outdoor sketches. The Hermitage Foundation Museum, Norfolk, VA owns a number of Faberge works on display. {} See:
"17. The Carl Fabergé Jewelry Series, 1997 to 2002, (based on the lost and then found work done for the tsar of Russia, from the St. Petersburg Archives, a book. Paintings on paper and heavy rag board, with sequins, large Indian sequins, glitter, shoe make-up, ink and acrylic). A part of The Garment Based Works."

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is an outstanding art collection spanning 6,000 years includes Faberge, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Impressionism, ...
Description: Has an art collection spanning 6,000 years includes: Faberge, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Impressionism


Richmond Professional Institute,

now Virginia Commonwealth University

usa_flag_zheimer.gifPLACE: Richmond, Virginia
My former husband:
Gem_Yellow.gifDennis Stillwell Martin: born 1945, Panama Canal Zone, Panama. Father was in the US Army. Raised partly in Japan. Student from 1963 until 1967 at R.P.I., RPI, Richmond Professional Institute, graduated in 1967 with BFA. Musician, Painter, Illustrator, Military Historian, Married: 1965 to Carol Lorraine Sutton. No children. Migrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from Greensboro, North Carolina in 1970. Divorced: 1977. Remarried in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Jennifer Smith and had two sons. Lives at: 221 Glenhill Avenue, Toronto. Close friend of Djenane Lemmon, of Barrie, Ontario, and formerly of Richmond, Virginia.
Dennis Stillwell Martin
Phone: 1-416-423-1456
221 Glenhill Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4C 5K9
Gem_Yellow.gifKent English, { Most sadly recently deceased.} born: 1945, Salisbury, Maryland, U.S.A. Student from 1963 until 1967 at R.P.I., RPI, Richmond Professional Institute, graduated in 1967 with BFA. Student at University of North Carolina and also studied in New York City. Painter and Sign Manufacturing business in Salisbury, Maryland, -English Signs. Kent's wife, Robin English is an graphic designer: Robin English Designs.
Everyone who knew Kent loved him. Kent was my kindred spirit and soul mate, my best friend for 41 years. We were fellow students together at RPI ( RIchmond Professional Institute) and after that at The University of North Carolina in Greensboro, (UNCG). In the final end of Kent's life I just wanted his suffering to end; but he did fight the good fight and was hopeful of a liver transplant.  
OBIT of Jack Kent English, artist, dies at 59new3.gif, tiny italian new icon
The Daily Times -
( A Gannett Newspaper)
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Salisbury, Maryland
Obituaries, page 4:
In Loving Memory of Kent J. English
July 26, 1945 - June 19, 2005
Kent J. English died on Father's Day 2005 at Coastal Hospice on the Lake surrounded by his loving family .
He was 59 years old.
Kent had a sensitive spirit and was a well-known and highly respected artist, gifted in painting, photography
 and recently pursuing skills in sculpture. He  was also the owner of the English Sign Systems of Salisbury, 
A retrospective show of his art was featured at Salisbury University in 2000 and his work has been included
 in numerous recent regional shows as well as New York City. He loved to paint and his art is abstract and
 vibrant with color, energy highly textured surfaces. It is filled with imagery that often reflects a sense of deep personal spirituality.
Born and raised in Salisbury, Kent attended local schools. He earned a BFA from Richmond Professional Institute ( now Virginia Commonwealth University) in 1967 where he studied under Jewett Campbell, Richard Carlyon and James Bumgardner. He was awarded an MFA by the University of North Carolina in Greensboro in 1969, studying with realist Walter Barker and the minimalist--modernist Will Insley, among others. Kent was awarded a prestigious Whitney Museum School Fellowship and studied at that New York City school during 1968 and 1969. He was selected to Participate in the Triangle Artist Workshop in Pine Plains, New York in 1983 under Sir Anthony Caro.
English's senior thesis at the UNCG was a remarkable abstract sculpture exhibit and event, including whole and broken eggs balanced upon barbed wire, with eggs splashed against plate glass windows. Ken likened the fragility of the delicate eggs played off against the harsh barbed wire as symbols of the Vietnam War and the then recent American invasion of Cambodia with its destruction of life and beauty.
He enjoyed travel throughout Europe with close friends. These trips deepened his appreciation of past artistic masters and the culture of other peoples. A time spent in the Spanish Andalusian city of Seville during Holy Week of 2002 made a lasting impression with its music, art, architecture, pageantry and religious symbolism. His bicycling an tandem tours in Italy  an the United Stares with his wife Robin and friends were especially meaningful.
Kent was a natural engineer and an avid reader of history and art. He was inspired by the engineering and artistic genius of Brunelleschi's dome design for the Duomo of Florence. He employed his own considerable engineering and artistic skills as owner of English Sign Systems since 1971, to design and build signs for local businesses and organizations.
Kent is survived by his loving wife Robin, their daughter Kim Nisbet of New York City, his parents James H. English Jr. and Kathryn, former owners of English Restaurants, three brothers and their wives, James H. English III and Pat, Philip T. English and Terry, Chris English and Helene, all residing in the Salisbury area, many aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, as well as many friends.
Visitation will be held form 11:00 to 11:30 on Wednesday at Spring Hill Memory Gardens prior to a graveside service commencing at 11:30 am. Memorial gifts in lieu of flowers may be sent to the 
Kent English Memorial Fund for the Arts, c/o The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, P.O. Box 152,
Salisbury, MD. 21803-0152
Mailing address was :
Kent English
Phone: 1-410-742-4186
c/o English Signs Systems INC,
611 West Railroad Avenue
Salisbury, Maryland, U.S.A. , 21804
or PO BOX 2002, (Salisbury Md. 21802 for PO box #)

