stolen art paintings ,I am alleging

Stolen Art-Paintings-3 works of art stolen

by Maurice Fisher, aka Morris Fisher
Art Stolen from Carol Sutton
Be Aware

I am alleging that the following works of art were stolen on January 29, 1996 and are still missing. I am alleging this art was stolen by the now
closed MCAD or Museum of Canadian Art & Design , a one man museum, run by Maurice Fisher, a.k.a. Morris Fisher. If you
buy or hold these works be aware that you are buying stolen art.
These works were at one time consigned to this museum and Maurice Fisher, who closed the museum and took this art with him valued at over $20,500. CDN.

The MCAD or Museum of Canadian Art & Design never paid a penny for these paintings, and Maurice Fisher can show no documents or cancelled cheques to prove that they did. I have signed consignment sheets by him. The MCAD or Museum of Canadian Art & Design was located at Queen Street and Yonge Street on the mezzanine level of the Brookfield Building.
This now defunct museum was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you are in possession of these paintings or any of them you are in possession of stolen property.


1. Title:WORTH DRESS PAINTING #6, (white cream background with black curlique motifs, in a dress) Stretched and framed. Copyright ©1989, All Rights Reserved by Carol Sutton

Size: 32 1/2" x 48" or 82.5cm x 122cm

Medium: acrylic painting on canvas,

Date:1989, January 11, 1989 F

Inventory number: 89/01/11F

Value $10,000.


2. Title: DOMINION BRIDGE, extended edge painting on paper. Copyright ©1986,All Rights Reserved by Carol Sutton

Medium: acrylic paint on Stonehenge Paper

Date: June 5, 1986 B , Inventory number: 86/06/05B

Size of artwork: 36" x 45", and size framed is: 41 3/8" x 47 1/2" framed. under glass, and is framed in gold classical French frame on a mat of silk santung.

Value: $8,000.


3. Title:EARRING Shield & Double Pendant #4, (Earring Series), Copyright ©1994,All Rights Reserved by Carol Sutton

Medium: painting on paper , a part of THE GARMENT BASED WORKS SERIES, signed in pencil on front, was framed in a black Spanish baroque frame.

Date: November 25, 1994, C,

Size: 15" x 11'

Inventory Number: 94/11/25C (3)

Value: $4,000.


The Earring- Shield and Double Pendant #4, 1994, acrylic on paper, 15


Please contact this address- with information-

27 Davies Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4M 2A9


e-mail Carol Sutton at


Carol Sutton disclaims that this posting in any way harms Maurice Fisher or defames him and that the above

information is simply the truth and a posting of his actions.


Maurice Fisher appeared in court at the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto in Old City Hall, 60 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario

on October 31, 1996 on the charges of ASSAULT ; THEFT OVER $ 5,000.00.

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