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Clan Ferguson History

1165 to abacus_icon.gif1900's


The History of the Clan Ferguson

furguson_arms.gifGaelic Name: MacFhearghuis

Coat of Arms : Three boars heads between a clasp on a blue background

A Fergus who lived in Ireland about 300 B.C is credited by medieval historians as the founder of Scotland's monarchy. By 500 A.D. the Scots under King Fergus Mor had left Northern Ireland and became established in Dalriada, now Argyll. "The Fergusons or Fergussons, are a very ancient clan of Gaelic origin. They are believed to have descended from Fergus, a Dalriada Prince of Galloway who was married to a daughter of Henry I of England. Prince Fergus was the ruler of Galloway in 1165. They became the Lords of Galloway and Allan, Lord of Galloway witnessed King Alexander II's charter to the monks of Melrose. Alan was the last Prince of Galloway before it was annexed by Scotland 1234."

Different branches of Fergusons developed. The "Tract on the Men of Albyn", one of the oldest documents of ancient Scottish history lists Fergusson. "Some writers believe the Fergussons had their day as a powerful clan prior to the 13th century and became dispersed from Argyll (Dalriada) as the Scots spread into other parts of Scotland. Before the 18th century, at least five groups of Fergussons possessed lands and lived in the style of a clan under their respective chiefs in Argyll, Perthshire, Aberdeenshire, Dumfriesshire, and Ayrshire. Today, the Kilkerran Fergussons in Ayreshire and the family of Fergusson of Baledmund and the Fergussons of Balquhidder, both in Perthshire, are still owners of extensive lands." (The Clan Ferguson website:http://www.tartans.com/clans/Fergusson/fergusson.html)

"The Craigdarroch branch in the oldest but branches were in Cowalm, Kintyre, Kilkerran, Atholl, Kimmundy,and Pitfour. Like many other Clans of the central Highlanders their territories were scattered and all though kinship existed between the various branches it was not until the 18th century that the Clan was brought together again under one leadership." (Barbara R Dorey)

"In 1489 the Dunfallandy branch were influencial over a wide stretch of the banks of the Tummel in Strathardleand Glenshee and they were in constant trouble with the Government as their lands gave shelter to bandit elements.Baron Ferguson, who ruled these lands from within an unofficial barony, had to rule with an iron hand to control the'broken men' who used the glen as a haven from their misdeeds." (Barbara R Dorey)

"In 1587 the Fergusons of Atholl and Strathardle were granted charters of land by King John Balliol so it may be assumed that any differences between the Fergusons and the crown were by that time settled. The Kilkerran Fergusons were active in affairs of State and Sir. James took the title Lord Kilkerran. His son was made Lord Hermand." (from: Barbara R Dorey)

The Fergusons were not generally sympathetic to the jacobite cause in the'rising of 1745', and fought on the side of the government against pretender, Prince Charles. It was Capt. John Ferguson of H.M.S. Furnace who pursued the Prince thoughout the Western Isles after his defeat at Culloden.  When asked by a kins woman whether he would accept 30,000 pounds reward Ferguson replied, "No, by god, I would have preserved him as the apple in mine eye, for I wouldn't take any man's word, no, not even the Duke of Cumberlands, for 30,000 pounds sterling, though I knew many to be such a fool as to do it."(from: Barbara R Dorey)

"Sons of Fergus"- The word Ferguson is the word Fergus+son, in other words the son or sons plurel of Fergus, the daughters are unmentioned in this Scotish naming practice.

ARTS and LETTERS-"Sons of Fergus"the world over have gained distinction in nonmilitary activities, e.g. in the law, the church, government, the arts and sciences, medicine, education, agriculture and in business and industry. Mention can only be made of Adam Ferguson the philosopher (1724-1816) and Robert Fergusson (1750-1774) the poet and mentor of Robert Burns. And in the realm of romance, the heroine of the song "Annie Laurie" was married to Alexander Fergusson of Craigdarroch." (from: The Clan Ferguson website:http://www.tartans.com/clans/Fergusson/fergusson.html)

