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Images of garments and earrings by Carol Sutton

These paintings began in 1988 and are based on garments, such as capes, cloaks, aprons, jackets and also include travel cases and ear-rings.The source material is mainly 19 th Century etchings, but also a number of works have been based on real actual garments or articles.These groups of works now count in over 17 different series.

This garment site is dedicated to my sweet Mom,

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton,

who died in 1997. Mom's unerring sense of style, love of dress, brave choice of color, skill at combining textures, ability to perfectly match her jewelry choice with her outfit, set superb standards.  

dress.gif, mini worth dress by Carol Sutton


1. The Worth Dresses (paper 1988) (canvas 1989) (based on a white satin gown, voided with black velvet, full length dress by Charles Frederick Worth)
2. Spanish Man's Riding Cape ,with 3-D tassels (from The Brooklyn Museum Show of Worth, Doucet and Pingat in 1989 and also inspired by Picasso)
(paper 1990)
3. The Spanish Capes (from 19th Century etching) (canvas 1991) (paper 1991)
4. Photoart (Spanish Capes) (September 19, 1991) (jumbo photo posters of the garments projected onto Carol Sutton)
5. Assorted Garments from 19th Century Etchings (paper 1991)
6. The French Apron Series (from 19th Century etching) (paper 1992)
7. The Canadian Apron Series ( gingham, from real apron I bought in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1973) (paper 1992)
8. The Soft Travel Cases Series (from 19th Century etching & 20th Century real cases) (paper 1992)
9. The American Apron Series (organdy, from real apron I bought in Norfolk, Virginia, America in 1973) (organdy) (paper 1993)
10. Mistress Soft Eyes Apron Series (paper 1994)
11. The Nice Aprons (from the apron I brought Viva-Laura from Nice, France in 1987) (paper 1994)
12. The Passionate Sky Sevillian Capes (from 19th Century etching)
(paper 1994)
13. Salt Water Ocean Aprons and Others (from the artist's imagination) (paper 1994)
14. The Earring Series (from 19th Century etching & 20th century real earrings owned & worn by the artist) (paper 1994, 1995)

15. The Italian Capes (from imaginary sources)

  1. 1. Mauve Venezia Light Plays on Waves of the Grand Canal and Gondolier
  2. 2. Venezia Apron of Waves with Subliminal Figure of Gondolier

16. The Italian Aprons (based on source material from paintings of :
A. Piero Della Francesca 's:

  1. 1. rear facing white dressed figure in La leggenda della Vera Croce, l'esaltazione delle Croce, Arezzo, San Francesco,
  2. 2. rear facing white dressed figure in Flagellazione
  3. 3. angels in Madonna del Parto, Monterchi

B. Luca Signorelli's:

  1. 1. detail fresco of tavern scene, female maid wiping out a glass for a male priest Monastery of
Monte Oliveto Maggiore

C. Also a number of ethnic Italian aprons- one from Abruzzo,Italy. "Folk Dress of Abruzzo, Italy",

The Italian Apron Series, November 17, 1995, 30' x 22 1/4",

Collection of Dr. Peter Gold of Toronto, Ontario.

D. Also paintings based on modern garments of fashion, such as, "Pastels for Dreaming-A Nude Female Wrapped-SottoVoce-in a Milan Skirt by Muriel Grateau", The Italian Apron Series, 40" x 26 1/2", 1995

(note: work of number 15 and 16, shown in ITALIAN CAPES AND APRONS, at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Centre, January 23 to February 25, 1996, 23 paintings)

17. The Carl Fabergé Jewelry Series, 1997 to 2002, (based on the lost and then found work done for the tsar of Russia, from the St. Petersburg Archives, a book. Paintings on paper and heavy rag board, with sequins, large Indian sequins, glitter, shoe make-up, ink and acrylic) -http://www.carolsutton.net/images/garment/faberge/carol_sutton_carl_faberge.html

Exhibition:'Faberge Jewelry Series' by Carol Sutton, March 22, 2003 to April 9, 2003, at Gallery One, http://www.galleryone.ca

Canada Gold Apron
41 1/2" tall by
29 1/2" wide or
105.4cm x 74.9cm
January 25, 1994#4

A real apron--gingham, from real apron I bought in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1973

Canadian Gingham Apron of X's and O's



The Cardovan

from a 19th Century etching


Golden acrylic on cotton canvas

53" tall by 33" wide

August 1, 1991



A very limited edition book has just been published and has gone into the National Library of Canada's Rare Book Room. It is titled -


ISBN 0-9699-767-2-0

front cover of book
11" x 8 1/2"


The French Aprons

Almost every woman, in almost every world culture, has worn an apron at some point in her life.

Carol Sutton

The American Aprons

Apron In Borderie en Lacet

As if in one of Goya's

Sueno Series

this apron looms

like a dream.

The French Apron Series (from a 19th Century etching) (paper 1992)

A real apron

I bought in Norfolk, Virginia, America, during 1987, was the source of this work.

