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Wednesday, July 8, 1959

P. O. Sutton, Engineer, Also Interior Decorator


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photo was here, comment:"Armatures In the Making"-P.O. Sutton , Electrical Engineer and Designer, Examines Armature Made in His Plant for Sutton-Designed Motors."

 by Charlton Harrell

 "(This is one of a series of articles on how people in Tidewater earn a living. The stories embrace a wide area of trades, professions and skills to acquaint readers of The Ledger-Star with the manner in which some of their friend and neighbors are employed.)"


"Primarily an electrical engineer who designs electric motors, Porter Odry Sutton has expanded into designing furniture, his home, and doing interior decorating as a hobby.

Born in Athens, Ohio, a graduate of Ohio State, Sutton's first job was with General Electric. He was brought to Norfolk by the Virginia Electric and




Power Co. and was in the engineering department for seven years before leaving to design electric motors for the Walters Electric Manufacturing Co.

A year later he founded the Sutton Electric Co., which manufactured automobile armatures, mainly. In 1945 he organized the Sutton Manufacturing Co., giving the electric firm to a son.

* * *

The newest Sutton firm manufactures bilge pumps, water pumps, (a typo error here)( sump pumps, d.c. motors,),bilge indicators, electric windshield wipers and blowers for boats, pumps and blowers for the industry, averaging 2,000 units a month. Sutton gives credit for the design of these items to his son, R. W.(omitted word= Sutton), vice president and treasurer in charge of design and production, J. T. Sutton, another son, a sales manager. Emerson M. