1937, Reunion of Sustare Family Held Sunday, Matthews, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, was held Sunday, May ?, 1937,

The Mecklenburg Times newspaper account below:


 The Mecklenburg Times

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina




 Reunion Of Sustare Family Held Sunday---

Large Gathering Hear Rev. Hocutt Recite History of Family at Matthews.


A reunion of the well known Sustare family was held Sunday at the Sustare pool in Matthews with a large attendance from this community, from Charlotte, and many points in South Carolina. No regular program was carried out, but a feature of the day was the reading of a brief history of the Sustare ( or Sistare) family by the Rev. George L. Hocutt, pastor of the Matthews Baptist church, who with Mrs. Hocutt was an especially invited guest.

The original founder of the Sistare family was Captain Gabriel Sistare, a sailor by trade, who was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1725. In 1771 he decided to roam the seas no more and came to America, settling in New London, Connecticut. His arrival is dated as the 14th of October, 1771. He was then 46 years of age and had a wife and son in Spain. The son, Gabriel, Jr. was later brought to America, where he married and reared a large family. Gabriel Sistare, Sr., was married to an American wife and to the couple three sons were born, Thomas, Frank and John Sistare. he was buried at New London near the mansion he had built and the following epitaph is on his tombstone:

"In memory of Captain Gabriel Sistare who died February 27th, 1795. He was born in the city of Barcelona, in the kingdom of Spain in 1725 and come to this city the 14th of October, 1771, where he spent the remainder of his days; beloved by his neighbors; for he was charitable and humane; esteeemed by his friends; for he was upright; respected by his acquaintances; for he was a worthy man and a good citizen."

Two sons of Gabriel Sistare stayed in New Englnad, but the third son Thomas, after surviving a shipwreck, which left him somewhere near Charleston, S.C. came to Union county, on into South Carolina where he taught school and was married to a Miss Outen. Sixteen children were born to the couple, only eight living to maturity, however. The four sons William, Aaron, James and Hiram Sistare

(note added: William Gabriel Sistare, Aaron Jackson Sistare, James Delaney Hope Sistare, James Hiram Richardson Sistare)

all lost their lives in the Civil war, three dying in action and dying from wounds in prison. James Sistare was the founder of the Mecklenburg branch of the Sistare Family.

The Monroe Enquirer of April 16, 1914, carried a beautiful tribute to Mrs. H. R. Sustare who was the mother of the twin brother, B. A. Sustare and the late J.E. Sustare of Matthews. H. R. Sustare joined the Confederate army in 1862 and in a few short weeks the news came back that he had been killed and buried by his comrades in Virginia. The widow was left with five small children, the youngest being the six months old twins, and with no visible means of support. The determination to provide for her family, her toil and her hereism make a story that is thrilling.She rests today in Mount Harmony church cemetery under a beautiful monument erected by her sones as an expression of the great love they bore her. Until the death of J. E. Sustare a fewyears ago, he and his twin brother , B. A., were striking figures at the twin picnics which were held each year at the Sustare pool in Matthews.To these picnics came the twins from far and wide making up some of the most unique and original gatherings in the history of Matthews.

continued in next column--

The large number present Sunday, together with the bountiful dinner spread from baskets overflowing with goodness made this latest one of the Sustare reunions go down in history as one of the most enjoyable. These registering were as follows: W. J. Sustare, Lancaster, S.C.; Mr. and Mrs . R. H. Blakeny, Pageland; Ella Knight, Pageland; Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Sistare, Matthews; Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Blanchard, Elaine Blanchard, Matthews: Mr and Mrs. T C.Thornton(vii. Gussie Lee Sustare (Thornton),1 of 7 sisters of Beverly Townsend Sustare, my grandfather) , Columbia; Mat Lee Benton, (ii.Carrie Mat Lee Benton), child of iii.Effie Adelaide Sustare)Pineville; Dorthy Benton, ?(iv.Dorothy Amanda Benton, child of iii.Effie Adelaide SustareMatthews; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunter, Lancaster; Mr. Mrs. J. L. Sistare, Lancaster; Mrs. Inez Sistare Bates and family, Charlotte; Ed W. Sistare, Frank W. Sistare, Lancaster; Mr. and Mrs. Reid Newell,(viii.Minnie or Bonnie M. Sustare (Newell),1 of 7 sisters of Beverly Townsend Sustare, my grandfather) Matthews; Mrs. E.L. Sistare, Clio; Miss Ines Chamness, Clio; Misses Agnes and Opel Ferguson, Matthews; Mrs. Beulah Knight, Lancaster; Woodrow Knight, Lancaster; H. E. Sistare, Rock Hill, S.C.; D. B. Sistare, Boyd Sistare, Virginia Sistare,Mary Barnes Sistare, Lancsaster.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Boyd Sistare, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Plyler, S. C. McManus, Perry Sistare, Lancaster; Mrs. Hassie Sistare and family, Matthews; Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Lathan, Chesterfiled; Mary Estelle Lathan; Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Benton,(ii.Minnie Ethel married Wilton Oscar Benton. 1 of 7 sisters of Beverly Townsend Sustare, my grandfather) and family, Matthews; Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Neal,(vi. Zelda Jane Sustare (Neal),1 of 7 sisters of Beverly Townsend Sustare, my grandfather) Matthews; Robert Gibson, Huntersville; John Garland, LaMarr Garland, Washington, D. C. ; Rev. and Mrs. G.L. Hocutt, Matthews; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cauther, Lancaster; W. L. Sistare, Charlotte; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunter, R. W. Sistare, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Sistare, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Parish, Lancaster; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Garland, Washington, D. C.(v.Annie Lou Sustare (Garland) m. Thomas Lee Garland,1 of 7 sisters of Beverly Townsend Sustare, my grandfather) ; Mrs. J. E. Sistare, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Sistare, (My great grandparents?)-(?My Granddad was often refered to by the nickname "B.A.", not "B.T.") Matthews; Mrs. Hettie Miller, Chester(My Mother?) ; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Craig, Charlotte; Mrs. Harry Gossett, Monroe; Mr. and Mrs. Alger Poag, Lancaster; Jean Craig, Clarinda Craig, Charlotte.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown Sistare, Mr. and Mrs. K. S. Harper, Lancaster; Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Davis, Charlotte; Mrs. R. L.Newell, Mrs. H. E. Sistare, Sara Margaret Plyler, Louise Plyler, Chester; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Plyer, Chester; D. T. Sistare, D. L. Ferguson, O.L. Phillips, Raymond Sistare, B. F. Ayers, Charlotte, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Steele, Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Ferguson, Harold Benton (husband of Effie Married Harry Tracey Benton), Mrs. Nora McIntyre of Matthews ; Mrs . Walter Abernathy of Charlotte.

(Not in attendence,as she died in 1931-iii. Effie Adelaide Sustare,Effie Married Harry Tracey Benton. 4 children,)





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