Gem_Yellow.gifJudy Skeen, also of Virginia, and recently found by Kent English of Salisbury, Maryland. I was able to call Judy on February 7, 2004 and had a long conversation with her. Judy works on a farm. She has two children, a daughter Sarah, who is studying in linguistics in Italy, and a son named Samuel. Judy does painting and colleges. Judy Skeen has been a live long friend of Judy Meade and the two are still in contact with each other.
New, February 7, 2004:
Judy Skeen
P.O. Box 181
Monterey, Virginia
USA, 24465
Phone: 540-468-2333
Gem_Yellow.gifJudy Kay Meade, also of Virginia. Judy Skeen has been a live long friend of Judy Meade and the two are still in contact with each other.
Judy Meade of the hills of western side of Virginia in the mountains, who did an extraordinary photographic portrait portfolio of her mother, younger brothers and family, for her thesis, which I own , as we trade our thesis's with each other. [see Image-WINTER 1966/1967, for pages of these photographs, 'IMAGE magazine -a journal of creative ideas' published by the Student Government Association of the Richmond Professional Institution, 901 West Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia ]; New information from telephone conversation with Judy Skeen, a close friend of Judy Meade's, on February 7, 2004. Judy Skeen told me that Judy Meade moved to Tuscany, Italy , and is married to a man who works in agriculture, and has one son. Judy Meade is in contact and has remained friends with Emmet Gowin.
CONTACT: February 27, 2004, I am so thrilled that I have been successful contacting Judy Meade Turri, thanks to her close friend Judy Skeen. "And here, after the same 30+ years, on a remote hilltop at the foot of the Apennines in Northern Tuscany (30 km beyond Florence above the small Medieval/Renaissance town of Scarperia), I landed here in Italy, attracted to Florence because of its stunning art, married a Florentine, Franco, and our one son Nicola was born there in '77."- Judy Meade
New, March 30, 2004:
Judy Kay Meade Turri
Via San Clemente 85A, 50038 Scarperia,
Firenze,N, Tuscany
Phone: 055 8492014
email: "JFN Turri" <>
Gem_Yellow.gifMary Lou Deal [Bowling]; sadly deceased.
quote: Richmond Times Dispatch Article/OBIT: web.gif"Mary Lou Deal, noted local artist, dies at age 56
In 1998, when she played the lead in the independent student film "Emma Field," Mary Lou Deal saw her role as a cathartic new beginning. [skip]
Ms. Deal, 56, an award-winning nationally known artist and potter, died of breast cancer Tuesday at her Ashland home. Her daughter was by her side. Ms. Deal had struggled with a recurrence of the disease since September.
Recognized for her work by The Washington Post, The New York Times and Smithsonian magazine, Ms. Deal was highlighted in Metropolitan Home Magazine in 1990 as one of 100 "most important movers and shakers" of the art world. [skip]
Survivors include her daughter, Raasa Leela Shields of New York City and Hanover County; and a brother, David Deal of Wilkesboro, N.C.
A memorial service will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at Ms. Deal's farm in Hanover, 13045 Walnut Shade Lane in Ashland."end quote

Gem_Yellow.gifJoseph Haske
See web.gif
ARTNET WEB- JOSEPH HASKE:, tiny italian new icon
Brief Biography: QUOTE: from artnet web: "JOSEPH HASKE was born in Washington, D.C., in 1945 and is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts' Advanced Painting Program (1968). Mr. Haske has shown extensively both nationally and internationally and his works have been exhibited at the Tucson Museum of Art (Tucson, Arizona); the Albright-Knox Gallery(Buffalo, New York); and the Whitney Museum of American Art (New York City). Accomplished in the medium of printmaking as well as painting, his prints are represented by VanDeb Editions. He has been a professor at the Parsons School of Design since 1981. He lives and works in New York City.,"
Tobey Fine Art-HASKE: at 580 Broadway &
WhoWhere: & CIRCA GALLERY ( Minneapolis, MN) new3.gif, tiny italian new icon&
Gwendajay- Addington, Chicago, Illinois gallery - JOSEPH HASKE was born in Washington, D.C.,, tiny italian new icon
Joseph Haske
Phone: 212-741-1879
99 Vandam St,
New York NY 10013-1008
Gem_Yellow.gifDaisy Youngblood , who recently was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship Grant , 2003,
Santa Fe, New Mexico,"Ceramicist sculpting in clay and bronze to create contemporary forms that evoke the primitive, the timeless, and the universal."
{See Daisy notes below under FOUND-on this page.}
Some Prominent Virginia Families, Vol. 2
web.gif].*Daisy notes: quote from Gallery
Daisy Youngblood
Birthplace:Asheville, NC
Contact Information:
McKee Gallery
745 Fifth Avenue J
New York, NY 10151
Phone (212) 688-5951
Fax (212) 752-5638
"Youngblood was born in 1945 in Ashville, North Carolina, and has lived in New York City, a Quaker community in Costa Rica, southern Arizona, and very recently has moved with her family to Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has had many one-person exhibitions in galleries and museums, the most recent survey in 1996 at the University of Massachusetts Fine Arts Center, curated by Regina Coppola."
web.gif - VCUArts e-League, October 2003, In this issue:I. -VCU ARTISTS IN THE NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT
Quote: "Daisy Youngblood is a sculptor whose figurative forms in clay and cast bronze convey intense emotional complexity.  Employing traditional hand-modeling techniques, Youngblood constructs sculptures of animals, humans, and haunting hybrids of the two; among her subjects are hulking gorillas, mournful elephants, horses, goats, and fantastical hawk-women.  Rather than distancing themselves as exotic, threatening beasts, Youngblood's figures evoke a sense of vulnerability, with bodies bent, twisted, and fragmented.  She further humanizes these assorted creatures by giving them an inhabitable quality; their eyeless faces and hollow bodies inspire a reaction of empathy, drawing the viewer's gaze inward into an empty space beyond their fragile shells.  Her chosen material of the earth itself imbues her work with ancient, archetypal attributes and bears a symbolic relationship to the various mythological traditions her imagery calls to mind.  Through their rough contours, scarred surfaces, and pared-down forms, Youngblood's pieces invite comparisons to both prehistoric cave painting and abstract expressionism, bringing about an unexpected convergence of two dramatically disparate periods of art history. With her aptitude for molding psychological vitality into lifeless clay, Youngblood creates striking contemporary sculptures with immediate, visceral, and enduring impact.
Daisy Youngblood attended VCU's School of the Arts from 1963-66.  Since 1979, she has had numerous solo and group exhibitions both in the United States and elsewhere, including New York, San Francisco and Milan, Italy. Youngblood's work is included in the permanent collection of the Toledo Museum of Art."
Gem_Yellow.gif Daingerfield Ashton III
[Found on the web via a search for his name and also in Who Where:]
Describes himself as a gentleman experimental farmer in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson. Close friend of Djeanne Lemmon, of Barrie, Ontario, and formerly of Richmond, Virginia.
The Experimental Farm
781 Old Furnace Rd.
Boiling Springs,
his web site: web.gifin the spirit of experimental farming as Thomas Jefferson did it: http://www.experimentalfarm. org
PLUS- Architectural Sculpture by Daingerfield Ashton III web site at:web.gif
I did find a listing for a sculpture show:
Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina 1998:"art & museums-ARTWORK OF DAINGERFIELD ASHTON Outdoor sculpture artist will be on display through May 31, 1998. USCS Performing Arts Center Lobby. 503-5207"
Daingerfield used to say he was from an historic fine Virginia family. But now that I have done some genealogy, many of us were from 'fine' families. I did find a site that list "Reuben Garrett  6 Reg't (Daingerfield's) VA Militia in the War of 1812." as well as :
, which has Ashton's in the War of 1812., "Alexander Waters MD Militia 45th Reg Ashton's" - Also in The Civil War are listed:, 9th Virginia Calvery Roster, two Ashton names. , Ashton, Burditt Washington and Ashton, Charles Henry. And in a rootsweb search at , I found: Daingerfield Lewis Ashton * Birth: 9 OCT 1873 in King George County, Virginia * Death: 18 OCT 1918 . From: book:Author: DuBellet, L. P. ,Periodical:
See: web.gif
"quote:Additional Notes on the S.F. Oracle-For the Haight-Ashbury in The Sixties CD-ROM , By Allen Cohen-One of the founders of The San Francisco Oracle-The San Francisco Oracle,2548 Myra Dell,Walnut Creek, Ca. 94596,tel. 510-935-6492--"The Dialectical Pendulum-The years 1963-67 were formative to the Haight-Ashbury Hippie phenomenon. Swings of the dialectical pendulum of American history underlie the extraordinary changes that were about to occur in America. "
The Oracle Staff
Around this time most of the artists and writers, secretaries and business people who were to steer the Oracle on and off course in the year and a half to follow had gathered together: Stephen Levine, a New York poet who had moved to Santa Cruz and then to San Francisco; Travis Rivers, a Texan who brought Janis Joplin to San Francisco and managed Tracy Nelson, another blues singer; and George Tsongas, a poet and novelist from Greece and San Francisco. Though Tsongas had left after Oracle #2, he would return later and play a major role both artistically and editorially. Hetti McGee, originally from Liverpool, England, and Ami Magill were our staff designers. Along with Gabe Katz they originated and/or implemented the techniques -- split fountains, screens, double burns, rubylith overlays -- that made the Oracle palette come to life. Other staff included Harry Monroe, poet, world traveler and inspiration to all who would sit through the night and listen to him talk; Dangerfield Ashton, the best pen and ink artist South Carolina ever gave to America; Gene Grimm, a 6ft. 6in. former marine who had become as gentle as a butterfly; and Steve Lieper, a lanky Tennessee hillbilly who did a lot of everything.
Gem_Yellow.gif John Poulosnew3.gif, tiny italian new icon
[Found because John saw this page in June 2005 and wrote me an email on Tuesday, June 7, 2005)
John was the roommate in RPI of my husband Dennis Stillwell Martin. John Poulos was married to Lyn and they had a child.
John Poulos, worked in design and direct mail campaigns, in Tri-city area of North Carolina, now in Raliegh, North Carolina .
Contact Information:
John Poulos
RPM Marketing
ID Studios
P.O. Box 97252,
Raleigh, North Carolina,
USA, 27624-7252
Phone 252-443-6522
Mobile 252-314-2561
Fax 252-443-6568
Gem_Yellow.gif William (Bill) Lazaronynew3.gif, tiny italian new icon

