Map showing Dakota Territories and Unorganized Territories that became North and South Dakota in 1860.

Thaddeus S. Sutton (7) (George 6, Rachael Davis 5, William 4 ,T. William 3, John 2, William1)

born 7, February 1844, died 30, October 1906 on his homestead, Garrison, McLean County, North Dakota. Garrison is in pale blue section on West side. Thaddeus lived the last thirteen years of his life with his family on their homestead in McLean Co. in what is now Garrison, which is West of Bismark.

The family lived in New Milton District (D) until 1893, then in Salem, West Virginia, until they took up their homestead in North Dakota. (page 248 of Davis book)


Land purchase: {Bureau of Land Management records:

1909, 180 Acres in North Dakota/ IOWA; 1500N 0850W 005 160 {Section 005);

Meridians 05-5th Principal Meridian -- located in the eastern part of Iowa-

Land Patent # 251101-PA{Patent} 43916

NOTE: see his brother, Charles F. SUTTON, as well for land data.

via: USGENWEB records online


CENSUS of 1910- Location McLean, Douglas Township, ND 272 Section; Name: Sutton John W. husband/North Dakota; Has His Wife A Mary L. J. Or T.; place of birth of Father:West Virginai, Mom same; 25 May 1910, age as 43, and wife Mary L. as age 42.

NOTE: his mother , Martha J. NORMAN, who had ten children, also had land in ND or IOWA.

LAND BLM RECORDS:{Bureau of Land Management records:


---- -------- --- ----- ------- ------- ---- -------- ----- ----

SUTTON MARTHA J 05 1500N 0850W 005 160 251101 PA 4085 02/27/1908 


via: USGENWEB records online:McLean Co, ND, BLM records/LAND

NEW: Decendents of Thaddeus and Martha SUTTON still live in North Dakota:


3dbullit.gifviii. Minnie M. Sutton, {Is the middle initial M. for Martha??}

My GG Aunt -Much progress recently made here by an unexpected email from a distant cousin related to Minnie; Karla LEE.

INFORMATION, 2002, via my newfound cousin who turns out to be the grandaughter of Minnie M. Sutton, Karla LEE, we corrospond by email beginning on Thursday, April 25, 2002 .

Karla Lee <>

Also known as: Went By The Name Of : Minnie MORRIS {Karla LEE}

Also known as: Herbert Raymond Grose , Has Her Listed As Minnie Sutten, On His SSDI Application In Minneapolis, Minnesota

Name notes: the M. could be for Martha, her mother's name, Martha J. NORMAN.

Born:3, May 1880,New Milton Dist. (Doddridge County), West Virginia

Died: 15, October 1967, Minot, Ward County, North Dakota, U.S.A., 58702, age 87; buried on 21 Oct, 1967, Rosehill Cemetary, In Minot, North Dakota, 700 11th Avenue SE, Minot, Ward County, North Dakota.

Married twice:

First marriage to: Fred Raymond GROSE, son of George GROSE and Fannie.

Married : when August 16, 1900, in Harrison County, West Virginia.

Quote: "They were married on August 16, 1900 in Salem, WV. Minnie was 20 years old and Fred was 18. Minnie's parents were not listed on the license but it did confirm what I had thought, that Minnie's maiden name was Sutton. I know her father was Thaddeus and her mother's name was Martha. I also know that they moved from Salem, West Virginia to the McLean County area of North Dakota. I'm thinking we got ourselves a match! ". Karla LEE

They had one child, Fred and Minnie's child:

Herbert Raymond Grose, born:30 Dec 1902, Salem, Harrison County, West Virginia, died: Jun 1975, in Ryder, North Dakota, buried: McKinney Cemetery, Renville County, North Dakota, SSDI application from Minnesota, where he worked in 1937. "-working temporarily in Minnesota and must have needed a social security number for his job. " Karla LEE.


Second marriage: George MORRIS, born 1869, in Illinois, U.S.A., both of George's parents were born in England, U.K.

