Genealogy of Sustare -my Maternal side

Southern branch of Sustare's from South and North Carolina & Virginia

black_diamond.gifdecendants of Captain Don Gabriel Sistare ( new full name -Lazaro José Gabriel Sistare II)

of Barcelona, Spain and then from New London, Connecticut, 1771, born 1725

( Various spellings include-Sistaire, Sistera, Cistéré, Sistéré, Sistaré, Sistaire, Sustare, Sisstare, Sustar, Sistair, Sistar, Sistarelli)

Sistaré=Cisteré=Cisterer=Cisteller, it is a very old and popular catalan name, wich mains "the one who makes or sels basquets" ("cistell" mains basquet). Sent to me by Josep Rigol, friend of Fotografia Ferran Freixa of Barcelona, Spain. new3.gif on February 2007

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(Sustare's were basket makers in Spain.)

These individuals are more than the place from which they came, weather it be Spain or the state of Connecticut, North Carolina, or Virginia, they are people with their own life story and are a part of their heritage and lineage.

nuevo-Traducción españolatiny Spain flag-espana_flag.gifnew Spanish translation

Family tree on Sustare Side of Carol Lorraine Sutton, decendant of Captain Gabriel Sistare-Our Mother's Side of the family tree.

CAROL LORRAINE SUTTON is a descendant of

Captain Gabriel Sistare of Barcelona, Spain.

Brief Chart:

Don Gabriel SISTARE/ SISTÉRÉ/ SISTAIRE/ Sistarre, my 5G Maternal Grandfather, born abt 1700--- and his wife Marie Mityavila , my 5G Grandmother(listed as Mityavila? in New London, Conn. information)- born about 1700 in San Martin, Cassa De La Selva, Gerona, Spain, or San Feliu, Gerona, Gerona, Spain,SANT FELIU DE GUIXOLS {LDS, IGI list multiple Mityavila families from this location.}
FULL Chart:
Captain Lazaro José Gabriel Sistare II ,CT---Elizabeth Beebe (2nd wife)
John Thomas Sistare(youngest son)*--Mary Gwendolyn Outen of S.C.
James Hiram Richardson Sistare(a twin)--Holly Elizabeth Hemby
[ ]new3.gifLINK
mother 5 children, including the 2 twin boys.)
Barnum Alexander Sustare---Sarah Amanda Ferguson
Beverly Townsend Sustare--Nannie Clara Williams
[ ]
Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton--Robert William Sutton
Carol Lorraine Sutton, me, 2nd child of 3 children
Well known and unknown, Canadian abstract painter, Carol Sutton, who has lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for the past 32 years, is a Spanish descendant on her Mother's side of the family tree. Nancy Chester Sustare was her mother.
Gem_Blue.gifCaptain Gabriel Sistare of Barcelona, Spain, who's own ship the "Montserrete"bound from early ships pictureHavana, Cuba to Cadiz, Spain, with a cargo of spices and suger, was blown off course and dismantled in gale winds, onto the coast of New London, Connecticut on October 9, to 14,1771; where he settled until death twenty four years later, in February 23, 1795 at age 70 and is buried in New London, Connecticut. Sutton's visits to Spain that began in 1987 have had profound influences on her art.

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Gem_Yellow.gifCaptain Gabriel Sistaire (marked as Sistarre, in the 1790 Connecticut Census-Marlon Sustaire) , full name was Captain Lazaro José Gabriel Sistare II was born May 1, 1725 in Barcelona, Spain. His parents were Don Gabriel Sistare and Marie Mityavila. In Barcelona he married Maria Francesca Molas and had one son, Gabriel, Jr., who subsequently came to America in 1772 with a Captain De Shon. ( or Deshon) Captain globex.gif - spinning globe tinyGabriel Sistarie's wife Maria could not come over, so he divorced her and remarried an English girl named Elizabeth Beebe.(LINK TO MINI BEEBE / BEBE DECENT CHART) Captain and Elizabeth had 7 children, which together with Gabriel Jr. makes 8 main branches of the family. Sistares that are relatives live in Mexico City and Barcelona, Spain today. lists Sistare in Portugal.

boat.gif - tiny ship/boatHistory of

New London, Connecticut &

more extensive Sistare-Sustare Chart on this link--

History of the vovage that landed the Sistare family in Connecticut, & generations multipled in America.



