RIVERSIDE, Toronto, Ontario, (formerly Queen/Broadview Village) 5 MAJOR BUILDINGS OF NOTE
Carol Sutton
riverside district, Toronts's historic East End, formerly Queen/Broadview Village, logo
Why is this area called Riverside? Because this area runs beside The Don River. Note the curving blue brick water line in the new sidewalk renovations and street upgrade that meanders through the Riverside area. These waves are in the Riverside logo design.

local historical architecture

PLACE: WHERE: Quote: "Definite boundaries have never been drawn for Riverside, but according to the Riverside Business Improvement Area Plan's definitions it can be assumed that the borders are the Don River to the west, Gerrard St. East to the north, Logan Ave. to the east and Eastern Ave. to the south. "http://www.answers.com/topic/riverside-toronto


The Broadview Hotel, with Jilly's on main floor

Photograph by Carol Sutton©, August 2004, Copyright and All Rights Reserved


First is the main 4 story tall, Romanesque architectural style Broadview Hotel at 704 Queen St. E Toronto, with Jilly's Restaurant and Bar, on the main floor at Queen and Broadview. This is the building with the tall bell tower and the ornate carving over the windows. Note the fancy brick work on the lower portion of the building at street level. This architecture was built from 1891 to 1893 and is now called New Broadview Hotel. Address: The side door of Jilly's is at: 106 Broadview , Toronto ON M4M2G1. Be sure to look up at carvings of the moon and faces.
[704 Queen St. E .-Commercial - Shops for A.W. Dingman; 1891 at Broadview (NW) -adopted by City Council on Dec. 10, 1975]-Commercial; City of Toronto's Inventory of Heritage Properties]
MUST SEE: 1945 large scale black and white photo of Broadview Hotel from the City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 1257, s1057_it0518:: http://gencat.eloquent-systems.com/webcat/systems/toronto.arch/resource/fo1257/ser1057/f1257_s1057_it0518.jpg
[Carvings on Broadview Hotel by David Sky©: http://www.answers.com/topic/new-broadview-house-hotel]
flickr. PHOTOS of New Broadview Hotel: via website Answers.com & Wikipedia:
include Jilly's on Queen E. Toronto.: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kavehkh/90818066/
Carvings on Broadview Hotel by David Sky©: http://www.answers.com/topic/new-broadview-house-hotel
Photographs of the Broadview Hotel corner- TORONTO QUEEN EAST & BROADVIEW © COPYRIGHTS BY RENÉ NIEDERER  See Toronto 0008, ,http://www.artwiese.ch/sites/foto_tor_index.asp

New Edwin Hotel rooms,photo: Carol Suttonİ, BLANK PHOTOİ

The New Edwin Hotel r-oms

Photograph by Carol Sutton©, 2004, Copyright and All Rights Reserved


New Edwin Hotel, Toronto, On,650 Queen East, Toronto, at Carroll Street, photo: Carol Suttonİ, BLANK PHOTOİ

The New Edwin Hotel

Photograph by Carol Sutton©, 2004, Copyright and All Rights Reserved


(Second) Nearby, closer to the Don River, is a three story hotel , The New Edwin Hotel at 650 Queen East at Carroll Street (M4M1G5), which is a building inspired by Italian architecture. This is a very handsome building in a warm buff tone brick, as can be seen on the upper level, past the street level, which sadly has been stuccoed. The windows in the building have curved tops, and the roof overhangs the main wall of the Carroll Street side of the building and also on the Queen Street side. Since this photo was taken the graffiti has been removed and a new tree has been added to the street-scape on the Carroll Street side of the New Edwin Hotel. In 2006 new black planters were added, the older 'Queen/Broadview Village" planters were removed and new street lamps were added.
[Opposite The New Edwin is a new coffee cafe, 'There's Always Time F' Coffee' or 'F' Coffee', at 641 Queen Street East.. The owner is Rob. 'F Coffee' feels like you are sitting in an Edward Hopper painting of a cafe, with a simple quiet atmosphere, an easy going style, as great coffee smells fill the air as folks enjoy their fare.
Steps away from F'Coffe is Dark Horse Espresso Bar, 682 Queen Street East, serving up teas by Tea in the Sahara. and super coffee, with a Barcelona, Spain style communal table; although twice when I shared this table no one spoke to say hello. Is this each Torontonian enveloped in their own space, or just native reserve? In Barcelona people speak up to say hello when someone new sits to share the communal table.
Frank has yet to do a battle of the coffee shops, but don't miss the amazing funny burger review.
Riverside Burger Battle: The Burger Shoppe vs. Dangerous Dan's http://www.blogto.com/restaurants/dangerousdans
via: http://blogto.com/riverside]
For a terrific photograph of the New Edwin see: New Edwin Hotel, Taken with The Lady Diana: http://www.makinghappy.com/archive/000581.php


no picture as yet - this link has a photo - Stephan Caras Design Inc.


(Third) Then if you walk East the next building of note is a former CIBC Bank Building on the corner of Grant Street and 744 Queen Street East on the North side of Queen, It has a curved front facade with four imposing doric columns, a central door flanked by two symmetrical windows. Both these window and the door have a half circle carved ornamental above them. The upper row of windows are of a square shape and all in all the architecture is very pleasing to the eye. This building has a great sense of scale. The architects Darling and Peason are the same company that designed the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa and the ROM in Toronto. (Frank Darling and John Pearson) .
Update: May 29 & 30, 2010:
Doors Open Toronto, guided behind-the-scenes tour of a fashion design studio. Stephan Caras Design Inc. 744 Queen Street East.
A chance to see that the Caras family has made high quality improvements to this historic Riverside building. Absolutely beautiful. They have removed the prior awkward stairs and have replaced them with one beautiful spiraling curve staircase; also opened up the whole space.
Upstairs is an extraordinary fabric wall that looks like a Jules Olitski large spray paintings done in the 1960's and 1970's that have atomizing color . [See for example: Olitski's 1968 'Twice Disarmed' in the Metropolitan Museum of Art - online.] - The soft gold and peach pink tones evade the vision, as one look across the curved wall interior, broken only by the three major upstairs windows.
Thanks to Kyriako Caras of Stephan Caras Design Inc. for giving me a personal tour of their extraordinary landmark building once the 1905 Canadian Bank of Commerce, architects Darling & Pearson. I also love their fashion.