Married: 1905, in Garrison, McLean County, North Dakota

Their 5 children; George and Minnie MORRIS:

1. Clarence J. MORRIS, born: 18 Oct 1907, died: May 1987. Of: Sheyenne Township, Eddy County, North Dakota, 58374 {based on SSDI} Clarence J. is listed in 1920 Census: age 12, in Douglas, North Dakota

{via Latter Day Saints website}

2. Charles MORRIS, born : 24 Feb 1909, died: June, 1978. Of: Douglas, Ward County, North Dakota. Charles is listed in 1920 Census: age 10, in Douglas, North Dakota; his mom age 37, and father George age, 51.

Social Security Number:  501-38-8340 

   State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  North Dakota

{Source: Latter Day Saints website:}

3. Rose Lee MORRIS, born : 1912, in Garrison, McLean County, North Dakota, USA, alive after 2002. {would be age 90} Married :Alfred KRUEGER. Rose is listed in 1920 Census: age 8, in Douglas, North Dakota

4. May MORRIS, or Mae MORRIS,Born: 1913, North Dakota, Married: Arthur KNUDTSON, of Makoti, Ward County, North Dakota.

1920 census: age 7, ND

5. Bessie MORRIS, born circa 1900, in Minot, North Dakota, USA? , who married Mr. Kraft of Ryder, Ward County, North Dakota, 58779.

{Note: Minnie's younger sister was also named : Bessie.}


3dbullit.gifNOTICE THE SWITCH of name NAMES:

On Minnie's social security application, dated May 26, 1966, she uses the name Minnie Morris. Her father is listed as Thatius Morris and her mother is listed as Martha Sutton of Salem, West Virginia.

_ _ _ _ _ _

"After looking at your website, I am wondering if the person who typed up the application was in error putting Thatius' last name as Morris because that was Minnie's current last name. "{cls-a very smart guess} Karla LEE


Quote from 2nd email:, dated: April 26, 2002,

"I have not looked into the family of George Morris as he would be my step-great grandfather. I have been concentrating on my grandfather, Herbert Grose, and his parents. I believe George Morris lived in North Dakota and met Minnie after she moved here to live with her parents. One note of interest though, George and Minnie had a daughter they named Bessie. "

Minnie SUTTON died in Minot, North Dakota




First email exchange: ******

First message:

Thursday, April 25, 2002 11:30 PM



I just came across your website regarding Thaddeus and Martha Sutton. I found it very interesting and I am hoping to find a link. Very little was known about my maternal grandfather's family. I have just recently received the social security applications of my grandfather and his mother in hopes of getting some information.

Now, this is the part that is confusing!

My grandfather's name was Herbert Raymond Grose. On his application he listed his mother's maiden name as Minnie Sutton. Minnie had been married to Fred Raymond Grose. My grandfather and his mother listed Salem, West Virginia as their birthplace.

Fred Grose died when my grandfather was approximately 3 months old. Minnie then moved with her infant son to North Dakota to live with her parents. She then married a man named George Morris.

On Minnie's social security application, dated May 26, 1966, she uses the name Minnie Morris. Her father is listed as Thatius Morris and her mother is listed as Martha Sutton of Salem, West Virginia.

After looking at your website, I am wondering if the person who typed up the application was in error putting Thatius' last name as Morris because that was Minnie's current last name. {cls-a very smart guess}

I do have Minnie's birth date listed as February 26, 1880.

A copy of Fred Grose and Minnie's marriage certificate is being mailed to me now, and perhaps that will give me more information.

Do you know when Thaddeus moved to North Dakota? You noted they lived in Garrison, McLean County. My grandfather Herbert also was raised in Garrison and met his wife there.

I haven't been working on my family tree that long so I could be way off base here, but I just thought some of the facts were so similar that I would email you. I do know that first thing Friday I will be ordering a copy of Minnie's death certificate in hopes of confirming her parents' names!

Karla Lee

relationship added on by C. L. SUTTON - [Maternal Great- granddaughter of Fred Raymond GROSE [1882-1903] and Minnie M. SUTTON [1880-1967];

Granddaughter of Herbert Raymond GROSE, 1902-1975, and Minnie Contance STRANGELAND, who died in 1960.