Across the Atlantic Ocean

Montserrete then - Sails for Havana, Cuba to take on a cargo of spices and sugar. Sets sails again, this time bound for Cadiz, Spain. Unlucky storm blows the ship Montserrete off course & the ship is dismatled in gale strength winds onto the coast off New London, Connecticut. Captain Gabriel Sistare makes it ashore. His age is 46. Captain Gabriel Sistare swims ashore to land in New London, Connecticut on October 9-14, 1771.


1747 Basire Map of Barcelona Spain. Decorative, hand-colored map of Barcelona, drawn by J. Basire and published in 1747. Attention is paid to the fortifications surrounding the city during the War of Spanish Succession (1702-1711). Three ships in full sail are shown in the waters off shore. Upper right margin is slightly trimmed, but the image is in very good condition. 17x21 in. $450



Small selection of our Iberian Peninsula Inventory

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Spanish Explorers:

us/schools/northbethesdams/ gr/ship.jpg


HISTORY of Cadiz, facts in brief:

"Surrendered to Romans at end of Second Punic War; ruined by Visigoths 5th cen.; Moors controlled port 711-1262; taken from Moors & reconstructed by Alfonso X of Castile 1262; was base of Spanish treasure fleets after Columbus charted America in 1492."CREDIT:Courtesy of Getty Thesaurus of Geographic NamesTM ( TGN );Copyright © 2000 The J. Paul Getty Trust. All rights reserved. WEB: spain/cadiz/cadiz.html




"Block Front Chest,Circa 1720,.This fine pine chest is an early John Goddard design. The original plans have been handed down in the family of Mr. Saperstein's teacher from craftsman to craftsman. The pine chest was a favorite in colonial times because it was made of six pine boards nailed together, serving as a sturdy, but easily movable trunk."CREDIT:Artisans of the Valley - Period Furniture :http:// chests1.html


Timeline: in Art: John Singleton Copley, paints - Paul Revere, 1765-1770, an oil on canvas.

View a very fine Connecticut home of the date 1770: "Captain Philo Beardsley house, near Kent Connecticut, probably built in 1770. The gambrel roofed wing at the back was added several years ago, replacing a small ell." web: bio/kent/kent.htm

Gabriel Sistare/ Sistarie, in Connecticut [CT],

Tomb of

G *a* b* r* i*e* l ** S* i* s* t *a* r *e*

a Sea Captain of Ship "Montserrete"during the reign of Felipe V, who was the First Spanish Bourbon King



City Burial Grounds, Under Stone Table

buried in New London, Connecticut.



Joan Ellen Langley - My cousin in 05/07/00 04:08:45 signed Marlon Sistare page guestbook.
Surname Your Researching: Sistare/Sustare
Did My Pages Help?: definitely
Are We Related?: yes
Great info for my maternal genealogy! Still trying to find LOCAL relatives willing to select a LOCAL PROFESSIONAL so fund-raising can begin to have Captain Gabriel Sistare's gravestone (table) repaired before more legs fall off. Mr. John Spaulding of the CT Gravestone Network has made two recommendations for quality work. Membership in the CGN is only $10/yr. They have their own website.

Census 1790: New London Township, New London,Connecticut. Gabriel is marked as 'Sistarre". Credit for this information is Marlon Sistare. Religion: probably Roman Catholic

Emigration: May 1773, Public Records -An act of Naturalization of Don Gabriel Sistera From Spain To His Majesty's English Subject.

BIRTH: 1 May 1725, Barcelona, Spain DEATH: 23 February 1795, New London, Connecticut



Father: Gabriel SISTERA b: 1700 d: 22 AUG 1734

Mother: Marie MITZAVILA or OR MITYAVILA b: WFT Est. 1683-1707 d: WFT Est. 1728-1795, mother of the Captian Sistare Jr., who sailed to Connecticut, she lived in Spain


Grandfather: Gabriel CISTERER b:1680, d: WFT Est. 1704-1771

Grandmother:Angela ? b: WFT Est. 1660-1687 d: WFT Est. 1703-1775



G *a* b* r* i*e* l ** S* i* s* t *a* r *e*

a Sea Captain of Ship "Montserrete"during the reign of Felipe V, who was the First Spanish Bourbon King


Sistare/Sistéré/Sustare /Brief line + stray notes:

