The Virginian-Pilot

Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Va.

Mon. August 3, 1965


 B.T. Sustare,

75, Lawyer,

Ex-Car Dealer


Beverly Townsend Sustare*, 75, of Matthews, N.C., a lawyer and a former automobile dealer of Henderson and of Suffolk and Norfolk, Va., died Sunday in a hospital.

A native of Mecklenburg County, he formerly lived in Norfolk. a graduate of Wake Forest College, he received his L.L.B. degree in 1915 and had practiced law in Matthews since 1960.

He was the husband of the late Mrs. Nancy Williams Sustare and a son of Barnum A. (Alexander) and Mrs. Amanda Ferguson Sustare.

He also was a former employee of American Agriculture Chemical Co. and had operated a swimming pond in Charlotte.

He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Robert W. Sutton of Norfolk, three sons, Beverly A. Sustare of Dallas, John W. Sustare of Nashville, N.C. and George A. Sustare of Newport News, Va.; five sisters, Mrs. W.O. Benton, Mrs T.L. Garland, Mrs Claude Neal, Mrs. Reid Newell and Miss Guss Sustare,all of Matthews and 12 grandchildren.

A funeral service will be conducted in Matthews Baptist Church Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. EST. The body will be brought to H. D. Oliver Funeral Apartments, Norfofk, for a committal service in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

The obituray below was sent

to Carol Sutton in a package, June

19, 2003, from a distant cousin,

Delores Nance Grimm,

of Frederick, Maryland, who is related

to Barnum Alexander Sustare's twin

brother, James Ervin Sustar, husband

of Mary Jane "Jenny" Ferguson's, by

their daughter Martha Elizabeth "Lizzie'

Sustar, wife of Reece Clarke Steele, and

by their daughter Neelie Reid (Nealy)

Steele, wife of Frederick Caldwell Nance,

who had their daughter Delores Nance.

 The Charlotte Observer

Cherlotte, North Carolina

Sat.. August 1, 1965


 Beverly Sustare,

75, Matthews Lawyer,



Funeral services for Beverly Townsend Sustare*, 75, who had lived for the past three years with a heart "pacemaker", will be hled at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow at Matthews Baptist Church.

A graveside service will be held at 3:30p.m. Wednesday at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Norfolk, Va.

Mr. Sustare died yesterday of a liver ailment.

The Matthews lawyer underwent one of the country's first succesful heart operations of its type in 1962.

A battery-transistor, embedded in the wallof hisstomach, sent 70 electrical impulses a minute to two tiny electrodes implanted in the muscles of his heart and kept his heart beating. He was suffering for a heart blockade.

A defect was present in the nerve system that provides the electrical energy, the impulses to keep the heart beating, so surgeons introduced the miniature machine, the "pacemaker", that monitored his heart beat and provided the electrical stimulation that was missing.

The "pacemaker" was a miniature model for a larger one that worked ourside the body. The small battery ordinarily is attached to wires onthe outside of the body, and can be carried around ina pocket.

The local surgeons, however, decided that the risk of wires becoming mixed up would be considerably reduced by placing the battery inside the body.

Mr. Sustare was attached to the larger machine for nearly a month before surgery. When asked about the feeling the shock gave, he said.

"It was just like a heavy blow on the heart-like being hit with a sledge hammer. It kept up until my heart stated back to work."

On March19 1962, six weeks after the "pacemaker" was installed, Mr. Sustare left Mercy Hospital with this comment: "It feels mighty good to walk out. "

Mr. Sustare was born March 3, 1890, in Mecklenburg County, son of the late B. A. and Amanda Ferguson Sustare. He was a graduated from Wake Forest College and Recieved his LLD degree in 1913.

He was manager of the American Agricultural Chemical Co. and was an automobile dealer in Norfolk, Virginia, Suffolk, Va. and --(missing text from the xerox copy, )

Mr. Sustare practiced law in Matthews.

Mr. Sustare is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Robert W. Sutton of Norfolk, Va., three sons, Beverly A. Sustare and, George A. Sustare of Newport News, Va.;and John W. Sustare of Nashville, N.C. and five sisters, Mrs. W.O. Benton, Mrs T.L. Garland, Mrs Claude Neal, Mrs. Reid Newell and Miss Guss Sustare,all of Matthews .