And more on Adam Ferguson, 1724-1816;Robert Ferguson, the poet, and Sir William Ferguson, F.R.S.:
The Fergusons were not only famous for their military leadership and acts of valour. They also made many contributions to the Arts and Sciences.Professor Adam Ferguson was known as the father of modern sociology and in his 'Essay on the history of Civil Society' he insisted that mankind be studied in groups as they have always subsided. One can be reasonably certain that he was referring to the Scottish Clan system and more particularly to his own Clan. Professor Ferguson was a confrere of the world famed philosopher David Hume.Adam Ferguson was of the Pertshire branch of the Clan. Robert Ferguson, the poet, and Sir WilliamFerguson, F.R.S were other examples of cultural contributions made by the Clan. 'Annie Laurie' heroine of the song, was the wife of Ferguson of Craigdarroch. (from: Barbara R Dorey)

MILITARY- It was a member of the Fergusons of Raith, Col. Sir Ronald C Ferguson who commanded the Cameron Highlanders and for whom a special medal was struck and presented by King George II and was thanked by a special act of Parliament for his courageous services in Portugal.



sheep in the Highlands, poverty and gathering seaweed---

Driven off their lands by landlords. "The Fergusons were affected by the Highland Clearances as,were most of the Highland Clans."

"From 1790 to 1850 they joined most of the Highlanders in their exodous caused by the introduction of sheep into the Highlands. Many lost their Clan territories and migrated to the cities, south to England and to Ireland. Those left in the Highlands were generally reduced to poverty and many earned their livelihood by collecting  Kelp (seaweed) from the coastline or from other menial tasks foreign to theHighlanders. Understandably many of the migrant sailing ships that left such as the Asia, The Hector, Dove, Hercules, John Gray, Rambler, Sarah, and soon, contained many Fergusons who chose Canada and North America as a place where the customs of Scotland, the tartan and the pipes, and the heritage of their forebears could be exercised freely.  They arrived on great numbers in the early nineteenth century and settled in Cape Breton, (Canada) Glengarry, Pictou, North and South Carolina, (USA) Red River and Hailfax (Nova Scotia, Canada). (from: Barbara R Dorey)

"Meanwhile in Scotland the chiefship of the Clan passed to J.K.S. Ferguson of Dunfallandy in 1900.  About the time Brigadier General Ferguson commanded the Highland Brigade winning many battle honors in taking the Cape of Good Hope.In 1906 the distinguished statesman Sir James Ferguson was killed in the Jamaica earthquake. He was the 6th Baronet. The senior house of Kilkerran is now the chief and the Clan Seat is at Kilkerran Tower."(text from: Barbara R Dorey)

Clan Chief : Ferguson of Kilkerran

Clan Seats :      Killkerran Tower

                         Ayrshire Glanshellich



Tryst : Dunfallandy(The Bloody Stone)

Coat of Arms : Three boars heads between a clasp on a blue background--see above.

Mottos :  Virtute /   Arte et marte   /    Dulcius ex asperis (Sweeter after difficulties)ferguson_badge.gif-Notice this motto is on the badge.



Badges : (Although Clansmans Badge has changed from time to time it is now properly the bee on the thistle rather than the hand grasping the sword. )Pine Popular:sunflower and foxglove

The Ferguson Tartan is below on this page, in a square and if you want to save it select save as from your menu.

 TEXT CREDITS: From: Text from Barbara R Dorey , email=dorey@bconnex.net and from the The Gathering of the Clans at http://www.tartans.com/ , some text is original by Carol Sutton.

IMAGE CREDITS: tartan gif is from the The Gathering of the Clans at http://www.tartans.com/ at http://www.fergus.org/;which I made into a background gif in my Photoshop program.



My Canadian Ferguson line on my husband's side:

descendents of Alexander Ferguson.wavecaflag.gif

THIS LINE IS FROM: Stewarton, East Ayrshire, Scotland

See Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stewarton

Search Google maps: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps

for Stewarton, East Ayrshire, Scotland

Relatives of André Joseph Lucien Fauteux,


Fauteux genealogy,Andre,Hervey,Edmond,Camille, connects to FERGUSON'S...

11 Generation LINE of Andre Joseph Lucien Fauteux: CANADA - SCOTLAND


occupation: artist, sculptor, painter, and computer software development manager.

Website ART of Andre Fauteux: http://www.afauteux.com/

Website: André Fauteux in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/André_Fauteux


1.Alexander "Angus" Ferguson, born 1789,Ayrshire {Now Ayr}, East Scotland & died Jan 2, 1856, at age 67, in Ayrshire {Now Ayr}, East Scotland, occupation: master boot and shoemaker, Married in 1 Oct 1823, in Stewarton, Eaast Ayrshire, Scotland to:

..........................+ Annie S. Wyllie, born 1800, in Kilmarnock, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland ? or other Wyllie's in Garvock, Kincardine, Scotland & died March 20, 1878 at age 78, Ayreshire, East Scotland. Daughter of James? Wyllie or Wilie and ? Jean Guthrie ?

2.Archibald Ferguson, born 5 Sep 1825, in Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland & died 25 Mar, 1887,at age 61, in 31 Holm St Stewarton, Ayr, Scotland 203609.

Married on 29 Dec, 1848, to.....................+Marion Black,born 5 Sep , 1828, died 15 Nov, 1884, age 56, in 31 Holm St Stewarton Ayr Scotland 203609, occupation: Bonnet Dresser. Daughter of Robert? Black and Mary Bicket?

3.Alexander Ferguson,born 29 Apr 1850, in Galt (now Cambridge) Ontario, Canada, died 17 Aug , 1930, age 80, in St Catherines, Ontario, occupation: Boot and Shoemaker. married on 7 Dec 1877 in Cameron Bridge, Fife, Scotland to :

.....................+Margaret Selkirk Clark, born 12 August, 1851, and died on 15 July, 1947, age 95, (NOTES: The Selkirk family character was the basis of the novel "Robinson Crusoe" written by Daniel Defoe in the year 1719. A novel about a shipwreaked merchant man who lived alone and survived by his own resourfulness, wit and the remains of the wreakagae learned to survive alone on a deserted tropical island. The natives to the island were cannibal tribes. So it is that André Fauteux's great great grandmother was a Selkirk and thus André is related to the man the novel is based on. C.L.Sutton 1998)

4. Andrew Clark Ferguson, Jan 16, 1885 in Galt (now Cambridge) , Ontario, Canada, died March 23, 1988, in St Catherines, Ontario, Canada, occupation: Accountant for CN Railroad, married twice:

.......................+Etta Lyle Secord, born 11 August , 1884, in St. Catherines, Ontario, died in 24 August, 1933, in Port Delhousie, Ontario, Canada, married AC Ferguson on 17 Sept , 1908, St Catherines , Ontario, Canada

.......................+Edna Henrietta Madill, born 29 March 1892, and died Nov 16, 1984 in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, married AC Ferguson on 9 Oct, 1937, Ontario, Canada

5.Hervey Camille Fauteux,born December 19,1910, in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada died March 27, 1971 in British Columbia, Canada married

....................+ Lyle Secord Ferguson, born July 2,1913, in St Catherines, Ontario, Canada

6. Carol Lorraine Sutton, born September 3, 1945, in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, moved to Canada in 1970. occupation: artist, painter, and photographer.

............................................................+ Dennis Stillwell Martin, b:12-12-1945, Panama Canal Zone, Panama,Married 23 Jan 1965, no children, occupation: artist, illustrator, painter. Divorce: 1977

.............................................................+André Joseph Lucien Fauteux, B: 3-15-1946, in Dunville, Ontario, Canada, married 12 June 1978, Toronto, Ontario, share two children with Carol,

....................................................................7. Viva-Laura Claire Sutton-Fauteux, b: 6-12-1980, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

...................................................................7. Yale Quentin Sutton-Fauteux, b: 3-9-1983, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


My American Ferguson line on my mother's side:

descendents of James Ferguson FERGUSON (FARGUSON)(FARGUSSON (Last Known Ancestor Ferguson) and his son William FERGUSON (FARGUSON)(FARGUSSON)

THIS LINE IS FROM: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

See: Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunfermline,_Scotland

Search Google maps: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps

for Dunfermline, File, Scotland, United Kingdom

wavecaflag.gifRelatives of Carol Lorraine Sutton,

occupation: artist, painter, and photographer.

[* LINK: see below for earlier line begining with John FERGUSON (FARGUSON)("THE IMMIGRANT")

---------------14 Great Grandfather

James Ferguson, Born: about 1500, Scotland, father of William Ferguson.

---------------13 Great Grandfather

William (Last Known Ferguson Ancestor) FERGUSON (FARGUSON)(FARGUSSON), Born: 1520, Scotland, & Died: ?, in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. (The son of James Ferguson). wife unknown.