1 Gabriel CISTERER b: 1680 d: WFT Est. 1704-1771

  + Angela ? b: WFT Est. 1660-1687 d: WFT Est. 1703-1775

    2 Gabriel SISTERA b: 1700 d: 22 AUG 1734

      + Marie MITZAVILA or OR MITYAVILA b: WFT Est. 1683-1707 d: WFT Est. 1728-1795, mother of the Captian Sistare Jr., who sailed to Connecticut, she lived in Spain

        3 Captain Lazaro José Gabriel SISTARE/SISTÉRÉ/Sistarre Jr. b: 1 MAY 1725, Barcelona, Spain, survived ship wreak, Emmigrated, on May 1773, and d: 23 FEB 1795, New London, New London,  Connecticut, First     wife in Spain was ; Maria Francesca Molas, abt 1725, San Feliu, Gerona, Gerona, Spain Or Barcelona, marriage, about 1750; died; 1882. Divorced Molas. Married second time in New London, Connecticut

          + Elizabeth Beebe, daugher of Nathaniel Beebe Jr.(1710-aft 1767) and Lydia Griffin (abt 1713-aft 1767)SMITH b: 3 NOV 1754 d: 11 SEP 1798

            4 John Thomas Sistare, b. 1790, New London, Connecticut, died; after 1849, in Kershaw, Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA

              + Mary Gwendolyn "Polly" OUTEN/ OUTTEN/ OUTENDYKEm b. 1795, Lancaster, South Carolina, and d. aft 1849, Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA (based on the birth of her last dau, Charity Sistare)

                5 James Hiram Richardson SISTARE/ SUSTARR, 1835, farm in Kershaw, Lancaster District,South Carolina, d. Civil War, 21 Oct 1862, Winchester, Virginia/Confederate Stonewall Cemetery,

                  + Holly Elizabeth Hemby, b. 1837, Kershaw, Or Pickens, Lancaster District, South Carolina? and d. 14 Jan 1902, Matthews, Mecklenburg County, NC, buried; MT. Harmony, Matthews, Mecklenburg Co, NC

                    6 Barnum Alexander SUSTARE, a twin brother to James Ervin Sustar, Barnum b.10 Jan 1862, Lancaster County, South Carolina, d. 13 Mar 1951,, Matthews, Mecklenburg County, NC,

                      + Sara {Sarah} Amanda (Mauda) FERGUSON, b. 21 Aug 1867, North Carolina, 14 Jun 1962, Morning Star, Matthews Township, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, USA, 28104

  7 Beverly Townsend Sustare, b. 3 Mar 1890, Matthews, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Near The City Of Charlotte, N.C. and d. 1 Aug 1965, last residence: Indian Trail Road,Union,NC, USA, 28105

 + Clara Nannie WILLIAMS, b. 29 Nov 1891, Malvern, Hot Springs County, Arkansas Or  Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas, and died 21 Jul 1940, Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia, USA 

8 Nancy Chester Sustare, b. 17 Nov 1920, Greensboro, Guilford County,  North Carolina (or Hickory, NC) and died; 12 May 1997, Norfolk,  Norfolk County, Virginia

+  Robert William Sutton, b. 8 Mar 1918, , Norfolk,  Norfolk County, Virginia, USA, and died: 13 Feb 1995, Norfolk,  Norfolk County, Virginia, USA

9 Robert Porter Sutton, b. 27 Sep 1947, Norfolk,  Norfolk County, Virginia, USA


LINE: continues this column:

Generation 3.


dau of Nathaniel Beebe Jr. (1710->1767), [himself son of Nathaniel Beebe Sr. and Elizabeth Wheeler]  and Lydia Griffin, b. 1713


Generation 4.


John Thomas Sustare m. Mary Gwendolyn ?Polly? Outen 

(Had 16 Children With John Thomas Sistare, Half Lived (8) To Care On The Sistare Name In The South.)


Generation 5.

James Hiram Richardson Sistare, ,who was killed in Civil War, and the husband of Holly Elizabeth Hemby ,father of twins,

{NOTE: Twins were: James Ervin Sustar, and Barnum Alexander Sustare.}


Generation 6.