and FOUND prism.gifSlightly senior students to me who were my friends and impressed me with their work were:

Gem_Blue.gifEmmet Gowin, of Danville, Virginia,
a.k.a., Emmet W. Gowin, now Head of the Photography Department at Princeton University, Mailing address [source webweb.gif WhoWhere
a photographer {husband of Edith} whom I traded portfolio thesis projects with. I got Emmet Gowin's thesis handmade book of original silver plate photos and Emmet got: Carol Sutton Martin's- silkscreen portfolio of 16, 20 by 20 inch plates.: 'The Artist As a Young Woman, Picabia.' Emmet is now renown and has his work in major collections;
202 N Chancellor Street
Newtown, Pennsylvania,
USA, 18940-2206
Phone: 215-968-5208
web.gif George Eastman House, Emmet Gowin Series ,Still Photograph Archive ,20 Selected Images
Also see: quote:
Quote: "John Paul Caponigro - Dialogs - Emmet Gowin
This conversation was first seen in the Dec. 1998, Jan. 1999 issue of Camera Arts magazine
Find out more about Camera Arts magazine at
Born in 1941, Emmet Gowin grew up in southern Virginia. He began photographing in 1961, at the Richmond Professional Institute, and went on to graduate study at the Rhode Island School of Design. His prints have been exhibited widely and are in the collections of museums and galleries throughout the United States. Gowin lives with his wife, Edith, and their sons, Isaac and Elijah, in a small Pennsylvania town and teaches photography at Princeton University. His books include Emmet Gowin: Photographs (1976), Emmet Gowin Photographs (1966-1983), Petra (1986), and Emmet Gowin: Aerial Photographs (1997). One of America's foremost photographers Gowin's first subjects were taken from his own world ­ his wife, children, and extended family in Virginia. Newer experiences have drawn him toward a wider view, encompassing landscapes of Europe, the devastation and beauty of Mt St Helens, the haunting emptiness of Petra, and most recently aerial views of mines, toxic waste dumps, nuclear test sites, and massive agricultural projects."
Gem_Blue.gifPhil Meggs { sadly deceased.} [Philip B. MEGGS, of Florence, South Carolina, a B.F.A. in Commercial Art, Class of 1964. His RPI photograph is on page 148 , of 'The Cobblestone', RPI, Year book of 1964. And Libby Phillips Meggs his wife , who were great graphic designers. {Thanks to Johnnie W. Wine tiny_updated.gifwho told me Libby recently published a book about her cat, a true story, which is available on}
BOOK: Go Home!: The True Story of James the Cat by Libby Phillips Meggs (Illustrator) (Paperback - September 2003)
Buy new: $6.95    Used & new from $4.38   
check :
[Libby Meggs]
Richmond VA 23219-0000
Phone: 804-740-2729
Meggs, Phil
BETHIA, VA 23838
Phone: 804-739-1474
[ P.S. See my own story of :
The story of how I came to own Max Beckman's cat he called 'Pip' by Carol Lorraine Sutton -2003]
Hans Schaal*, photographer who attended RPI,
Bill Gardner, who made a fabulous thesis inspired by Indian Art and was a master at calligraphy;- ?? Was this Ralph Gardner, who was also on the IMAGE STAFF, {see page 80 of 'The Cobblestone', RPI, Year book of 1964, which has Mile Woods and Leon Bellin as advisors.
His RPI photograph is on page 158 , as Junior in 1964, of 'The Cobblestone', RPI, Year book of 1964, Ralph Gardner was in the Class of 1965.
Gem_Blue.gifCharles Levitan, or Chuck Levitan, painter and drawer, amazing draftsmanship. Man can he draw. I think I own a large 4 x 4 foot charcoal drawing on drywall board by him [See page #47 of:'IMAGE magazine -a journal of creative ideas', 1965, for an illustration of one of these charcoal drawings.
February 7,, 2004, I believe I have found Chuck Levitan via a search on images in, as: with his new giant 'Lincoln Portrait Charcoal Drawing' Series.
was located at:
Web site:
Chuck Levitan Gallery
42 Grand St. (off W. Broadway) Soho
Phone: (305) 538-7248
[Quote: from web site: "Chuck Levitan was born on July 4 th,1942 in the nation's capital. A pioneer of Soho, he opened the Chuck Levitan Gallery in 1973, for 25 years, his landmark Gallery exhibited artists from around the world. +Buffie Johnson, Portrait of Buffie Johnson"A Monumental Drawing"]
February 9, 2004, After talking with Richard Carlyon, he confirmed that the Lincoln charcoal drawings were by Chuck Levitan. Richard said he used to visit him when he was in New York City and stop into his gallery and have chats with him. I found out from Richard, that Chuck Levitan has retired from the Chuck Levitan Gallery, at Grand St. and moved to Florida, exact location unknown.
Thanks to John Wine, here is this NEW information: new3.gif, tiny italian new icon
"Chuck Levitan graduated in 1964, RPI - Commercial Art. He went on to the art world in NYC. He had a gallery there until 1998. He now lives in South Miami Beach, Florida.
You can find some really nice drawings at his Web site, especially his Abraham Lincoln series from 1976. He did these for the HEW Building in Washington, DC -
celebrating the bicentennial. I saw this exhibition and was really impressed with Chuck's work. These various charcoal portraits of Lincoln were 10 feet tall!
I still have a painting he gave me in art school - of Jackie Kennedy."
Gem_Blue.gifBunny Spence Christy- or Aldeth Spence Christy, who did rubbed oil crayon emblematic works with jewel tones often using images of faces, fish, turtles.
FOUND this which sounds like a perfect decription of her art as I first saw it in 1964 in Richmond, Virginia. I did find a Aldeth Spence Christy Foundation.
VOL XXXXIV,  NO. 24,  December 1, 2003
Art Show Reception Sunday, Dec. 14
I'm pleased to invite everyone to the opening of the next art exhibit at RRUC. It will feature the fabric appliqué pictures of Aldeth Spence Christy (Bunny), a beloved teacher of art and writing, who was also one of the finest fabric artists in the Washington area. A classicist by orientation, she often used a personal vocabulary of symbols that included birds, fishes, turtles, etc. within a central image surrounded by fields of color or pattern. She used her considerable passion and intellect to transform many lives, including mine. Please come to the reception on Dec. 14th, 1-3 p.m. to celebrate the life and work of Bunny. -Grazina Narkus-Kramer
McCrillis Gardens Gallery- May 18 - 31 2003, show, Diane Leatherman 301-229-7412
Fabric Art From DC, Bethesda, Cabin John, Catonsville, California and India featuring the work of Leela Cherian, Aldeth Spence Christy, Diane Leatherman, Laura B. MacKenzie, Alice Magorian, Grazia Narkus-Kramer and Lynda Tredway
6910 Greentree Rd
Bethesda MD 20817-
Diane Leatherman is the author and editor of two novels, Crossing Kansas and Rebecca, a Maryland Farm Girl, a chapter book for 8 to 12 year olds. Leatherman previously served as the executive director of Friends of the Library, Montgomery County, and as the Washington, D.C. coordinator of the Orphan Foundation of America. She received the Governor's Volunteer Service Award in 2001 and serves on the board of directors for various organizations including the Aldeth Spence Christy Foundation.
tiny_updated.gifUPDATE: I have since gotten a wonderful letter from John Christy. Below is some of the new informaion and his heartfelt love for his wife who died, Bunny Spence Christy.
 John Christy
5 Victoria Square, PO Box 1027
Frederick, MD 21702
Some quotes from the letter I got from John on April 8, 2004: new3.gif, tiny italian new icon
"My wife Bunny died September 11, 2001, of all days, of an untreatable pulmonary fibrosis.  We lived in the Washington, DC, area for over 30 years, where she became a much-beloved teacher of art and personal writing.  She is best known here for her fabric art, which she undertook beginning in 1969 when she thought she would have to spend the rest of her life bedridden from a congenital back deformity.  Thirty years later following back surgery for the same condition, which doctors had been afraid to operate for earlier, she was no longer able to do fabric work but produced over 2000 pen-and-ink drawings.  She kept a personal journal for over three decades and left 125 hand-written diaries.  Happily, she was not bedridden for most of those years, although she lived with chronic pain most of her life.