[744 QUEEN ST E. -Commercial -Canadian Bank of Commerce, 1905, Darling & Pearson -adopted by City Council on June 20, 1973 DESIGNATION BY-LAW PASSED BY CITY COUNCIL on Sept. 9, 1985, (heritage easement agreement, Reg. CT762157, Jan. 2, 1986); City of Toronto's Inventory of Heritage Properties]

Study of Canada's ROM addresses missing stories, Publication to provide new insight into the role of museums and galleries in 19th century Canada
Feb 22/06 by Michah Rynor - http://www.news.utoronto.ca/bin6/060222-2079.asp -
A brief sketch of the Queen and Broadview neighbourhood: by Live Lightly, has a postcard that shows the CIBC bank building at Grant St. and Queen East and street scene. Arrow to their own address at 743 Queen Street East, Toronto. -http://www.web.net/~livelightly/743qe-neighbourhood.html
Current owner is the Caras family who have made high quality improvements to this Riverside building. Abosoulty beautiful. Love their fashion. - STEPHAN CARAS DESIGN INC new3.gifhttp://www.stephancaras.com





Profile Queen/Saulter Library (QS): http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/hou_az_qs.jsp

Photo CREDIT image via:www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/ hou_az_qs.jsp and image -http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/images/hou_loc_bra_qs.jpg




(Fourth) The third major building in this vibrant area of Toronto is on the opposite side of street (south side), just half a block down at the corner of Saulter Street is the former post office (Postal Station G) was built in 1913. Later it was a Town hall and Cultural Centre, and local library. Currently used for the Queen/Saulter Library at 735 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON, M4M 1H3. (416-393-7723) The architect of this building was the same man who designed what is now the large late 19th century City Hall of Toronto, E.J. Lennox.
Not the new City Hall designed by Viljo Revell with John B. Parkin Associates, 1965. A retrofit was done by Matsui, Baer and Vanstone Architects in 2002. The corner location affords a good view of the side of this building.

[765 QUEEN ST E., Public, Postal Station G; 1912-13, E.J. Lennox; at Saulter St. (SW) -adopted by City Council on June 20, 1973; City of Toronto's Inventory of Heritage Properties]



poulton_block_sutton2004.jpg- Carol Sutton, BLANK PHOTO, İ

The Poulton Block, 2 Boulton Avenue, and 792 Queen Street East, dressed for 'Cinderella Man' movie, 2004

Photograph by Carol Sutton©, August 2004, Copyright and All Rights Reserved


Poulton Block 1885 windows, 2 Boulton Ave, Toronto, ON, Carol Suttonİ, BLANK PHOTOİ

The Poulton Block Windows, second story and sign, 'POULTON 1885 BLOCK' between

Photograph by Carol Sutton©, August 2004, Copyright and All Rights Reserved

from the outside

and a photo of these windows taken from the inside of this building:

Anna Maclachlan in studio of Andre Fauteux, 1976, C. Sutton photographer

Artist/Photographer: Carol Sutton, painter and photographer
Title:André Fauteux & Anna Maclachlan, writer and poet who is the wife of Joseph Drapell, inside Andre's rental studio at 'Queen Broadview Village' or 'Riverside', Poulton Block, 2 Boulton Avenue & 792 Queen Street East, Ontario, Toronto, Canada. This photograph show the arch windows with the circle motifs, and the steel column supports.
Size: 3 1/2" x 5"
Medium: black and white photographic print
Date: 1976,
Collection: Private Collection.
file size: 119K
(Fifth) From the Library building designed by Lennox, one can see across Queen Street, the major three story building with very tall windows and floor levels, that is the HISTORIC BUILDING, THE POULTON BLOCK, ORIENT HALL or Masonic Lodge, 1885-1886,, A FREEMASON LODGE, built in Toronto in 1885, by the architects Kennedy, Gaviller & Holland, at the NW corner of 792 Queen Street East and 2 Boulton Avenue. This building was adopted by City Council on December. 10, 1975, as an Historic Architecture building of Toronto. This is where André Fauteux and Carol Sutton were married and lived as tenants during the late 1970's.

[792 Queen Street East -794 QUEEN ST E - 798 QUEEN ST E, - Commercial, Architectural Contextual, Poulton Block, formerly Orient Hall Masonic Lodge, 1885-86, Kennedy, Gaviller & Holland, at Boulton St. (NW) -adopted by City Council on Dec. 10, 1975-; City of Toronto's Inventory of Heritage Properties]


All blue text written by Carol Sutton. ©


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Famous artists André Fauteux and Carol Sutton lived in the historic building on the corner of 2 Boulton Avenue and 792 Queen Street East, called the "Poulton Block", originally built as "Orient Hall", a Freemasons lodge, built in Toronto in 1885, by the architects Kennedy, Gaviller & Holland, at the NW corner of 792 Queen Street East and 2 Boulton Avenue. This building was adopted by City Council on Dec. 10, 1975, as an Historic Architecture building of Toronto history.
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