Barnum Alexander Sustare(5) and Sarah Amanda Ferguson,(dau. of James Ranson Ferguson, 1831-1909, and Martha Ellen Williams, 1844-1929, 

Barnum Alexander Sustare:10 Jan 1862, Lancaster County, South Carolina,, Died: 13 Mar 1951, age 89, Matthew, Mecklenburg County, NC, Buried: Mt Harmony Baptist Cemetery, Matthews?, Married:25 Apr 1889, Mecklenburg Coutny, North Carolina. to:Sarah Amanda Ferguson, b. 21 Aug 1867, North Carolina, died: 14 Jun 1962, age 94Mt. Harmony, Matthews, Mecklenburg Co, NC, USA, 28104, Buried; Mt Harmony Baptist Cemetery, Matthews. Residence:Morning Star, Matthews Township, Mecklenburg Co., NC

{NOTE: Identical Twin: James Ervin Sustar, (10 Jan 1862, Lancaster County, South Carolina,-Died:15 Aug 1931, Matthews, Mecklenberg Co., North Carolina, USA,, age 69, Buried; Mt. Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery. James Ervin Sustar married, 29 Dec 1888, Mecklenburg County, NC, to Ferguson sister, Mary Jane Ferguson, "Jenny", b: 6 Sep 1866, d. 124 Aug 1950, age 83. they had 9 children. )

Generation 7.

My grandfather:

Child of Sarah Ferguson and Barnum Sustare is:

Beverly Townsend  Sustare, and Nannie Clara Williams
                   Born March 03, 1890 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC; Died August 01,1965 in Indian Trail, Union Co., NC.
                birth order: first born child and only son of 8 children, other 7 all daughters.
Occupation: Lawyer, Business man, Auto Dealer
Education: Wake Forest College,L.L.B. Degree In 1915 And Had Practiced Law In Matthews Since 1960.
Religion: Matthews Baptist Church
Cause of death: Heart Failure/heart Attack
Hobbies: Raising Prize Chickens And Hens/won Silver Trophies For These/green Thumb -Superb Gardener/farming/
Hair color: brown
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
SSN: 237-03-3137 (Found Via, Ssdi, Search. And Iola Sustare Info As Well)
Namesake or Nickname: ?B. T.?
who married twice:first marriage to: date- before 1914 to:
Nannie Clara Williams.born 29, November, 1891. died in Norfolk, Virginia, of cancer (cervix, (maybe ovarian) and colon cancer) at age 49, 21, July, 1940, just days after the marriage of her daughter Nancy Chester Sustare to Robert William Sutton. Nannie (Nancy) Clara Williams married Beverly Townsend SUSTARE. 
Beverly and Nannie had 4 SUSTARE children: Beverly, John, Chester (Nancy), George.
Nannie Clara Williams was the daughter of William Wright Williams,born 16 Dec, 1867 in Malvern, (listed in my baby book as Little Rock?) Arkansas; died 19 June, 1938 in Greensboro, North Carolina ,who married Lula Estelle Boatwright on June 31, 1938 in Greensboro, N.C; born 7, Feb, 1872, in Mecklenburg, North Carolina; died14, September 1954, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson Boatwright and Nancy Jane Williams.
Second marriage to : Iola [Sustare] -
2nd wife of my grandfather Beverly Townsend Sustare, found out her info on the search engine ssdi, for her SSN., issued in North Carolina in 1962
--She was the nurse of my grandmother, Nannie Clara Williams Sustare, before she died of cancer. She was giving in home care to my grandmother at Larchmont Crescent, Norfolk, Virginia.


Generation 8.

My mother:

Nancy Chester  Sustare, m. Robert William Sutton

Born: 17 Nov 1920, Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, USA

Died; 12 May 1997, Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia, USA

Buried: 15 May 1997, Forest Lawn Cemetary, Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia, USA

Generation 1.


Born: about  1680. 

Died: after 1700.

Married: Angela ?[CISTERER]

Noes; (Cister Were Basket Makers, :baskets/basquets/cistell. Sistaré=Cisteré=Cisterer=Cisteller, it is a very old 

and popular catalan name, wich mains "the one who makes or sels basquets" ("cistell" mains basquet).

Notes 2. found by


Generation 2.

Father: Don Gabriel Sistare Sr. , born abt 1700 in Barcelona or Gerona, Spain, died:aft 1726

Mother: Marie  Mityavila

NOTES ON : Don Gabriel Sistare/Sistéré Sr. (Our 5 Great Grandfather)
Born:        about 1700, in Barcelona, Spain or Genoa, which is now a part of Italy
Died:       August 22,  1734, Barcelona, Spain Or At Sea
Timeline: Before Reign Of Felipe V Was The First Spanish Bourbon King
Married:    Marie Mityavila, 
Mother:     Marie Mityavila, 
Notes on Maria: Born about 1700 in San Martin, Cassa De La Selva, Gerona, Spain, she was the daughter/ grand daughter or related to ??? of Bernat? Mitavila , born about 1585 and Hyeronima ? Salvana, born about 1585?? Her family may have been:
from the Cassa De La Selva,SANT FELIU DE GUIXOLS, Girona, Spain, and were Cork Growers by occupation,