*"beverly man's name"

 BEVERLY TOWNSEND SUSTARE, born Monday, March 3, 1890, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Died - Sunday,1, August, 1965, in a hospital in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. His last residence was Indian Trail,Union County,NC, U.S.A.,28105 . He was the first born child of 8 children of Barnum Alexander Sustare (1862 to 1951), (who was the identical twin of James Ervin Sustare) and Sarah Amanda Ferguson (1867 to 1962).


Beverly Townsend Sustare at age 23, married Clara Nannie "Nancy" Williams, (her age was 22), who was born on Sunday, the 29th of November in 1891, in Malvern, Arkansas or in Little Rock, Arkansas and died on Sunday, July 21, 1940, only days after her daughter's wedding of Saturday, 8 June 1940; Nancy Chester Sustare (1920-1997), in Norfolk, Norfolk County,Virginia , to Robert William Sutton (1918-1995).

I do not have the exact marriage date of Beverly and Clara Nannie, but it would be before 1914. Their first born son, Beverly Alexander Sustare was in 1914 (January 8, 1914, in Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina and died Nov. 8, 1990 in Texas.)


A second marriage after Nannie (Nancy Clara) Williams died, was to Iola ?, [15 Aug 1912 to 17 Dec 1990, source of date, ssdi, for her SSN.]which ended in divorce. No children from this 2nd marriage.


Gem_Blue.gif FURTHER EDUCATION AND LAW PRACTICE: BEVERLY TOWNSEND SUSTARE Entered WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY after leaving LENOIR COLLEGE, where he earned a degree in Law. B. T. Sustare is in the yearbook, 1913, WAKE FOREST COLLEGE; 'The Howler'. He Would Have Been A Sophomore In 1913. Wake Forest College, L.L.B. Degree In 1915 And Had Practiced Law In Matthews, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Since 1960. B.T. Sustare praciticed law in the firm of PRUITT & SUSTARE-Attorneys At Law, Hickory, North Carolina, Thomas P. Pruitt and Beverly T. Sustare -1915-1916.


Residence: Listed in the Norfolk/Portsmouth Telephone Directory of 1945-46

+ Sustare B T 918 Princess Anne Rd, Norfolk,34281

His last residence was 28105 Indian Trail, Union, North Carolina.

 Photo taken in a

photo booth, showing two close friends with shaved heads; one

unidentified and the other is Beverly T. Sustare or B.T. Sustare. Date: circa 1910 ? or before 1915.

I think they did this as a prank or as a fraternity rite; or just for some North Carolina fun.

Probably taken at either Lenoir College;where he earned a degree in Law. See page: B. T. Sustare,HACAWA 1910,LENOIR COLLEGE,HICKORY,North Carolina

or at WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY, where he earned an L L B degree in 1915.

#1. Top oval photo: Beverly "Bev" or "B.T." SUSTARE

#2. Second photo down: Unknown friend on left, and Beverly Sustare on right; both wearing hats

#3. Third photo down: Beverly Sustare on left and unidentified friend on right.

#4. Fourth photo oval, bottom: An unidentified friend of Beverly Townsend Sustare.

B.T. SUSTARE Won Silver Cup Tropies for Bird Awards:

Beverly Townsend Sustare won awards for his birds, he kept prize guinea hens and other birds, plus chickens. Carol has a silver cup about a foot tall that he won for his birds, incised "N.C. & C.C.P.A. - GREENSBORO-1923-BEST DISPLAY.", this silver cup was the property of his only daughter Nancy Chester Sutton. Carol's sister, Nancy Townsend Sutton, (Note her middle name is that of her Grandfather whom she was named after.) has a smaller silver cup that he also won as a bird award. 1923 was the year after his last son George Allan Sustare was born.


Religion- Matthews Baptist Church.


A matchbook cover advertising _"B.T. Sustare-Sales Leader- Nansemond Motors, 428 East Pinner Street, Suffolk, Virginia, Phone 5733." This is where B. T. Sustare worked selling FORD automobiles; while he held this job he rented 2 acres of land across the street from the auto dealership in order to grow his vegetable garden in that earth. Granddaddy Sustare's green thumb grew corn, peas, beans, tomatoes, squash and pumpkins. His body was in the salesroom, but at lunch, before work and after work, he was in the garden, and that was where his heart was. I think my own love and gardening and my green thumb are inherited from my sweet Grandad Sustare.CLS


Beverly T. Sustare was manager of the American Agricultural Chemical Co. He had vast knowledge of the growth of plants.