 Following her death I established a Maryland nonprofit corporation, which has received an advance IRS designation as a public charity, to preserve her art and writing and make it more available to the public.  We don't have much money, but we have a game plan and are hopeful.  The Foundation is very much interested in hearing from anyone who has any of her work or letters, or memories they would like to share.  We will have a web site later this year.  Contributions are solicited and most welcome, and are tax-deductible.  Aldeth Spence Christy Foundation, Inc, 5 Victoria Square, PO Box 1027, Frederick, MD 21702, phone 301.682.3441.
 Bunny was the light of my life, and I worshipped the ground she walked on.  I've never known anyone more doggedly determined to make art that matters, or more willing to pay the price for it.  She had a genius for finding the right ways to encourage others to pursue their artistic needs and dreams, and a number of grateful people have told me that she changed their lives.
The Diane Leatherman who is responsible for the listings by which you learned of the Foundation is our vice-president.  I am copying her here along with another board member, Barbara Walker.
Oh, and I am The_Black_Bird because Bunny drew me as such in her work for 37 years." -
John Christy
Close of letter.
Gem_Blue.gifVirginia Team [Virginia C. Team], who was a top graphic student and when on to work and live in New York City where she designed record covers for CBS?. I found one design Virginia did for MCA Records, Decca Record on the web: Patsy Cline Record: Art direction by Simon Levy/Virginia Team: by
Is Virginia now is in Ashland City, TN?-
[now is in Ashland City, TN?-New, January 2004:new3.gif, tiny italian new iconvia James and Judy Bumgardner, Virginia Team worked at Columbia Records in New York City, as the head graphic designer, moved to Nigeria, Africa, moved back to the United States. IS this a match???Virginia Team; Phone: 615-876-3277 ;4794 Little Marrowbone Rd,Ashland City TN 37015-9456
Gem_Blue.gifAlston Purvis.
{*# see 'IMAGE magazine -a journal of creative ideas', 1964, published by the Student Government Association of the Richmond Professional Institution, 901 West Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia.}
Found I believe also on a search on the web: Februay 8, 2004, A whole amazing article on Alston Purvis.
Boston University Community's Weekly Newpaper
Week of 25 September 1998
Vol. II, No. 7
ArtsAlston Purvis, b 1943, artist, teacher at Boston University, MA, photo by Kalman Zabarsky, studied at RPI, in Richmond, Virginia, circa 1964
SFA prof sets the record straight on his G-man father
by J. Nicole Long
"Purvis, director ad interim of the Visual Arts Division at SFA and chairman of the graphic design department, is disappointed that his father has been misrepresented by the sloppiness of other authors and by Hollywood. "Even on projects I've contributed to," he says, "they haven't been precise. I'm glad that interest in my father is being rekindled and I think Hoover's racket is becoming more well-known. I'm being very meticulous in my research. I just want to write the thing and put the matter to bed."
Alston Purvis, director ad interim of SFA's Visual Arts Division. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky
That's an understandable sentiment when viewed in the context of Purvis' busy life. Between writing his book and attending to his administrative responsibilities as chairman, Purvis finds time to teach, paint, and work in collage and freelance graphic design. He is also married, with a young son.
"My father decorated his office with my paintings," Purvis says. "He always told me I had a gift that he didn't possess."
Purvis is currently working in watercolor. His subjects include portraits, landscapes, and "whatever it is I want to do," he says.
In the past he has done several one-man exhibitions of photography in London, New York, Paris, and Amsterdam. Purvis wrote Dutch Graphic Design 1918-1945, published by Vendler Rhineholt. His engagement with the Dutch aesthetic is evident in his art, teaching, and writing.
"Text" seems to have a more prominent presence in Purvis' life than in the life of many visual artists. "Collage," he says, "is one of my great loves -- I write like I make collage: take a bunch of stuff and put it together."
Wolfsonian Research Opportunities
Alston Purvis
Research Topic - The Impact of Nieuwe Kunst on the Development of Modern Dutch Graphic Design
Name: Purvis, Alston W
Academic_rank: Associate Professor
Department: College of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts
Office_address: 855 Commonwealth Ave
Office_phone: (617) 353-3368
Index_id: X18534
Email to:
Gem_Blue.gifJohnnie Wendell Wine; or John Wine as of March 30, 2004, called me to introduce himself. Johnnie is proudly from Mount Sidney, Virginia. Johnnie found me via this page. He is a graphic designer, who has practiced design in the greater Washington, D. C. area for many years and now lives in Warrenton, Virginia.
His RPI photograph is on page 153 , of 'The Cobblestone', RPI, Year book of 1964.
John believes RPI professors in Commercial Art gave him very strong suite in conceptual design skills, making clear emphasis on thinking problems through. John also credits his being raised on an angus beef farm as providing him with similar skills base; as this is where as a youth he dreamed, made things work, made his own toys, and solved problems, learned how to think.
He remembers showing the slides in Richard Carylon's 'Foundation' Class; also had lots of stories about Jewett Campbell, James Bumgardner, Jack Hilton, and Art Beal as his teachers amoung others. John thinks some design today is just 2-D decoration, lacking any concept. John was able to correct my incorrect link to Art Beal and also corrected the name of Libby Meggs, wife of Phil Meggs. Thanks John. So great to have contact with you. John has provided me with much of the information on Arthur Oliver Biehl, who grew up in Norfolk, Virginia, like myself.
John Wine
John Wine Design
111 Waterloo Street
Warrenton, VA 20186
Gem_Blue.gifSalvatore Federico new3.gif, tiny italian new icon; I remember Salvatore and we would say hi to each other in passing, but we did not run in close circles. He has a terrific new website up with bold color and form in his abstract paintings recently shown at the George Billis Gallery in New York City . Plus Salvatore Federico has two artists statements that are real and truthful. One has memories of life drawing classes with Jewett Campbell titled simply: MODELS:
QUOTE : Salvatore Federico "Models
Mr. Beaseley was an Irish wolfhound, with wonderful conformation. Our professor in Fundamentals of Drawing, Jewett Campbell, brought Beaseley to pose for our class. He would get up on the model stand and patiently assume a sitting pose, or one lying down, or another standing up. Mr. Campbell would say "Change," and Mr. Beaseley would change his pose, which for longer studies took about twenty minutes. Everyone seemed to get good results when Mr. Beaseley was posing. He lent himself especially to charcoal drawings and to those using graphite sticks. Mr. Beasely would take a break with the rest of us, out in the hallway." .­ January 2004--end quote
Salvatore Federico
phone: 212-643-8975 or 845-482-9806
or via :
George Billis Gallery
511 West 25th St., Ground Floor
New York, NY 10001
phone: 212-645-2621
fax: 212-645-2397