Married twice:

First marriage: about 1750, in Barcelona, Spain (his first wife in Barcelona was:
to Maria Francesca Molas
Maria Francesca Molas was born: about 1725 in San Feliu, Gerona, Gerona, Spain 
or born in Barcelona, Spain)
Second marriage:about 1773, in New London, Connecticut to
Elizabeth Beebe (2nd wife), 
Elizabeth born: about 1756 in New London, Connecticut
Elizabeth died: 11 September, 1798, in New London Connecticut at age 42.
notes: She comes from an old English family
Elizabeth's Parents:
Mother: Lydia Griffin , born about 1710
Father: Nathaniel Beebe, born 1710, of
Fathers line:
   SAMUEL BEEBE...b 6-23-1633 & MARY KEENEY

    Notes for Samuel Beebe:

     . bp. 23 Jun 1633, Broughton, Northamptonshire, England, m. 1660, in New London, New London, CT, Mary Keeney,       b. ABT 1639, d. 9 May 1725, New London, New London, CT, bd. 10 May 1725. Samuel died 1712, Plum Island, Suffolk, NY.  Samuel was a twin brother of Thomas and baptized with him at Broughton, England, 23 June 1633. He came to New England in 1649 with his brother John.



continues next column: >


John Thomas Sistare remarrys to Mary Gwendolyn Outen

of South Carolina( He is the youngest son of Gabriel Sistare)*

John is the progenitor of the Southern Branch of the Sistare / Sustare family. The Sustare spelling is the most used in the South.

Sailed South boat.gif - tiny ship/boatfrom Connecticut along the Atlantic Coast & was shipwrecked off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina
*Thomas or John Thomas Sistare left New London, Connecticut after the death of his first wife, Lucretia Jones, who died at age 25 and had no children. He sailed South and was shipwrecked off Charleston, South Carolina. He later remarried and had 16 children with his second wife, Mary Gwendolyn Outen, 8 of which lived and carried on the Sistare (Sustare) family in the South. The Southern branch is working on a more detailed genealogy. It was the Southern branch that changed the name spellings to the many different ones listed above, the Sustare one being the most used spelling. Check out NEW info on OUTEN MINI DESCENT CHARTS>

Clara Nannie Williams Sustare

Clara Nannie Williams

Clara Nannie Williams ,"Nancy" Born: 29, November, 1891.

Died in Norfolk, Virginia, of cancer (cervix, (maybe ovarian) and colon cancer) at age 49, 21, July, 1940, just weeks after the marriage of her daughter Nancy Chester Sustare to Robert William Sutton. Clara Nannie "Nancy" Williams married Beverly Townsend SUSTARE.Beverly and Nannie had 4 SUSTARE children: Beverly, John, Chester (Nancy), George.

Clara Nannie "Nancy" *Williams was the daughter of William Wright Williams,born 16 Dec, 1867 in Malvern, (listed in my baby book as Little Rock?) Arkansas; died 19 June, 1938 in Greensboro, North Carolina ,who married Lula Estelle Boatwright on June 31, 1938 in Greensboro, N.C; born 7, Feb, 1872, in Mecklenburg, North Carolina; died14, September 1954, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson Boatwright and Nancy Jane Williams. *called Nancy by her mother, Lula.



Barnum Alexander Sustare -(5)

Relation: My Great Grandfather.

LINE: (James Ervin Sustare (4 )(his identical twin), John Thomas Sistare (3); Lazaro José Gabriel Sistare II (2), Don Gabriel SISTARE/ SISTÉRÉ/ SISTAIRE/ Sistarre (1), my 5G Maternal Grandfather, born abt 1700--- and his wife Marie Mityavila

Born: 10, January, 1862, in Lancaster County, South Carolina, Died 13, March 1951, in North Carolina .

Gem_Blue.gifNAME NOTES: The name Sistare [Sistaire] was changed to Sustar [Sustare] after moving to North Carolina, about 1874. James Ervin Sistare and Barnum Alexander Sistare were identical twin sons; who each used variant surname spellings, Sistare, and Sustare, to distinguish themselves from each other.

twins-James Hiram Richardson Sustare and James Ervin Sistare

Parents:Father:James Hiram Richardson Sistare {Civil War Soldier} and his wife, Mother: Holly Elizabeth Hemby Sistare, who lived in Lancaster County, South Carolina.