Here is a sample of my Green Thumb Grandpa Sustare, in the form of a letter written to his daughter, Chester Sustare Sutton.

Printed in upper corner on outside of envelop:

P.O. BOX 445
MATTHEWS, N.C. 28105

Postmark reads: a circle with the words:

'M A T T H E W S" in the upper curve of the circle and "N. C." in the bottom inside the circle and the date: Jan 24 PM 1964

To (handwritten in blue ink)

Mrs. Robt. W. Sutton
7601 Gleneagles Road
Norfolk, 5, Va. 23505

Quoted: " Wednesday,

Dear Chester,

You surely have been having fun - living room ceiling coming down, pilling hot coffee and then your thumb acting up. That should take care of your troubles for a whilte..

I am glad the fig tree stood the moving so well and that the magnolia will pull through. I hope the fig tree that I put out will at least spout out from the roots, but it is about time for sprouts to show if they are ever coming out. it is a Texas everbearing, a large pretty fig.

My tomatoes are really growing. A lot of big green ones on the early planted row - but none ripe. The should begin to riopenin about two weeks.

I am anxious for you to come for a visit - Carol and Bobby too if they can come. But I don't want you to drive until your thumb is well enough for safe driving. Then the 4th of July wek end would be bad traffic wise unless you can come on Thursday ahead of the 4th week end nuts. Maybe you can do that and stay until at least Tuesday before starting back. I would like for you to stay mucn longer if you can. Let me know when -

I still have your wash pot and will take it (to ) you when I go again unless you can carry it abck when you come. I want to run over to Nashville before Nancy leaves, but I can go over there sometime in the middle of the week.
Take good care of yourself and say Hello! to all the family - and Micky -for me. I will be looking for you soon -

Love, Pappy

Get your Bible and read Proverbs -Chapter 26, Verse 17."


 Beverly Townsend Sustare, master gardener and growerBeverly Townsend Sustare standing in a garden., date: circa 1950?

This looks like a tobacco field to me. I don't think that Grand dad Sustare grew tobacco; he mainly grew vegetables, grew corn, peas, beans, tomatoes of all sorts , including heritage varieties of tomatoes, squash and pumpkins.

Grandaddy Sustare included a little side note include in the letter to the left: on a commercial stationary pad:




IN the Birthplace of American Mutual Insurance"

 Mrs. G. C. Lee of Hopkins County, Texas,
 put a strip of white cloth about 10 inches
 wide and 1 1/2 yards long across the top of
 each tree. And she says that some people put
 netting, such as cheese closth
 ( or tabacco bed cloth) over the trees."


Beverly T. Sustare, NC & CCPA Greensboro 1923 silver cup award'Best Display'beverly_sustare_1923_ccpa.jpg

Beverly T. Sustare, CCPA, Poultry AWARD, North Carolina, 1923

Description; Sliver Cup Award: 'N.C. &. C.C.P.A. Greensboro, 1923, Best Display' Poultry, for his for his prize Chickens and other birds. C.C.P.A. Is Carolinas? Poultry Association. Grandpa B.T. Sustare not only raised excellent poultry and birds, but liked to farm, and grew amazing bountiful tasty and large tomatoes and other vegetables. This prize shows he also had a flair of the design asthetics as well as the birds themselves, as it is for ;'BEST DISPLAY'. Hobbies: Raising Prize Chickens And Hens/won Silver Tropies For These/green Thumb -Superb Gardener/farming/. Beverly Townsend Sustare occupation in 936: November 25, 1936: The American Agricultural Chemical Company, Box 200, Berkley Sts. Norfolk, Virginia. And: 1942 :Employer: Amer. Agricultural Chemical Co.'Place Of Employment: P.O. Box 200, Berkeley Station, Norfolk, VA( Source for this information: his: Draft Card WWII). The desk sign is probably from his law office: 'Beverly T. Sustare'. Notes by Carol Lorraine Sutton, March 4, 2007, Sunday. Photo by same taken the day before, March 3, 2007.

Location: North Carolina

Date: 1923

Also posted on -Copyright © 2007


------ * * * * * -------

My SUSTARE line of decent----is:Brief Chart:

The name Sistaire could be of from the city of Genoa, now in Italy, which was a major shipbuilding center, as the name Sistaire is not a usual Spanish name, even though the family came from the port city of Barcelona, Spain.

Don Gabriel Sistare---Marie Mityavila (listed as Mityavila? in New London, Connecticut infomation)
Captain Lazaro José Gabriel Sistare--(from Barcelona, Spain to New London, Connecticut)-Elizabeth Beebe (2nd wife)
(1st wife was Maria Franccesca Molas)
John Thomas Sistare(youngest son)*--Mary Gwendolyn Outen of South Carolina, U.S.A.
James Hiram Richardson Sistare (twin) --Holly Elizabeth Hemby(5 children)
Barnum Alexander Sustare---Sarah Amanda Ferguson
Beverly Townsend Sustare--Nannie Clara Williams
Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton--Robert William Sutton
Nancy Townsend Sutton, Carol Lorraine Sutton, (me), 2nd child of 3 children--married André Joseph Lucien Fauteux; and had 2 children:
i.Viva-Laura Claire Sutton-Fauteux and
ii.Yale Quentin Sutton-Fauteux
and Robert Porter Sutton, married Donna Crigger and had 2 children:
i. Amy Elizabeth Sutton
ii. Eric Townsend Sutton

----- * * * * * -----

Be sure to see these pages:pagelinks.gif

Chrestonian Literary Society, Lenoir College, Hickory N.C.{B.T. SUSTARE was a member}


B. T. Sustare,HACAWA 1910,LENOIR COLLEGE,HICKORY,North Carolina-




i.. BEVERLY TOWNSEND SUSTARE, born March 3, 1890, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, near the city of Charlotte, N.C. Died-1, August, 1965.

Beverly Townsend Sustare Memorial Obituary, my maternal grandfather, August 3, 1965

My Grandparents. Married to Nannie Clara Williams, (family bible as reference, page 8),born 29, November, 1891. died of cancer at age 49, 21, July, 1940, just five weeks after the marriage of her daughter Nancy Chester Sustare to Robert William Sutton. Nannie Clara Williams was the daughter of William Wright Williams,born 16 Dec, 1867 in Malvern, Arkansas; died 19 June, 1938 in Greensboro, North Carolina and married Lula Estelle Boatwright(family bible as reference, page 8) on June 31, 1938 in Greensboro, N.C; born 7, Feb, 1872, in Mecklenburg, North Carolina; died14, September 1954, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

A second marriage after Nannie (Nancy Clara) Williams, was to Iola ?on Maiden name, born 15 August 1912, and died 17 Dec 1990, probably in North Carolina, the issuing state of her SSN, issued before 1962, listed as Iola Sustare for SSN; which ended in divorce. No children from this 2nd marriage.Marlon Sustaire has entered BEVERLY TOWNSEND SUSTARE into his web site and listed his name in Gedpage.


ii. Minnie Ethel Sustare,born 25, August, 1891,in North Carolina;Minnie Ethel married Wilton Oscar Benton. 2 children: i. Lois Amanda Benton.ii.Harold Wilton Benton.

Listed as -Mrs. W.O. Benton--(source = obituary of Beverly Townsend Sustare, The Virginian-Pilot/Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Va.,Mon. August 3, 1965,Memorial,B.T. Sustare,75)

iii. Effie (Evelyn?) Adelaide Sustare,born 31, January, 1894, died 3 ,March, 1931;Effie Married Harry Tracey Benton.T03710.jpg - DNA image

4 children: i.Mabel Sally Louise Benton,ii.Carrie Mat Lee Benton,iii. Bruce McDonald Benton,iv.Dorothy Amanda Benton.

