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Carol Sutton photograph. copyrighted. title:Yellow Border Window Balcony, Nice, FranceNice, France

Yellow Border Window Balcony

Carol Sutton, photograph. copyrighted. title: Boat & Pants, location: Padova, Italy.
Padova, Italy

Boat & Pants

Carol Sutton, photograph. copyrighted. Title: Masks, Location: Eze, France
Eze, France


Carol Sutton photograph, copyrighted. title: Fruit Market, location: Padova, Italy
Padova, Italy

Fruit Market

italian_dense_balcony_it.jpg©, Italian dense balcony, by Carol Sutton©

Italian dense balcony


under_bridge_london_1991.jpg© Carol Sutton, Under the Bridge, London, England, 1991

Under the Bridge, London, England, 1991



Marilla Bongiovanni's Bike, Vicenza, Italy, 36100, October 1991


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Carol Sutton's photography work was represented from 1996 to 1998 by: Tatar/Alexander Photogallery

Carol Sutton's showed 2 photographic works in this group show: titled: SKINS,May 3, - July 1, 1997


Archive Inc. - Digital Art Library 883 Queen Street West, Toronto Ontario, M6J 1G5, Telephone=416-703-6564

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My dad, Robert William Sutton, a superb photographer who used his own close world around his daily life as the source of many of his photographs. Robert Sutton was a photography award winner and had a exhibition of his photography in the Chrsyler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. Bob Sutton was a great teacher, who knew so much about photography and taught me much of what I know today.
.Article reprint: 'CANADIAN-AMERICAN PORTFOLIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY by Bob Sutton' by Mary Beth Patterson, Public Relations Officer.
"NORFOLK, Virginia-A display of black and white abstract photography will be shown in Virginia National Bank's continuing program of artistic and photographic exhitbits.- - - "
Virgina National Bank/News Release on Photographic Exhibition of Robert William Sutton's Portfolio,February 28,1979

- Superb daily photographs of Barcelona at blogspot symbol,blogspot_orange_symbol.jpg Carlos Lorenzo's Barcelona Photoblog

Ferran Freixa -Spanish Photographer who is my friend from Barcelona Triangle 1997. -for more on Ferran Freixa , search www.google.com
book -
Ferrán Freixa
9 ¤    1500 ptas.
Ferrán Freixa es quizás el fotógrafo que con mayor finura y elegancia ha retratado interiores.
A. VIAPLANA, H. PIñóN, 1990-93 Foto: Ferran Freixa...- super photos of Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona

David Puglia's -The Unknown Photographer- Notes towards a Definition-a rewarding visit

John Hopkins photo files -{click into photos} http://id.sito.org/jch/

Ted Warnell, Canadian photographer and his excellent p h o t o G R A P H I C S- excellent site that features worldwide guest artists and Canada's Ted Warnell with his own unique photography -

Garage Group - an Italian underground group - http://www.gruppogarage.com/

George Eastman House of Photography - http://www.geh.org/
Timeline of Photography - http://www.cartage.org.lb/en/themes/Arts/photography/timeline/mainpage.htm

Photographic Division of W.L. Clements Library, since 1992, -http://www.clements.umich.edu/Photos.html , over 10,000 historic images, albums, and photo illustrated books; daguerreotypes, albumen,etc.

My neighbor on Davies at DVP; gifted photographer, Michael Graf, at Graf Studios http://www.grafstudios.com

PhotoShelter- Dmitry Chebotayev - Russian photographer to the world. Superb work. http://www.photoshelter.com/usr-show/U0000xIvbd7rNIeQ


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