Married 25, April, 1889 to Sarah Amanda Ferguson, age at her marriage would have been 22, born 1867 , died in 1962 at age 95. Daughter of James Hanson Ferguson, born in 1831, died in 1909, and married to Martha Ellen Williams, born in 1844, and died in 1929.

The family lived in North Carolina

My Great-Great-Grandparents-Barnum Alexander Sustare and Sarah Amanda Ferguson and their 8 SUSTARE children were: 1 son and 7 girls:

i. Beverly Townsend Sustare [only son];ii. Minnie Ethel Sustare; iii. Effie (Evelyn?) Adelaide Sustare, iv. Verla Edith Sustare; v.Annie Lou Sustare; vi. Zelda Jane Sustare; vii. Gussie (Augusta) Lee Sustare, viii.Bonnie M. Sustare,




black_diamond.gifCivil War Sistare Soldiers


Our Confederate Ancestors by Marlon Sustaire at -


Buried: Stonewall Cemetery CSA Section Winchester, Va.(Look-ups)

Winchester National Cemetery, 401 National Avenue, Winchester, Virginia, 22601





and other related family members:







3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifSon of James Hiram Richardson Sistare (4), who was born in 1835 in Connecticut and died 21 October 1862, [L@@K at tombstone photograph, this color one is by Robert W. Sutton, ca 1994], during the Civil War near Winchester, Virginia, jh_sistare_confederate.jpgexactly three months later at Cedar Creek Battle. J.R. Sistare was married in South Carolina to Holly Elizabeth Hemby .(2nd Great-Grandparents).J H. R. Sistare was buried in the Confederate Stonewall Cemetery. Quote*:"The sixth battle that occurred in the Winchester area was the Battle of Cedar Creek on

3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifOctober 19, 1864. Despite the disabling reverses suffered at Winchester on September 19 and at Fisher's Hill on September 22, Lt. General Early, commanding the Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, knew that he must still endeavor to prevent the victorious Major General Philip H. Sheridan from returning detachments of his force to General Ulysses S. Grant, opposing General Robert E. Lee at Petersburg in eastern Virginia. He knew that to accomplish this task, he would have to mount another offensive. Therefore, when Sheridan withdrew northward from Harrisonburg, Early followed. The 2nd Corps reached Fisher's Hill on October 13 and discovered the Federals encamped upon the slopes north of Cedar Creek, encircling the stately mansion Belle Grove, just south of Middletown, some 20 miles from Winchester. Reconnaissance convinced Early at first that his position was too strong for his weakened army to attack. Early had suffered heavy casualties among his officers and his divisions were critically short in this respect. In numbers, the three corps of Sheridan was greatly superior to Early's five divi- -
from: google translated pdf file into html:
3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifPrivate J.H. R. Sistare of 2nd Company-A-, R Regiment South Carolina Infantry,Confererate States Army, Civil War. Shown on company Muster Roll, of Nov. , Dec. 1862. "Mustered into service on July 2, 1862, in Columbia S.C. by Joe(Boe?)Preston, Last paid:pay due from Liutenent. Present or absent: absent. remarks;Sent to hospital sick, Oct 20, 1862;Bounty due."AND-"Register of Claims of Deceased Officers and Soldiers filed Oct 22,1864, by whom presented:E.H.Sistare-Wid" Holly Elizabeth Hemby, who hid in a ditch with her two twin infant sons, then 6 months old and a cow; while the Yankees were ransacking her house and killing her livestock. After the plunder, Holly Elizabeth, used the cow to provide milk for her two babies. She must have had in the ditch with her their two older sons, Simpson Taylor Hemby Sistare and John Thomas Sistare; or else they must have hid elsewhere during the raid

The four sons William, Aaron, James and Hiram Sistare(note added: William Gabriel Sistare, Aaron Jackson Sistare, James Delaney Hope Sistare, James Hiram Richardson Sistare)all lost their lives in the Civil war, three dying in action and dying from wounds in prison. James Sistare was the founder of the Mecklenburg branch of the Sistare Family.


-C. S. A.(After the Reorganization)
Sistare, J. H. Killed in action at Cedar Creek in 1862.