Note: found in letter, dated Aug.11,1969, from (Carol's Great -aunt Mildred , (Mrs. William Wright Williams Jr., of 1096 West 4th St, Winston-Salem, N.C. a cut-out from newspaper advertisement that has a picture of "Mrs. Evelyn Benton, Decorator", for Pfaff's inc. (paint-wallpaper-glass)

iv. Verla Edith Sustare, born 24, August, 1896, in North Carolina; Verla married Quitman Cornwall. 1 child,died at birth:i.

v.Annie Lou Sustare, born 24, February, 1899 in North Carolina.Annie married Thomas Lee Garland, born May 8, 1927. 2 children: i.Frances LaMarr Garland & ii.John Barnum Garland.P. O. Box 295, Matthews, NC, 28105

vi. Zelda Jane Sustare, born 8, October, 1902, in North Carolina. Zelda married Claude Llewelyn Neal. 5 children: i.Claude Alexander Neal.ii.Troy Neal.iiiBeverly Lee Neal.iv. Frank Neal.v.Edwin Neal-P.O. Box 273, Matthews, NC,28105

vii. Gussie (Augusta) Lee Sustare, born 19 May, 1905, in North Carolina. Gussie married T.C. Thornton. (no children.)

viii.Bonnie M. Sustare, born 30, Dec., 1909. ??Blue booklet 'Descendants of Gabriel Sustare' lists h.Bonnie Elizabeth Sustare, born 30 December, 1908.??

Bonnie, married Reid Newell (no children),Mrs. Reid Newell (source = obituary of Beverly Townsend Sustare, The Virginian-Pilot/Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Va.,Mon. August 3, 1965,Memorial,B.T. Sustare,75, Lawyer, Ex-Car Dealer) Newell Sustare,733 Plattn Est Dr C211, Matthews, NC, 28105-1335

#1. Credit goes to my sister, Nancy Townsend Sutton Nowlan, of Suffolk, Virginia, who is the one in my family with the real knowledge
of geneology and the primary record keeper. It is from Nancy that I got this information. Nancy is the Geneology Expert in the family.
Nancy made a 5 generation chart for me and gave me other addition genelogical material. C.S.
Nancy Townsend Sutton Nowlan, of 5999 Bennett's Creek, Suffolk, Virginia,USA,23435.
#2. BOOKS or paper
A related booklet flatbook.gif- Descendants of Gabriel Sustare,
Publisher- JULY 1, 1967
#3. A related Newspaper Articles magazine.gif-Matthews history lesson - Sustare's Pool,
an institution since 1925, was and still is the largest swimming pool in Mecklenburg County, page 2, August 9, 1990
Author _ Suzanne Gulley - Executive Editor
Publisher- The Matthews News


BEVERLY TOWNSEND SUSTARE, born March 3, 1890, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Died-1, August, 1965. [Obituary Memorial see above.]
Married to Nannie Clara Williams, (family bible as reference, page 8),
Beverly Sustare then married a second time to: Iola Harmon, born 15 August, 1912, died 18 November 1990. Listed as Iola Sustare in source of dates = Social Security Death Index Search Results.
Beverly Townsend Sustare and Nannie (Nancy?) Clara Williams SUSTARE-- had
4 SUSTARE children; they were:

i. Beverly Alexander Sustare *,of Florida and Texas, born 8, January 1914 , died - 18 November 1990; married Suzette Talcott Denniston, born 10 Dec. 1915 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. And died November 18, 1980, in Riverview, Hillsborough, Florida, USA.
 [*as per 1999, and 2013  information from his son Dennis Sustare; my first cousin. I had thought his middle name was 'Allen' but Dennis wrote me that it was 'Alexander', Now corrected.]
ii .John Williams Sustare, of Nashville, North Carolina, born 10, January 1917, died - 11 July, 1991; married Myrtice Virginia "Juny" Hayes
iii. Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton (3rd born) born November 17, 1920 in Greensboro, North Carolina , has many relatives in Matthews. N.C., but Mamma was not born in Matthews, site of Sustare family Swimming Pool business.), died May 13, 1997 and sister to:
iv. George Allan Sustare, born in Greensboro, North Carolina, On 10, Nov. 1922. 4th child and 3rd son of Beverly Townsend Sustare and Nancy Clara Williams. Died: after 1997.
Beverly Sustare and sons George Allen Sustare and John Williams Sustare, Greensboro, N.C.

Three Sustare brothers


Place: Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina,

Date: after 1932

Standing on right with paler suit color: Beverly Alexander Sustare,

i. Beverly   Alexander Sustare,of Florida and Texas, born 8, January 1914 , died - 18 November 1990; married Suzette Talcott Denniston, b. 10 Dec. 1915, in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  d. November 1980 in Florida or Texas.