Daughter of Donald Duane LEE, and Shirley, GROSE.]


Karla LEE sent me the 1920 census data.

Both my cousing Karla LEE, and myself, Carol L. Sutton, are members of the new Sutton/Davis website.

A site by Timothy Sutton, a descendant of a son of George J. Sutton;

.Israel Sutton, (533)b.3,August,1838; married Elizabeth E. Husk; married Izerlyn Gum.Died 10, Feb. 1888, Doddridge County, WV.Israel married Elizabeth Jane Husk, born 1842, died 24 Nov.,1879(D),(d/o T. U N.A. Husk). Israel married 2nd time on 13, June 1880 (D) Iserlyn Gum.Their 8 SUTTON children:

i.Wesley Sutton
ii.Mary Alice Sutton
iii. Ella D. Sutton
iv. George W. Sutton
v.Elijah Sutton
vi. Edward Sutton
vii. Nancy Ann Sutton
viii. Harley Sutton

5. Isreal D. Sutton,

Buried: Seventh Day Baptist, Blandville, Doddridge County, West Virginia



There is a New & Private Sutton/Davis Family Web Page where family members are sharing files, info, photos and family news!

Title; Sutton & Davis Family History in West Virginia

This web page is not available thru regular internet searches and is an "invitation only" website. For an invitation to the website and to view our Family History from England to New Jersey and from New Jersey to West Virginia and beyond, including our heritage in the Seventh Day Baptist Church contact:

Any one of us can send you an invitation. This is a private, invitation only site, so any information you post on the site is available only to family members. You will be prompted to fill in a short profile to introduce yourself. This is not a requirement but a courtesy to introduce yourself to other family members.

Warmest Regards,

Timothy Sutton - site founder. Email me, Carol Sutton if interested to join. See my email at the bottom of this page.

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A related book flatbook.gif- DAVIS-The Settlers of Salem, West Virginia- (Their Ancestors and Some of Their Descendants) (Settled 1792-Chartered 1794) Bicentennial Edition.
by Walter W. Nicholson and Susie Davis Nicholson
Publisher- The Salem Seventh Day Baptist Church, 1992
Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 91-77804, Clothbound
+ Index of same title that is Paperbound



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Robert William Sutton



Sutton side,my Father's side - family tree of Carol Lorraine Sutton

,descendent of Cornelius Sutton; also Thaddeus S. Sutton and Martha J. Norman

ALL LINKS ARE NEW as of August 2009 new3.gif




of my SUTTON paternal family:Sutton side, family tree of Carol L.,descendent of Thaddeus S. Sutton and Martha J. Norman

Thadeus Sutton[1844-1906] and Martha J. Norman[1847-1921] - My Great- Great-Grandparents


Thaddeus S. Sutton --Martha J. Norman ( 10 children)-My Great- Great-Grandparents

SUTTON LINE: Thaddeus S. Sutton (4), (George J. Sutton (3), John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton (1) &

NORMAN LINE: Martha J. Norman (6), Seymore Norman (5) , James Norman Sr.( 4) [& Mary Nedley], John Norman (3 [& Lydia Brown], James Norman (2), {& unknown wife] England, James Norman (1) (abt 1678, Holbrook, Duffield, Derby, England,


Dakota Territories that became North and South Dakota-1860


Distribution of SUTTON surname on 1850 & 1880 US Census Map

Cornelius Sutton - Elizabeth Applegate, (11 children) My 5th Great-Grandparents

John N. Sutton - Rachel Davis (12 children) My 4th Great-Grandparents

George J. Sutton -- Eleanor Davis (George had 10 children) My 3rd Great-Grandparents

Thaddeus S. Sutton --Martha J. Norman ( 10 children)-My Great- Great-Grandparents

James E. Sutton, ("Mack")---Alvertie M. Queen. My Great-Grandparents

Porter Odry Sutton--Margaret Lorine Crocker-My -Grandparents

Robert William Sutton--Nancy Chester Sustare- My parents

Twelve Children of my GreatGGG Grandfather John N. Sutton & my GreatGGG Grandmother Rachel Davis & their grandchildren are listed on this page.