Photo credit:Our Confederate Ancestors by Marlon Sustaire


Now that is what I call geneology!-

A 9,000 year family history!

British scientists used DNA material extracted from a 9,000-year-old-skeleton known as Cheddar Man to trace a living relative-whose home is less than a mile from the caves where the dna.gifbones were found in 1903. They had taken DNA samples from history teacher Adrian Targett, 42, and 19 other people whose families had lived locally for 27, Macleans/March 17, 1997 , also in February ,1998 issue of LIFE.

BOOKS or paper

A related booklet flatbook.gif- Descendants of Gabriel Sustare,


Publisher- JULY 1, 1967



My personal baby book flatbook.gif, prepared from September 1945 forward in time; and made with love by my mother, Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton. Now owned by me. Has some family tree: Clara Nannie "Nancy" *Williams was the daughter of William Wright Williams,born 16 Dec, 1867 in Malvern, (listed in my baby book as Little Rock?) Arkansas; died 19 June, 1938 in Greensboro, North Carolina ,who married Lula Estelle Boatwright.


A related booklet flatbook.gif- History and genealogy of the Williams Family by Margie Williams Baucom,

Publisher- The Cory Press, Monroe, North Carolina, 28110, 1979


Purchased from Stumptown Antique Shop, Highway #74, near Highway #51, Matthews, North Carolina, USA, 28105


A related booklet flatbook.gif- History of New London, Connecticut from the first survey of the Coast in 1612 to 1852, by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, New London-excerpt here--

Publisher- by the author, 1852: "Capt. Gabriel Sistété, or Sistare, of Barcelona, Old Spain, came to this country in 1771, bringing his son Gabriel withhim, and fixed his residence in New London."


A related booklet flatbook.gif- The Descendants of John Way (born October 6, 1740, at New London) and his wife Lucy Lord (born April 24, 1749, at-

Author _?

Publisher- ?

A related Newspaper Articles magazine.gif-New York Times, March 7, 1895. and the New York Evening Post, Sept. 30, 1881

Author _?

Publisher- New York Times & New York Evening Post


A related Newspaper Articles magazine.gif-Matthews history lesson - Sustare's Pool, an institution since 1925, was and still is the largest swimming pool in Mecklenburg County, page 2, August 9, 1990

Author _ Suzanne Gulley - Executive Editor

Publisher- The Matthews News

 The Mecklenburg Times -newspaper----*----Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

pagelinks.gifReunion Of Sustare Family Held Sunday-1937

Early Sustare - Sistare Reunions 1937 + Decent Charts

1937-Reunion Of Sustare Family Held Sunday, Meckelenburg Times

The Northern Branch of Sistare/ Sustare holds annual reuions the third Sunday in September.

The Southern Branch of Sistare/ Sustare holds annual reunions in the third Sunday in May.

According to The Historical Committee of the Sistare Family Association Booklet of July 1, 1967.

 The Virginian-Pilotpagelinks.gifHampton Roads

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton

Nancy Chester Sustare

Obituaries of Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, wedding article and photos -

Credit goes to my sister,
Nancy Townsend Sutton Nowlan, of Suffolk, Virginia, who is the one in my family with the real knowledge of geneology and the primary record keeper. It is from Nancy that I got this information. Nancy is the Geneology Expert in the family.
Nancy made a 5 generation chart for me and gave me other addition genelogical material. C.S.
Nancy Townsend Sutton Nowlan, of 5999 Bennett's Creek, Suffolk, Virginia,USA,23435.
Credit goes to my first cousin for the scans of uncles and twins,-i.Allan Sustare Jr., of Syracuse, New York. email

Ship picture credit goes to :

graphicmaps.gifI got the great states maps here!

Sustare Maternal Line:

Main Sustare LEAD

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, born in Greensboro, North Carolina,


I am redoing this site a bit at a time cls



Sustare side, family tree of Carol L.,descendent of Captain Gabriel Sistare of Barcelona, Spain_

Nancy Chester Sustare

Obituaries of Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, wedding article and photos -

Father of Nancy Chester Sustare is Beverly Townsend Sustare, who married Clara Nannie "Nancy" Williams, born in Arkansas

Beverly Townsend Sustare Memorial Obituary, my maternal grandfather, August 3, 1965


Chrestonian Literary Society, Lenoir College, Hickory N.C.{B.T. SUSTARE was a member}


B. T. Sustare,HACAWA 1910,LENOIR COLLEGE,HICKORY,North Carolina-

+ Nannie Williams line includes; Clem family from Arkansas

Gem_Yellow.gifDelilah Gibbs Clem, or Arkansas and GIBBS/ WILLIAMS/ CLEM line

Children of Beverly Townsend Sustare

George Allen, Nancy Chester, John W., Beverly Sustare


Sustare Uncles and First Cousins and Contact Information

Parents of Beverly Townsend Sustare are Barnum Alexander Sustare & Sarah Amanda Ferguson. Barnum and James were twins.