Sitting in arm chair and reading is: John Williams Sustare -

ii.John Williams Sustare, of Nashville, North Carolina, born 10, January 1917, died - 11 July, 1991; married Myrtice Virginia "Juny" Hayes


I think the - Younger man leaning over arm chair, dressed in a dark suit, is  George Allan Sustare. 

iv.George Allan Sustare, born in Greensboro, North Carolina, On 10, Nov. 1922. 4th child and 3rd son of Beverly Townsend Sustare and Nancy Clara Williams. Died: after 1997.

Sustare Maternal Line:

Main Sustare LEAD

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, born in Greensboro, North Carolina,


I am redoing this site a bit at a time cls



Sustare side, family tree of Carol L.,descendent of Captain Gabriel Sistare of Barcelona, Spain_

Nancy Chester Sustare

Obituaries of Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, wedding article and photos -

Father of Nancy Chester Sustare is Beverly Townsend Sustare, who married Clara Nannie "Nancy" Williams, born in Arkansas

Beverly Townsend Sustare Memorial Obituary, my maternal grandfather, August 3, 1965


Chrestonian Literary Society, Lenoir College, Hickory N.C.{B.T. SUSTARE was a member}


B. T. Sustare,HACAWA 1910,LENOIR COLLEGE,HICKORY,North Carolina-

+ Nannie Williams line includes; Clem family from Arkansas

Gem_Yellow.gifDelilah Gibbs Clem, or Arkansas and GIBBS/ WILLIAMS/ CLEM line

Children of Beverly Townsend Sustare

George Allen, Nancy Chester, John W., Beverly Sustare


Sustare Uncles and First Cousins and Contact Information

Parents of Beverly Townsend Sustare are Barnum Alexander Sustare & Sarah Amanda Ferguson. Barnum and James were twins.

3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifBarnum Alexander Sustare+wife Sarah Amanda Ferguson,his twin James Ervin Sistar+Mary Jane Fergerson


3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifFerguson family mini descendant charts for my Sustare family side genealogy-


James and Barnum Sustare Twins, (James on left, Barnum on right)-

Barnum Sustare and James Sustar, twins were sons of Holly Hmeby & James Hiram Richardson Sistare; who was killed in the American Civil War. My relatives fought on both Union and Confederate sides.

Holly Elizabeth Hemby


My Civil War Family, both on the Union side and on the CSA side: both Yankees and Confederates:

Early Connecticut Sistare Information + Holt & Outen family

 Public Records of Connecticut concerning Sistaire or Sistare, May 1773,


History of New London, Connecticut concerning Sistare and Sustare and Geneology Chart + Holt + Outen

Early Sustare - Sistare Reunions 1937 + Decent Charts

1937-Reunion Of Sustare Family Held Sunday, Meckelenburg Times


Sustare (Sistare)genealogy, mini descedant charts for Sustare family, Outen family, Beebe family

Fauteux Side Ferguson's:

3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifClan Ferguson Family History/2 lines, Alexander Ferguson,born 1789 and Joseph Ferguson,born about 1730


Fauteux genealogy,Andre,Hervey,Edmond,Camille, connects to FERGUSON'S

11 Generation LINE of Andre Joseph Lucien Fauteux: CANADA - SCOTLAND




Robert William Sutton



Sutton side,my Father's side - family tree of Carol Lorraine Sutton

,descendent of Cornelius Sutton; also Thaddeus S. Sutton and Martha J. Norman


Williams Family from Hot Springs, Arkansas and North Carolina


Nannie Clair Williams as young woman (right) & unknown lady (left)


Sgt. Chester Clay Willimas, died World War I in France


Nannie Clair Williams Sustare & daughter Chester Sustare


WILLIAMS & SUSTARE family of North Carolina, group family portrait

Nannie Clara Williams Sustare oval portrait ARK

Delilah Gibbs Clem, or Arkansas and GIBBS/ WILLIAMS/ CLEM line -Delilah Gibbs -married twice: first to: James G3 Mason CLEM Sr.,-second to: David Andrew Williams; mother of ten children

Delilah Gibbs Clem Williams, her face,


Gem_Yellow.gifDelilah Gibbs Clem, or Arkansas and GIBBS/ WILLIAMS/ CLEM line

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