Richmond Professional Institute,

now Virginia Commonwealth University

usa_flag_zheimer.gifPLACE: Richmond, Virginia
Jewett Campbell for painting and drawing. Studied with Hans Hoffman, Provincetown, MA. Sadly deceased.
March 2002-web.gifCampbell, B. Jewett, my painting teacher, also a photographer, appears in VCU, Virginia Commonwealth University Index of Faculty-
This is the html version of the file
Jewett Campbell had studied under Hans Hofmanntiny_updated.gif and taught me about push and pull in painting, about focusing in on a subject, and about color. Jewett Campbell himself studied painting under Hans Hofmann ( and learned about push and pull and much more, which in turn, Jewett passed on into his own paintings and gave this knowledge to his art students with enthusiasm. Jim Bumgardner had also studied under Hans Hoffman. So I was very lucky to get second hand Hofmann lessons and insights from both Bumgardner and Campbell. I remember Jewett Campbell's great smile and his zest for life and his great sense of humour. Jewett's studio full of wonder and life, he made beautiful drawings and he and Jeanne had filled their home with art and books, but also with friends. The Campbell's house came with an adjacent bamboo grove and pond in which his students and his family swam. I also remember the wonderful black and white photographs that Jewett had taken of his wife Jeanne. I remember his full and generous art. Jewett Campbell took a bunch of students to New York City; including Dennis Martin and myself. I was in the group. Jewett introduced me to Richard Bellamy, who I got to know and continued to show him slides of my work even after I left RPI [VCU] and went on to UNCG; Richard Bellamy sent me on to Mr. Harris of the OK Harris Gallery, and he offered me a show of my sculpture in 1969, but I moved to Toronto, Canada the following year and was unable to take him up on the offer. Jim Bumgardner was also good friends with Dick Bellamy. Richard ( Dick) Bellamy ran the Green Gallery.
[Hofmann movie _ ARTIST & Teacher site:
For more information on the documentary film Hans Hofmann: Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artist
narrated by Robert De Niro and produced by Madeline Amgott with MUSE Film and Television.]
JEWETT CAMPBELL's Obiturary -NEW: on this site since: February 10, 2006, new3.gif, tiny italian new icon
Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA) - July 27, 1999
Jewett Campbell, along with three or four other artists teaching in the basements of Fan District homes for Richmond Professional Institute during the late 1940s, became a cornerstone of the School of the Arts at what now is Virginia Commonwealth University.Mr. Campbell, who retired in 1982 as a VCU professor of painting and printmaking, died Sunday after a long illness. He was 86 and lived in Richmond. A native of Hoboken, N.J., he studied at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York City.
After a five-year stint traveling on freighters off South America, he moved to Richmond. He landed a job as The Jefferson Hotel's assistant auditor and painted in his spare time. Mr. Campbell exhibited his work for the first time at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in 1941. He joined the Navy after Pearl Harbor and drew sketches of the invasion of Sicily from a landing craft. In 1946, Mr. Campbell was named to a senior artist fellowship at the Virginia Museum, and two years later he began working for RPI.His artistic style evolved over the years from a restrained romanticism through degrees of abstraction to an austere, minimalist geometric phase of large, imposing paintings that explored the relationships of a few geometric forms. One of his best-known works was a series titled "The Triumph of the Egg," painted for a 1974 show. The paintings depicted surrealistic eggs painted against a sky, whose color and nature changed through the progression of canvases until the final painting, in which an egg was enshrined on a pedestal before a Greek temple. The shy, blond art professor required more than 10 years to overcome his stage fright before teaching a class. He helped establish several artist-faculty members at VCU, including James Bumgardner, Bernard Martin and Richard Kevorkian.
In 1985, Gov. Charles S. Robb gave him an Award for the Arts in painting. Mr. Campbell, who was a founder of the Richmond Artists Association, also had taught at the University of Richmond and Virginia Union University. Survivors include his wife, Jeanne Begien Campbell, and a daughter, Constance B. Campbell of Richmond. His memorial service will be Wednesday at 11 a.m. at St. James's Episcopal Church.
Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA);Date: July 27, 1999;Edition: City;Page: B-3;Record Number: 9907270032;Copyright (c) 1999 Richmond Newspapers, Inc.;paid for via
William Richard Carlyon carylon.gif, William Richard Carlyon, my painting teacher, RPI, Richmond Professional Institute, Richmond, VA, my painting teacher, for art history, and drawing.
January 23, 2006
Hello Friends, 
I am sorry to tell you that sadly RIchard Carlyon has died.  I just got a call from his wife Eleanor Rufty this morning and she asked me to please alert any
friends who might be interested in coming to the memorial service. There is also an article in todays Richmond Times Dispatch, Metro Section on Richard.\:
Richard Carlyon, longtime VCU art professor, dies
He taught for more than 40 years, earned Presidential Medallion
Carol Sutton
Richard Carlyon Obituary -NEW: on this site since: February 10, 2006, new3.gif, tiny italian new icon
Richard Carlyon, 75, artist, passed away on January 20, 2006 following a courageous battle against cancer. He is survived by his wife of 44 years, Eleanor Rufty; son, Jason Anderson Carlyon; daughter-in-law, Cheryl Carlyon; sisters, Nancy C. Millet of North Port, Florida, and Marcia Whitt of Gloucester, Virginia; and a multitude of extended family and friends. Richard Carlyon was an extraordinary man. He was a devoted husband and father, esteemed artist, and beloved teacher. Dick was adored by a large extended family, a community of artists, and thousands of students that he encouraged to paint, draw, sculpt, and dance. He was born October 1, 1930 in Dunkirk, N.Y. He received a BFA in Fine Arts in 1953 and an MFA in 1963, both from Richmond Professional Institute. Richard Carlyon was professor emeritus of Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts. He retired in 1996 after a long and successful career of more than 40 years at both VCU and RPI, where he taught courses in the areas of painting, art history, communication arts, dance, and sculpture. Carlyon was a highly respected artist whose work has been shown regionally and nationally both in solo and group exhibitions. His most recent show, "Selected Drawings and Paintings by Richard Carlyon" was on view at the Reynolds Gallery in Richmond, from November through December 2005. He traveled as an invited speaker to approximately 50 different communities to lecture on various aspects of contemporary American art. Throughout his career, Carlyon received numerous awards and honors, including the Distinguished Teaching of Art Award from the College Art Association for America in 1993, the Theresa Pollack Prize for Excellence in the Arts in 2001, and the Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service from the VCU School of the Arts in 1987. He also received three professional fellowships from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in painting, drawing, and video, and a fellowship from the Virginia Commission for the Arts in drawing. In December 2005, he was awarded VCU's highest honor, the Presidential Medallion, given for extraordinary achievement in learning and commitment to the mission of the university. A memorial service will be held Wednesday, January 25 at 3 p.m. at Second Presbyterian Church, 5 North 5th Street. In lieu of flowers, donations may be submitted to the Richard Carlyon Student Research Fund for Independent Study, care of the VCU Department of Sculpture, 1000 West Broad Street, Room 115, 23284-3005 or to the Massey Cancer Center of VCU, 401 College Street, P.O. Box 980037, 23298-0037. 
Published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch from 1/22/2006 - 1/23/2006.
Richmond Times-Dispatch Newspaper
Metro Section:
Monday, January 23, 2006
Richard Carlyon, longtime VCU art professor, dies
He taught for more than 40 years, earned Presidential Medallion
Jan 23, 2006
Richard Carlyon's father was a plumber, so Mr. Carlyon tackled the job of teaching art like any other blue-collar task.
At Richmond Professional Institute, where he started teaching in 1955, he worked a full day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. He punched the clock and collected a paycheck.
He continued to teach for more than 40 years, encouraging thousands of students and garnering many honors at what became Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts, where he retired in 1996 and was a professor emeritus.
Mr. Carlyon died Friday after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 75.
Never one to go stagnant, Mr. Carlyon saw the need to evolve as the'50s became the'60s, and the art world became less cut and dried.
"I had to keep abreast of what was going on," he said during a 2005 interview with The Times-Dispatch. "That was very hard to do in Richmond, Virginia."
Instead of fleeing for a more bustling art metropolis, Mr. Carlyon chose to stay put.
He continued teaching as RPI became VCU. Through the years, he remained relevant and often groundbreaking in the fickle field of visual art.
And every step of the way, he made sure Richmond came along for the ride.
"Richard was a legend," said Joe Seipel, VCU's senior associate dean for student affairs. "Everything he did was interesting and surprising."
Born in Dunkirk, N.Y., in 1930, Mr. Carlyon came to Virginia in 1950 to study art at RPI. He received a bachelor's degree in fine arts in 1953 and a master's degree in 1963. He retired after more than four decades of teaching painting, art history, communication arts, dance and sculpture.
Throughout his career, Mr. Carlyon received many honors and awards, including the Theresa Pollack Prize for Excellence in the Arts in 2001 and the Distinguished Teaching of Art Award from the College Art Association of America in 1993.
In December 2005, he was awarded VCU's highest honor, the Presidential Medallion, given for extraordinary achievement in learning and in recognition for his commitment to the mission of the university.
"Richard is part of the fabric of the VCU School of the Arts," said Seipel. "He will be desperately missed."
Friends remember Mr. Carlyon for his lively sense of humor, his enduring curiosity about life and his tremendous grasp of the history of art.
"There was nobody like him," said Ashley Kistler, curator of the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. "All the superlatives you can imagine, they all apply to Richard."
Choreographer Chris Burnside remembered his generosity.
"It was overwhelming how generous he was," Burnside said. "He encouraged so many different artists."
Bev Reynolds hosted Mr. Carlyon's most recent show, "Selected Drawings and Paintings" at the Reynolds Gallery from November to December of last year.
"He was the personification of cool," said Reynolds, "a brilliant mind and a captivating wit who inspired students as well as an entire artistic community."
As recently as last month, Mr. Carlyon was still asking some big questions.
"People say well, 'What is art?'" he said. "I say it's our job to figure that out. We know what it was. We know what it used to be. It was magnificent wasn't it? But what are we going to do with it now?"
Survivors include his wife of 44 years, Eleanor Rufty; a son, Jason Anderson Carlyon of Lexington, Ky.; and two sisters, Nancy C. Millet of North Port, Fla. and Marcia Whitt of Gloucester County.
A memorial service will be held Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Second Presbyterian Church, 5 N. 5th Street.
Finally on February 9, 2004, I was able to speak to Eleanor RUFTY, wife of Richard Carlyon and artist, and then to my great teacher, Richard himself. Eleanor told me that they have a son who is Dr. Jason Carlyon. What a thrill. After all these years to speak within days to both Jim Bumgardner and Richard Carlyon. Richard talked about once going into a show of mine at Salander/O'Rielly's in New York, looking at the painting and thought they were magic and elysian or avulia?, wasn't sure he liked them, then saying he knew a Carol Sutton to the person at the desk, but then she told him Carol wasn't from the south. {wrong and right} I am from the north now, Canada, but I was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, definitely the south. Richard talked about his new show in 2002 at the 1708 Gallery which was a sell out, except for the videos. Richard talked about how people did not like noise and did not get the videos. We talked also about how people fail to get collage as well. Richard was happily setting up a new studio. He was as sharp, bright, animated, funny as ever. What a thrill for me to make contact after all these years!. - notes by me. Feb 9 2004.
Richard Carlyon
Phone: 804-359-0901
105 N Granby St,
Richmond VA 23220-4503
telephone: 1-804-651-4390
web.gifJanuary- February show at 1708 Gallery, , {feb 2004} - 319 West Broad Street, P. O. Box12520, Richmond, VA 23241,
email:,telephone:804.643.1708 Voice  
"Here. Say", by Richard Carlyon , 5 Video Installations which address the complex interplay between memory and language, with 14 drawings and 6 large scale prints."
web.gifFlight Song, Introduction, Richard Carlyon...{feb 2004}, Article:Title: Looking at Richard Carlyon, Author: by Susan Glasser
, "It seems Richard Carlyon has found a vehicle for narcotizing this same brain region for aesthetic ends: play. ... Carlyon is a happy existentialist. ... carlyon_r/song_introduction.htm
VCU Arts e-League January 2002