3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifBarnum Alexander Sustare+wife Sarah Amanda Ferguson,his twin James Ervin Sistar+Mary Jane Fergerson


3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifFerguson family mini descendant charts for my Sustare family side genealogy-


James and Barnum Sustare Twins, (James on left, Barnum on right)-

Barnum Sustare and James Sustar, twins were sons of Holly Hmeby & James Hiram Richardson Sistare; who was killed in the American Civil War. My relatives fought on both Union and Confederate sides.

Holly Elizabeth Hemby


My Civil War Family, both on the Union side and on the CSA side: both Yankees and Confederates:

Early Connecticut Sistare Information + Holt & Outen family

 Public Records of Connecticut concerning Sistaire or Sistare, May 1773,


History of New London, Connecticut concerning Sistare and Sustare and Geneology Chart + Holt + Outen

Early Sustare - Sistare Reunions 1937 + Decent Charts

1937-Reunion Of Sustare Family Held Sunday, Meckelenburg Times


Sustare (Sistare)genealogy, mini descedant charts for Sustare family, Outen family, Beebe family

Fauteux Side Ferguson's:

3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifClan Ferguson Family History/2 lines, Alexander Ferguson,born 1789 and Joseph Ferguson,born about 1730


Fauteux genealogy,Andre,Hervey,Edmond,Camille, connects to FERGUSON'S

11 Generation LINE of Andre Joseph Lucien Fauteux: CANADA - SCOTLAND


Gem_Yellow.gif Sustare relations


Gem_Yellow.gif  1. SUSTARE  by Marty.   The main site page in Rootsweb - WorldConnect Project -The Sistare to Sustaire Database 2002, updated 2008 ----

Gem_Yellow.gif  2. SISTAIRE by Marty.


Robert William Sutton



Sutton side,my Father's side - family tree of Carol Lorraine Sutton

,descendent of Cornelius Sutton; also Thaddeus S. Sutton and Martha J. Norman

LINKS - as of August 2009 

LEAD PAGE of my SUTTON paternal family:Sutton side, family tree of Carol L.,descendent of Thaddeus S. Sutton and Martha J. Norman

Second page: James E. Mack Sutton & Alvertie Queen,Porter Odry Sutton & Margaret Lorine Crocker; Robert W. Sutton and Chester Sustare

Distribution of SUTTON surname on 1850 & 1880 US Census Map

Obituaries- Robert William Sutton, "Red" or "Bob" 76, of Norfolk, an industralist, died Monday, February 13, 1995

George J. Sutton, 1808-1845,married 1830 to Eleanor Davis,1812-1892,in Harrison Country, Salem, West Virginia.

Dakota Territories that became North and South Dakota-1860

Newspaper Article- P. O. Sutton, Engineer, Also Interior Decorator, July 8, 1959, my paternal grandfather-

Virginia National Bank/News Release on Photographic Exhibition of Robert William Sutton's Portfolio,February 28,1979

Memories and genealogy notes on Porter Odry Sutton, my paternal grandfather-at:

Cornelius Sutton line of decendants-

Sutton Sources & Links,Cornelius Sutton line mostly

Sutton family buried in Blandville,Doddridge Co.,WV Cemetery, Middle Island 7th Day Baptist

looking for any information on:

Sutton line = Claes Corniliszen, Nicholas Cornilisen, William Clawson, John Clawson, Garrabrant Clawson, Gerrett Groesen, Neeltje Jans, Mary Breeze, Annie Lee McClannan, Rufus Webb Crocker.

Sistare line = Mary Gwendolyn "Polly" Outen, Outen, Holt, Lula Estelle Boatwright, Holly Elizabeth Hemby (b.abt 1835), Lydia Griffin (abt 1710), William Wright Williams

Fauteux line = Hervey Camille Fauteux (b. 1910), Edmond Fauteux (b. 1886), Olivine Paquette (1888), in Quebec, Canada or Prescott County, Ontario, Canaada--

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