---------------12 Great Grandfather

David FERGUSON (FARGUSON)(FARGUSSON), Born: 1542, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland & Died: aft 31 May 1561 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. See Wikipedia; Dunfermline - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunfermline,_Scotland

Married in 31 May 1561, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland .............+ Isobell Durham, Born: 1544, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland & Died: aft 31 May 1561 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.

---------------11 Great Grandfather

William FERGUSON (FARGUSON)(FARGUSSON), Born: 10 Sep 1564 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, & died: date ?,

wife.....................+ Agnus Adams, born about 1564 Scotland

---------------10 Great Grandfather

Alexander FERGUSON (FARGUSON), Born:1590, Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland, baptism: 1590- Tombelly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland & died: Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland; buried: Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland/ See: Wikipedia;Gargunnock - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gargunnock & Stirlingshire - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stirlingshire

wife..................+ Beiggis Miller, born: 1600, Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland and died in Scotland.

---------------9 Great Grandfather

John Ferguson (FARGUSON), born 15 Sep 1630, Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, Scotland & died: 29 Jun 1692, Kircaldy, Fife, Scotland, buried: 1 Jul 1692, Stirling Castle, Stirling, Scotland

Wife: .....................+ Janet Turnbul, born: 1630, Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland, & died:27 Mar 1692, Kinglassie, Fife, Scotland, buried; 29 Mar 1692, Stirling Castle, Stirling, Scotland. (parents unknown)

--------------- 8 Great Grandfather

John FERGUSON (FARGUSON)("THE IMMIGRANT"), Born: 23 Mar 1650, Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland & died:21 Mar 1717, Cherry Walk, Old Rappahannock County, Now Essex County, Virginia, buried; aft 21 Mar 1717, Cherry Walk Family Cemetery, Essex County, Virginia, Note Emigration; 1667, Land Purchase; 5 Nov 1680, New Kent Co, Next To Old Rappahannock Co.

Married: ..................+ Ann STUBBLESON, born before 12 Feb 1682, possibly Old Rappahannock Co, VA;; now Essex County, VA. & died, 16 Dec 1735, in Southfarnham Parish, Essex Co, VA. She was the daughter of Stubble STUBBLESON, born about 1630 & died before August 1684 and (Unknown).

[See website: "Cherry Walk Plantation Virginia" -Essex County Virginia - Historic Homes in the County - http://www.essex-virginia.org/ta_homes.htm

+ PHOTO -National Register Nomination:  Cherry Walk, Essex County


---------------7 Great Grandfather

John Ferguson Jr., (A.K.A.: FARUSON), born 1685 in Essex County, Virginia, (Earlier was Rappahannock County, Virginia) died: 22, April, 1769, in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. [Note: See this page from Latter Day Saints for more information: "1764--Mecklenburg County was created 26 May 1764 from Lunenburg County. County seat: Boydton". Variant spelling is Mecklenburgh. --https://wiki.familysearch.org/en/Mecklenburg_County,_Virginia.

Married: about 1715.....................+ Sarah Gatewood, born: 1698 in South Farnham Parish, Essex Co. , Va. and died: 1781 in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia. Daughter of John Henry Gatewood & Amy or Ann "Amie" McGraw or McGrah..

---------------6 Great Grandfather

Joseph Ferguson, born 1725 in Cherry Walk Plantation In Millers Tavern, Rappahannock Co., VA -Near Elizabeth City, Virginia (now Essex County, VA) & died: after 1790, Lancaster District, South Carolina..

.....................+ Catherine 'Caty' Weisner b: --- in Essex Co., VA, died 1786, in Lancaster County, South Carolina. (Daughter of Jacob Weisner and Barbara unknown.) (Alternate information: Father as Martin Weisner)

---------------5 Great Grandfather

James Frances Ferguson Sr. , born 1750 in Elizabeth City, VA, died -29 DEC 1847 in Lancaster Co., SC, (Baptist Preacher-Started The Baptist Church, Lynches Creek Church (Aka Flat Creek Church) in Lancaster Co., SC) Married when? to:

...................+ Marriage #1: about 1770 to: Nancy Gee b: ABT 1770 in Elizabeth City, Virginia, born about 1754, died June 1850, SC. (Daughter of William Gee and Tabitha Ingram). (Second marriage was to Elizabeth Huntley or Hunley.)