Transparent and fragile. A life size garment. Ordinary everyday object transformed into a vision.

American Organdy Apron,

Acrylic + ink on paper,1995


The Earring series

eardrop1865_earring.html + earring_1866


both real &


This is the rear book cover of the catalogue book edition. It shows a pair of ancient earrings based on the design of vases found in Pompeii.

Source material was Demorest's Monthly Magazine, January 1866,earrings by Stevens & Co. ,486 Broadway, New York.



The Earring Series (from 19th Century etching & 20th century real earrings owned & worn by the artist)

This series began in 1994.

Continuing through 1995 and 1996. Many published in her book.

Carol Sutton began in 1997 and is currently working on new series based on the lost and then found jewelry designed by Carl Fabergé. This jewelry includes rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, tie pins, cuff links etc. and was discovered in the St. Petersburg archives.

Earrings in The Style of Pompeii Earrings
17" tall by 11" wide
Acrylic + ink on paper,
April 1,1995



  • 1995 "The Canadian Apron Series - Inaugural Exhibition of Garment Based Works", the first studio exhibition open to the public in Carol Sutton's studio at 27 Davies Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Grand opening November 19
    ( 5 Aprons, 1 Spanish Cape, & a number of small earrings paintings on paper)

    1995 "The Spanish Cape Series - Garment Based Works", the second studio exhibition open to the public at 27 Davies Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, opening January 28 (8 Spanish Cape life -size paintings on paper, preview of 1 French Apron & 5 small earrings paintings framed on paper)
    (This show closed the day after the opening because of departure of Carol Sutton due to the impending death of her father.)
    The above show was reviewed by David Livingstone 'Ready -To-Paint', Style Notes, The Globe and Mail, newspaper of Toronto, Ontario, Canada,Thursday, January 26, 1995.

    1995 "Carol Sutton - The Canadian Apron Series, The Spanish Capes Series, & The Earrings Series, 3 Distinct Series of Paintings on Paper", Burdett Coutts Gallery, 61 Adelaide St. East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 8 to 28 ( a major show in a 4,000 foot. space that included 8 Spanish Cape paintings and their source material of 19th century etchings, 5 Canadian Aprons and the source material of the actual garment apron, 5 framed earring paintings, 3 Photo-art works, jumbo sized, and a grouping of 8 jewelry showcases which held inside 46 earring paintings ,of 19th and 20th Century earrings, on paper beside the original earrings that were their source material.) Publication of accompanying book of same title.

    1996 "Carol Sutton - Italian Capes and Aprons Paintings" - Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Columbus Centre, with the association of Fabrizio Marcolini of the Contemporary Art Bank, Main Floor Gallery, held in North York, Ontario, Canada, January 23 to February 25, 1996 ( 27 paintings, including 16 new Italian Cape Paintings, and the first show exhibition of a small Worth Dress #3 painting, & 3 Photo-art works.)
    2003 'Carol Sutton -'Fabergé Jewelry Series' - Gallery One, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 121 Scollard Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5R 1G4, 416-929-3103, at http://www.galleryone.ca ( about 25 Faberge artworks, framed.)
    [of historic note: While Carol Sutton Martin was an art student at RPI, (Richmond Professional Institute), in Richmond, Virginia, now called VCU {Virginia Commonwealth University, she recieved two fellowship grants from the Virginia Museum Fellowship Awards, during 1966 and 1967, and in exchange Carol worked Saturday mornings teaching art in the Children's Classes at the Virginia Museum. One of these years it was with fellow VCU student, Ralph Cox, from North Carolina. The Virginia Museum collection owns Faberge works in their collection, and this may have been the first time that Carol Sutton Martin , at age 19 or 20 and as an art student, would have seen real Faberge artworks. See this link: Virginia Museum: http://www.monumenthouse.com/richmond/landmarks/3148
    Note by Carol, February, 2004
    1996 "16 x ONE, Inner Landscapes", Paintings by Contemporary Women Selected by Karen Wilkin", Gallery One, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Thursday, February 29, 1996, (paintings by: F. Barth, A. Clarke, L. Donahue, M. Drouin, J. Jacobs, S. Johnson, P.L. Sutton, C. McAvity, J. Nathanson, R. Perehudoff, M. Ristvedt, S. Roth, P. Service, S. Slone, L. Stephanson, Carol Sutton)
    (painting-' Pastels for Dreaming - A Nude Female wrapped - Sotto Voce - in a Milan skirt by Muriel-Grateau', 1996)
    1997 "1997 Patron Gala"- Silent Auction" , The Koffler Gallery, Bathurst Jewish Center, North York, Ontario, Canada, Thursday, April 15,'Apron from Rear Facing Figure in Flagellazione by Piero della Francesca', 1995, paper work, and 'Rabbit and Squirrel on Door Oval Barcelona.', acrylic on canvas, 25" x 34"


    Carol Sutton's art work is represented by : Gallery House

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