Richard Carlyon, VCU Painting & Printmaking professor emeritus, is a highly acclaimed painter and art educator. On Friday, January 11, 1708 Gallery opened his exhibition "here.Say" which features 5 video installations, 14 drawings and 6 large paintings which together address the intricate relationship between memory and language. The viewer must attempt to reconcile the various stimuli and come to terms with the sounds and sights that are simultaneously transmitted. The exhibition will run through February 23, 2002 and coincides with the Hand Workshop's exhibit of Video Artist Y. David Chung and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts' "Outer and Inner Space" show which showcases three internationally prominent video artists."
Richard Carlyon in the news:Leader of the pack. See this superb new Pete Humes, (Pete Humes is a sculptor and a writer & an ex-pupil of Dick Carlyon.) Richmond Times Dispatch article:
Carlyon has been at forefront of Richmond arts scene for 50-plus years
Dec 18, 2005
Leader of the pack
Carlyon has been at forefront of Richmond arts scene for 50-plus years
Sunday, December 18, 2005
QUOTE: "Richard Carlyon drowned his sorrow in an early morning beer.
What else was there to do after getting fired on your first day?
Traffic in Columbus Circle was a mess. When it finally got moving, he was already late. Carlyon's boss stood in front of the time clock and turned him right around. It felt like the end of the world for a twenty something kid in New York City.
That evening at his apartment, Carlyon watched the day's gridlock on the news. He saw himself snarled in traffic, racing to save his job. Then he saw what caused the backup: an enormous dead whale on a flatbed truck.
In his rush, Carlyon was oblivious to the beached monster winding its way downtown.
But that was more than 50 years ago. Today, the 75-year-old Carlyon is a master at paying attention. Seeing things that other people don't is what makes him a good artist. Getting others to do the same is what made him a great teacher.
"My tendency is to try to live in the present," Carlyon said. "You try to be alive to what presents itself, especially in dumb, plain everyday circumstances."
Dick Carlyon is a godfather of the Richmond arts community. He began teaching in 1955 at Richmond Professional Institute (it became Virginia Commonwealth University in 1968).
In the decades that followed, he encouraged thousands of young artists to paint, sculpt, draw and dance. He survived pop, post modernism, conceptual and performance art.
Even today, as the 21st-century VCU arts program earns national accolades, professor emeritus Carlyon remains more than relevant.
Many argue that he's always been a few steps ahead.".-----END QUOTE.
links to:
WHAT: "Richard Carlyon: Selected Paintings and Drawings 1981-2005"
WHEN: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday (show closes Friday)
WHERE: Reynolds Gallery, 1514 W. Main St.
INFO: (804) 355-6553

March 2002-web.gif*ASKART:*
Bumgardner, James Arliss, or Jim Bumgardner,
birth 1935, 6 books on him listed. Residence, Virginia; my painting teacher,
I did find this person:but I was not sure it is a match from, until I telephoned him and it was. : ) New, January 28, 2004:Called them on January 28, 2004 and had my first long telephone conversation with them since 1969. [Found them via: a match from]; has BFA , 1958 from Virginia Commonwealth University, studied with Hans Hoffman, Provincetown, MA.
Bumgardner, James A and his wife Judy Bumgardner,
USA, 23043
Phone: 804-776-7784
Jim Bumgardner exhibits at:
529 West 20th, Suite 6W
New York, New York, 10011
T 212.366.5368 F 212.366.5468