---------------4 Great Grandfather

James Francis (or Frances) Ferguson Jr., born 1773, in Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA, died about 1847 at age 74, in Flat Creek, Lancaster County, South Carolina, occupation: The first preacher at the Taxahaw Baptist Church in Lancaster Co, SC, married:

......................+Sara Abigail ________?, born about 1773, in Lancaster District, South Carolina??, & Died: after 1799, in Lancaster District, South Carolina.

---------------3rd Great Grandfather

Lewis B. Ferguson, b: 8-19-1799 SC d: 5-22-1883 Mecklenburg Co., NC

. . +Dollie Ogburn, b:8-23-1799 SC, d" 1886 Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, mother of 11.

---------------Great Great Grandfather

.......James Ranson Ferguson, b: 5-24-1831, Lancaster County, SC, d: 12-4-1909 Matthews, Mecklenburg Co. NC

............+ Martha Ellen Williams, b. 1844, NC or SC?, d: 1929, Matthews, Mecklenburg Co., NC

---------------Great Grandmother:

...................Sarah Amanda Ferguson, b: 1867 ?, d: 1962, Matthews, Mecklenburg Co., NC

........................+Barnum Alexander Sustare, b: 1-10-1862, Lancaster County, SC, d: 3-13-1951, NC

--------------- Grandfather and Grandmother:

..............................Beverly Townsend Sustare, 3-3-1890, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co.NC,

d: 8-1-1965, Indian Trail, Union, NC, 28105, Lawyer, Wake Forest College, L.L. B. Degree

....................................+ Clara Nannie "Nancy" Williams, b. 11-29-1891, d: 7-21-1940, in Norfolk, Virginia, of cancer (cervix, (maybe ovarian) and colon cancer) at age 49

--------------- Parents:

...........................................8.Nancy Chester Sustare, b: 11-17-1920, Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC, died Monday, May 12, 1997, in Norfolk, Virginia of congestive heart failure; burial in Forest Lawn Cemetary, Norfolk, VA: Maury High School, Norfolk, Virginia, And Sullins College, Bristol, Virginia.

.................................................+ Robert William Sutton,"Red" or "Bob", 3-8-1918, Norfolk, VA, USA; d: 2-13 1995 of panceaus, Pancreaus and Liver Cancer; founder and CEO of Sutton Manufacturing Corporation, maker of fans, blowers, marine and other pumps, Norfolk, Virginia, Engineer, Designer Of Products, Business Man, Photographer,


Carol Lorraine Sutton, born September 3, 1945, in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, moved to Canada in 1970. occupation: artist, painter, and photographer.

Website: Carol Sutton Fine Art: http://www.carolsutton.net/

Website: Carol Sutton (artist) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carol_Sutton_(artist)

............................................................+ Dennis Stillwell Martin, b:12-12-1945, Panama Canal Zone, Panama,Married 23 Jan 1965, no children, occupation: artist, illustrator, painter. Divorce: 1977

.............................................................+André Joseph Lucien Fauteux, B: 3-15-1946, in Dunville, Ontario, Canada, married 12 June 1978, Toronto, Ontario, share two children with Carol,

....................................................................10. Viva-Laura Claire Sutton-Fauteux, b: 6-12-1980, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

..................................................................10.. Yale Quentin Sutton-Fauteux, b: 3-9-1983, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


CREDITS: My sister, Nancy Townsend Sutton Nowlan, a 5 generation chart of our family tree +

Mary Ferguson Fiser (AKA "Mimi"); Lawrence (Larry) Sumner Ferguson, III, Christopher Lynn Reeder, Jimmy Stephens, Kevin Carrol Evans, Sarah Ferguson, and others.


* 2011 CREDIT: New information on early line back to Scotland is from my 4th cousin, Jerry A. Ferguson, of Silver Springs, Texas, USA. Begining with John FERGUSON (FARGUSON)("THE IMMIGRANT") & his wife Ann or Anne Stubbleson back to: William (Last Known Ancestor Ferguson) FERGUSON (FARGUSON)(FARGUSSON) of Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.


LINK for 336. James S. Ferguson, Sr. 1178, born Abt. 1687: Family Tree Maker site: Ancestors of George Alton Ingram, Jr.-Generation No. 9 http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/i/n/g/George-A-Ingram/GENE7-0020.html#CHILD100860675


Decendents of Lewis B. Ferguson

of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA + earlier Ferguson's from South Carolina, USA


The Ferguson Tartan


Fauteux genealogy,Andre,Hervey,Edmond,Camille, connects to FERGUSON'S...