SUTTON LINE: John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton Sr. (1) &

DAVIS LINE: Rachael Davis 5, William 4 ,T. William 3, John 2, William1)

John N.Sutton,Rachel Davis & children data by Carol L.Sutton

The generation prior to Thaddeus Sutton

George Johnson Sutton [1808-1845], who married Eleanor Davis [1812-1892] had 11 children, parents of Thadeus Sutton[1844-1906] -My 3rd Great-Grandparents

SUTTON LINE: George J. Sutton (3), John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton Sr. (1) &

DAVIS LINE: Eleanor Davis (6) (, Rachael Davis 5, William 4 ,T. William 3, John 2, William1)

George J. Sutton, 1808-1845,married 1830 to Eleanor Davis,1812-1892,in Harrison Country, Salem, West Virginia.

James Edward Sutton, ("Mack") [1869-1954] & Alvertie M. Queen [1873-1959] My Great-Grandparents

SUTTON LINE: James Edward Sutton, ("Mack") 5, Thaddeus S. Sutton (4), George J. Sutton (3), John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton (1) &

QUEEN LINE: Alvertie M. Queen (6) , James Pritchard Queen (5) & Angeline Bean, William Burrell Queen (4) & Sarah Catherine Pritchard , Levi Queen (3)& Catherine Coburn , Charles W. Queen Jr.(2) & Mary Haley, Charles Queen or MacQueen 1, {1)


Second page: James E. Mack Sutton & Alvertie Queen + ,Porter Odry Sutton & Margaret Lorine Crocker; + Robert W. Sutton and Chester Sustare

Porter Odry Sutton [1896-1962] & Margaret Lorine Croker [1898-1930] My Grandparents & parents of Robert William Sutton

SUTTON LINE: Porter Odry Sutton 6, James Edward Sutton, ("Mack") (5), Thaddeus S. Sutton (4), George J. Sutton (3), John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton (1) &

CROCKER LINE: Margaret Lorine Croker 3, Rufus Webb Crocker, Captain 2, Capt. David Crocker or Croker 1

Newspaper Article- P. O. Sutton, Engineer, Also Interior Decorator, July 8, 1959, my paternal grandfather-


Memories and genealogy notes on Porter Odry Sutton, my paternal grandfather-at:


Father Robert William Sutton [1918-1995] , who married Nancy Chester Sustare [1920-1997]

Obituaries- Robert William Sutton, "Red" or "Bob" 76, of Norfolk, an industralist, died Monday, February 13, 1995

SUTTON LINE: Robert William Sutton 7, Porter Odry Sutton (6), James Edward Sutton, ("Mack") (5), Thaddeus S. Sutton (4), George J. Sutton (3), John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton (1) &

SUSTARE LINE (Sistare): Nancy Chester Sustare 7, Beverly T. Sutstare (6) & Clara Nannie Williams, Barnum Alexander Sustare (5) & Sarah Amanda Ferguson , James Hiram Richardson Sustare (4) & Holly Elizabeth Hemby, John Thomas Sistare (3) & Mary Gwendolyn "Polly" Outen, Captain Lazaro Jose Gabriel Sustare Jr. (2) & Elizabeth Beebe, Don Gabriel Sistare Sr. (1) & Marie Mitzavila or Mityavila, from Spain.


Virginia National Bank/News Release on Photographic Exhibition of Robert William Sutton's Portfolio,February 28,1979

WAY BACK WHEN: Cornelius Sutton Sr. [1750-1850] , who married Elizabeth Applegate [1758-1789]; parents of John N. Sutton [1785-1857], who married Rachel (Ruth) Davis [1792-1853], who were parents of George Johnson Sutton. Mystery man CORNELIUS SUTTON BY CAROL SUTTON-


Sutton family buried in Blandville,Doddridge Co.,WV Cemetery, Middle Island 7th Day Baptist

Sustare Maternal Line:

Main Sustare LEAD

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, born in Greensboro, North Carolina,

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