March 2002-web.gif***Nan, George D. , my photographer teacher, under whom I studied black and white and color transparency, appears in VCU, Virginia Commonwealth University Index of Faculty-
This is the html version of the file
George Nan for photography, New, 2004: via Jim and Judy Bumgardner, George is retired and now lives in Richmond, Virginia
9000 Anbern Drive
Richmond, Virginia
Phone: 804-320-8873
Willard Pilchard, a.k.a. Willy Pilchard, for printmaking and typography,
New, January 2004: via James and Judy Bumgardner, told me that Willard Pilchard was recently teaching at: Appalachian State University, in Boone, North Carolina, USA , 28608, {} lives in Boone, North Carolina.
[found via new information from James and Judy Bumgardner and then a search of]
Pilchard, Willard
249 Ivy Dr
BOONE, NC 28607
{phone: 828-264-4567}
Willard's wife art photography:
New, January 2005, Pilchard, Pat new3.gif, tiny italian new icon
Extraordinary beautiful and breathtaking singular and individual floral portraits of Cereus flowers, Magnolia flowers, and many others,Orchid, TIger Lilly, Hosta, Morning Glory :
this online site at PILCHARD ONLINE PRINTS:
email: pat pilchard <>
Authur Beihl for graphic design.
Authur Beihl designed the highway symbol with the seagull for the Bay-Bridge Tunnel, which spans from the Eastern Shore to near Lynnhaven Inlet where I was raised as a child. He is known for both his graphic design and his realist paintings. James Bumgardner told me on January 28, 2004, that in Art Beihl had moved to Mallorca, Spain and that he sold his realist paintings at Frumkin/Adams Gallery in New York City.
OBIT of Arthur O. Biehl, artist, dies at 77
Apr 7, 2004
When artist Arthur Oliver Biehl was growing up in Norfolk, he liked to try to copy the illustrations in his father's collection of old books about nature - right in the books.
As he grew up, he graduated to more sophisticated media. During a stint with the Navy Signal Corps in the Far East during World War II, he did watercolor paintings of Navy personnel and of his destroyer escort's ports of call. And he went on to become an internationally acclaimed artist.
Mr. Biehl, who spent 21 years as a professor in the Virginia Commonwealth University department of communications arts and design, died Saturday at his home in Venice, Fla., after a five-year bout with cancer. He was 77.
He came to Richmond after the war and earned a bachelor's degree at Richmond Professional Institute, now VCU, where he then taught for 21 years until 1974. He served as interim chairman of the department in the early 1970s. He was also a commercial designer and a painter.
"Art was a mentor to me during those first years of my teaching career, discussing his teaching philosophy and methodology and sharing his class projects," said Chuck Scalin, former assistant chairman and professor in the department.
"After he retired in 1974 and left Richmond and until last Christmas," said Scalin, "my wife and I had always received yearly holiday cards from him accompanied by wonderful reproductions of his new paintings.
"Art was not only a masterful designer but was also an accomplished painter whose skillfully executed paintings were carried by galleries in New York, Florida and in Europe."
In Richmond, his work appeared principally at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and shows at the University of Richmond. In 1965, he won a national award for his seagull art that became the logo for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.
After leaving VCU, he devoted his life to painting. Until 1985, he lived in Mallorca, Spain, "in a house on the side of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean. That was 11 years of heaven," said his companion of 44 years, Richard Porter.
During this period, Mr. Biehl was known for "very minutely detailed landscapes," Porter said.
He returned to the United States in 1985, settling in Venice, Fla., and continued to paint. His style was one of contemporary photo-realism.
"He was best-known for his waves and water, bicycles and a lot of open windows where you can look in. He very seldom painted people. He liked his paintings to feel like a person had just passed through," Porter said.
Mr. Biehl's paintings were found in art collections, including those of Malcolm S. Forbes, Sidney and Frances Lewis, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Maurice Tempelsman of New York and the Ministry of Tourism of the Canary Islands.
His work had been reviewed in publications such as the Washington Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the New York Times Book Review and Time magazine.
A lover of travel, he kept a wall map dotted with pushpins marking his global excursions from Europe to Africa, where he took photos that provided inspiration for more paintings when he returned home, Porter said.
Survivors include a sister, Katherine Fisher of Marblehead, Mass.
No funeral is planned. A dinner gathering of friends will be held later in Venice, Fla.
Staff writer Jenifer V. Buckman contributed to this obituary.
Thanks go to John Wine [John Wine Design -] for this obit information.
Jonathan Bowie for architecture and design, sadly now deceased. Jonathan Bowie had lived in the western part of Virginia, in the mountains, near Monterey, Virginia, prior to his death. Information from James Bumgardner, New, 2004: and a telephone conversation with Judy Skeen of Monterey, Virginia, February 7, 2004.
March 2002--VCU Art History: Special Programs... The ****web.gifMaurice Bonds (1918-1995)
Lecture Annual, Spring semester Each year the department invites an internationally recognized art historian to give a lecture in this series ..."Each year the department invites an internationally recognized art historian to give a lecture in this series, named for Maurice Bonds, a former chair of the art history department. Past speakers have included Svetlana Alpers, John Clarke, Douglas Crimp, Mary Miller, W.J.T. Mitchell, and Barbara Rose."
**** Maurcie Bonds(1918-1995) widow endows funds for lectures/ "was the first Chair of the Department of Art History, from its beginning in 1968 to his retirement in 1978. He loved the department and VCU students. His remarkable spirit lives on with the annual lecture in his name." at


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Teachers & Professors, or Peers from RPI -

listed below:



questionmal.gif, multi question mark gif iconDolly Braswell, is from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and has a son who went to study in Richmond, Virginia. {found this out from talk with Richard Carlyon.}
Ralph Cox, of North Carolina, a wonderful painter, Virginia Museum Fellowship, of a Fine Art Grant recipient in 1966 or 1967
Johnnie (John) Bowling; living near Richmond, Virginia.

Hans Schaal, photographer, New, January 2004: via James and Judy Bumgardner, Hans moved to Chicago, IL Friend of Leon Bellons.
Bill Gardner, who made a fabulous thesis inspired by Indian Art and was a master at calligraphy; is a graphic designer and commercial artist.

for last part:

DATE: 1967 to 1969

University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Carol Sutton)

usa_flag_zheimer.gifPLACE: Greensboro, North Carolina
or go back to my High School:
PART 1. My high school was Granby High School, in Norfolk, Virginia. I am a 1963 graduate of Granby High. See my page on Granby for more information at this link: Granby High School, Norfolk,Virginia {VA},Sutton graduate:
DATE: 1960 to 1963

Granby High School, Norfolk,Virginia {VA},Sutton graduate

usa_flag_zheimer.gifPLACE: Norfolk, Virginia

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Carlyon has been at forefront of Richmond arts scene for 50-plus years,BY PETE HUMES,TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER,Sunday, December 18, 2005
tiny_updated.gif February 10, 2006, add on obiturary of Jewett Campbell, add on obiturary of Richard Carlyon, add on Pete Humes Richmond Times Dispatch, Jan 23, 2006, article on Richard Carlyon-Richard Carlyon, longtime VCU art professor, dies; He taught for more than 40 years, earned Presidential Medallion. Add on links to 2 new pages on the BANG Spring Arts Festivals, Richmond, Virginia.
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Reed Publishing Who's Who in American Art, 1990,-
R.R. Bowker Who's Who in American Art, 1995-1996



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