11 Generation LINE of Andre Joseph Lucien Fauteux: CANADA - SCOTLAND




Sustare Maternal Line:

Main Sustare LEAD

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, born in Greensboro, North Carolina, http://www.carolsutton.net/sustare/sustare-sistare_nc_va.html


Sustare side, family tree of Carol L.,descendent of Captain Gabriel Sistare of Barcelona, Spain_


Nancy Chester Sustare

Obituaries of Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, wedding article and photos -


Father of Nancy Chester Sustare is Beverly Townsend Sustare, who married Clara Nannie "Nancy" Williams, born in Arkansas

Beverly Townsend Sustare Memorial Obituary, my maternal grandfather, August 3, 1965



Chrestonian Literary Society, Lenoir College, Hickory N.C.{B.T. SUSTARE was a member} http://www.carolsutton.net/sustare/chrestonian_lenoir_sustare.html


B. T. Sustare,HACAWA 1910,LENOIR COLLEGE,HICKORY,North Carolina- http://www.carolsutton.net/sustare/sustare_lenoir_hacawa1910.html

+ Nannie Williams line includes; Clem family from Arkansas

Delilah Gibbs Clem, or Arkansas and GIBBS/ WILLIAMS/ CLEM line http://www.carolsutton.net/williams/delilah_gibbs_clem.html

Children of Beverly Townsend Sustare

George Allen, Nancy Chester, John W., Beverly Sustare



Sustare Uncles and First Cousins and Contact Information


Parents of Beverly Townsend Sustare are Barnum Alexander Sustare & Sarah Amanda Ferguson. Barnum and James were twins.

3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifBarnum Alexander Sustare+wife Sarah Amanda Ferguson,his twin James Ervin Sistar+Mary Jane Fergerson http://www.carolsutton.net/sustare/sistare_ferguson_photo.html


3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifFerguson family mini descendant charts for my Sustare family side genealogy-



James and Barnum Sustare Twins, (James on left, Barnum on right)-


Barnum Sustare and James Sustar, twins were sons of Holly Hmeby & James Hiram Richardson Sistare; who was killed in the American Civil War. My relatives fought on both Union and Confederate sides.

Holly Elizabeth Hemby



My Civil War Family, both on the Union side and on the CSA side: both Yankees and Confederates:


Early Connecticut Sistare Information + Holt & Outen family

 Public Records of Connecticut concerning Sistaire or Sistare, May 1773, http://www.carolsutton.net/sustare/records_sistare_conn.html


History of New London, Connecticut concerning Sistare and Sustare and Geneology Chart + Holt + Outen http://www.carolsutton.net/sustare/history_newlondon_conn.html

Early Sustare - Sistare Reunions 1937 + Decent Charts

1937-Reunion Of Sustare Family Held Sunday, Meckelenburg Times



Sustare (Sistare)genealogy, mini descedant charts for Sustare family, Outen family, Beebe family http://www.carolsutton.net/sustare/sustare_descent_charts.html

Fauteux Side Ferguson's:

3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifClan Ferguson Family History/2 lines, Alexander Ferguson,born 1789 and Joseph Ferguson,born about 1730 http://www.carolsutton.net/sustare/clan_ferguson_history.html


Fauteux genealogy,Andre,Hervey,Edmond,Camille, connects to FERGUSON'S

11 Generation LINE of Andre Joseph Lucien Fauteux: CANADA - SCOTLAND



Williams Family from Hot Springs, Arkansas and North Carolina

Nannie Clair Williams as young woman & unknown lady


Sgt. Chester Clay Willimas, died World War I in France


Nannie Clair Williams Sustare & daughter Chester Sustare


WILLIAMS & SUSTARE family of North Carolina, group family portrait


Delilah Gibbs Clem, or Arkansas and GIBBS/ WILLIAMS/ CLEM line -Delilah Gibbs -married twice: first to: James G3 Mason CLEM Sr.,-second to: David Andrew Williams; mother of ten children

Delilah Gibbs Clem, or Arkansas and GIBBS/ WILLIAMS/ CLEM line http://www.geocities.com/clsutton45/delilah_gibbs_clem.html


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