Barnum Alexander Sustare & wife Sarah Amanda Ferguson

+ his twin brother James Ervin Sistar & his wife Mary Jane Ferguson

by Carol Lorraine Sutton

daugher of Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton



Photography credit: Aufenger Studios, Norfolk, Virginia, made probably when they were visiting their son Beverly Townsend Sustare who lived in Norfolk, Virginia, which could have been made at the time of Barnum's great granddaughter's wedding, Nancy Chester Sutton, marrying Robert William Sutton , on June 8, 1940, which would have made him age 78 at that time and Sarah would have been age 73.


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grave stone: Sarah Amanda Feguson, Mount Harmony Cemetery, NC-credit: Jane Howard



AUGUST 21, 1867 - JUNE 14, 1982

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Surname choice and use of each identical twin brother.

Each of the twin sons, Barnum and Ervin, may have chosen to spell their last name different from each other so that they could establish a more separate identity. Barnum Alexander chose or used the surname Sustare, but his identical twin brother Ervin Alexander chose or used the surname Sustar. Carol Lorraine Sutton.

TWO IDENTICAL TWIN SUSTARE BROTHERS WHO BOTH MARRIED FERGUSON SISTERS, both daughters of James Ranson Ferguson and Martha Ellen Williams, are sons of James Hiram Sistare and his wife Holly Elizabeth Hemby. click on small picture at left to go to their page.

ON LEFT is James Ervin Sustar, b: 1-10-1862, Lancaster County, SC, d: 8-15-1931, age 68, NORTH CAROLINA, married when ? to Ferguson sister, Mary Jane Ferguson, b: 1856, d. 1959, age 93. they had 9 children.(no photograph of these two available at this time.)

ON RIGHT is Barnum Alexander Sustare, b: 1-10-1862, Lancaster County, SC, d: 3-13-1951, age 89 NORTH CAROLINA, married Ferguson sister ,Sarah Amanda Ferguson., b:21 Aug 1867, d. 14 Jun 1962, age 95, Mt. Harmony, Matthews, Mecklenburg Co, NC, 28104. Barnum Sustare and Sarah Ferguson had 8 children. Barnum is the one who built the Sustare Swimming Pool in Matthews, NC in 1925.

The 9 children of James(on left) and Mary:
i.Nellie Belle Sustar, b. 3 Mar 1890, note same day as first child of Barnum.
ii.Hiram Richardson Sustar, b. 28 Aug 1891, d. Sep 94
iii.Brice Hadden Sustar,b. 21 Aug 1893
iv.Lewis Jefferson Sustar, b. 2 Aug 1895
v.Martha Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sustar, b.30 Jan 1897
vi. Brinnie Cleo Sustar, b. 30 Mar 1900
vii.Dollie Opal Sustar, b. 22 Feb 1903
viii. Taylor Hasseltine Sustar, b. 6 Jan 1905
ix. Myrtle Rachel Sustar, b. 27 Jan 1907,d. 22 Feb 1995
Amazing fact, the first born child of each identical twin Sustare/ or Sustar, who each married a sister from the same family (Ferguson) was born on the exact same day and year.
James Ervin Sustar and Mary Jane Ferguson, first born child, Neelie Belle Sustar was born on March 3, 1890. Barnum and Sarah married on unknown date?, in Matthews,Mecklenburg County, North Carolina ?, their first born child Neelie Belle would have had to have been concieved in November of 1889 in order to be born on March 3, 1890.
Barnum Alexander Sustare and Sarah Amanda Ferguson, first born child, Beverly Townsend Sustare was born on March 3, 1890.
Barnum and Sarah married on April 25, 1889, in Matthews,Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, their first born child Beverly Townsend would have had to have been concieved eight months after the marriage date in November of 1889 in order to be born on March 3, 1890.
The 8 children of Barnum(on right) and Sarah:
i.Beverly Townsend Sustare, b. 3 Mar 1890, d.1 Aug 1965
ii.Minnie Ethel Sustare, b. 25 Aug 1891,
iii."Effie" Evelyn Adelaide Sustare, b.31 Jan 1894, d.3 Mar 1931
iv.Verla Edith Sustare, b.24 Aug 1896
v. Annie Lou Sustare, b. 24 Feb 1899
vi. Zelda Jane Sustare, b. 8 Oct 1902
vii. Gussie" Augusta Lee Sustare, b. 19 May 1905
viii. Bonnie M. "Eliza" Sustare, b. 30 Dec 1909





JANUARY 10, 1862 to MARCH 13, 1951

with Masonic Symbol


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This photograph of the twin brothers appears to be taken about 1882, either in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, where they settled or in Lancaster, South Carolina, where they were born, when they were age 20.

Sarah Amanda Ferguson and Nancy Chester Sustare

Sarah Amanda Ferguson b:21 Aug 1867, d. 14 Jun 1962, age 95.

Holding her granddaughter wearing a 'Little Red Riding Hood" Cape, Nancy Chester Sustare, about age 4 or 5.

Photo date about 1925.


Nancy Chester Sustare, age 4 or 5.

Standing on the porch of : 625 Summit Ave, Greensboro, NC 27405, USA.



I learn today, June 17, 2007, via a satellite image; that I lived less than a mile away from where my Grandparents and my mother lived in the 1930's. I used to live at the following address for about 3 years and today- that address is: Current: 601 N Church St,Greensboro, NC 27401,USA, near Fisher Park, while a Masters Degree student at UNCG.

My Mother and her parents, my Grandparents (Beverly T. Sustare and Nannie Clara Williams) were not far from where I lived in Greensboro in 1967 to 1970, but I did not know the address, nor have the census data, otherwise I would have gone to see the house where they lived before they migrated to Norfolk, Virginia.
From census data: USA CENSUS; 1930: 22 Apr 1930,
15th CENSUS, Source Citation: Year: 1930; Exact date: 22 Apr 1930, Census Place:Greensboro, NC; Roll: 1694; Page: 30B; Enumeration District: 12; Image: 724.0.:
listed in error as; Sustaw instead of Sustare.
Name: B L Sustaw, Occupation: Agent; Real Estate; (This would be Beverly T. Sustare

Name: B L Sustaw, Age 40, Nannie W Sustaw, 38 (This is Nannie Williams Sustare, age 38 and mother of four children, three sons and an only daughter, Chester Sustare (Nancy Chester Sustare, my Mother.)

Beverly A Sustaw, 16, John W Sustaw, 13, Chester Sustaw 9, George Sustaw 7- at 625 Summit, Gilmer Twp, Greensboro City, North Carolina, USA, Home Value The Highest On - Census Page: $18,000. B. T. Was A Lawyer Then neighbor 708 Summit, W. A. Knight, owner home worth $10,000.
Today: in google the address is as: 625 Summit Ave, Greensboro, NC 27405, USA. Daughter of Nancy Chester Sustare, is Carol Lorraine Sutton or Carol Sutton-Martin, who lived at ;Location: 601 Church Street, Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, lower floor right side, rear of large rental home.




Sustare Maternal Line:

Main Sustare LEAD

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, born in Greensboro, North Carolina,


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Sustare side, family tree of Carol L.,descendent of Captain Gabriel Sistare of Barcelona, Spain_

Nancy Chester Sustare

Obituaries of Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, wedding article and photos -

Father of Nancy Chester Sustare is Beverly Townsend Sustare, who married Clara Nannie "Nancy" Williams, born in Arkansas

Beverly Townsend Sustare Memorial Obituary, my maternal grandfather, August 3, 1965


Chrestonian Literary Society, Lenoir College, Hickory N.C.{B.T. SUSTARE was a member}


B. T. Sustare,HACAWA 1910,LENOIR COLLEGE,HICKORY,North Carolina-

+ Nannie Williams line includes; Clem family from Arkansas

Delilah Gibbs Clem, or Arkansas and GIBBS/ WILLIAMS/ CLEM line

Children of Beverly Townsend Sustare

George Allen, Nancy Chester, John W., Beverly Sustare


Sustare Uncles and First Cousins and Contact Information

Parents of Beverly Townsend Sustare are Barnum Alexander Sustare & Sarah Amanda Ferguson. Barnum and James were twins.

3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifBarnum Alexander Sustare+wife Sarah Amanda Ferguson,his twin James Ervin Sistar+Mary Jane Fergerson


3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifFerguson family mini descendant charts for my Sustare family side genealogy-


James and Barnum Sustare Twins, (James on left, Barnum on right)-

Barnum Sustare and James Sustar, twins were sons of Holly Hmeby & James Hiram Richardson Sistare; who was killed in the American Civil War. My relatives fought on both Union and Confederate sides.

Holly Elizabeth Hemby


My Civil War Family, both on the Union side and on the CSA side: both Yankees and Confederates:

Early Connecticut Sistare Information + Holt & Outen family

 Public Records of Connecticut concerning Sistaire or Sistare, May 1773,


History of New London, Connecticut concerning Sistare and Sustare and Geneology Chart + Holt + Outen

Early Sustare - Sistare Reunions 1937 + Decent Charts

1937-Reunion Of Sustare Family Held Sunday, Meckelenburg Times


Sustare (Sistare)genealogy, mini descedant charts for Sustare family, Outen family, Beebe family

Fauteux Side Ferguson's:

3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifClan Ferguson Family History/2 lines, Alexander Ferguson,born 1789 and Joseph Ferguson,born about 1730


Fauteux genealogy,Andre,Hervey,Edmond,Camille, connects to FERGUSON'S

11 Generation LINE of Andre Joseph Lucien Fauteux: CANADA - SCOTLAND




Williams Family from Hot Springs, Arkansas and North Carolina

Nannie Clair Williams as young woman & unknown lady

Sgt. Chester Clay Willimas, died World War I in France

Nannie Clair Williams Sustare & daughter Chester Sustare

WILLIAMS & SUSTARE family of North Carolina, group family portrait

Delilah Gibbs Clem, or Arkansas and GIBBS/ WILLIAMS/ CLEM line -Delilah Gibbs -married twice: first to: James G3 Mason CLEM Sr.,-second to: David Andrew Williams; mother of ten children

Delilah Gibbs Clem, or Arkansas and GIBBS/ WILLIAMS/ CLEM line


Decendents of Lewis B. Ferguson

of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA + earlier Ferguson's from South Carolina, USA

3dbullit.gif - red bullet gifFerguson family mini descendant charts for my Sustare family side genealogy-

The Ferguson Tartan


Fauteux genealogy,Andre,Hervey,Edmond,Camille, connects to FERGUSON'S...

11 Generation LINE of Andre Joseph Lucien Fauteux: CANADA - SCOTLAND


Robert William Sutton



Sutton side,my Father's side - family tree of Carol Lorraine Sutton

,descendent of Cornelius Sutton; also Thaddeus S. Sutton and Martha J. Norman

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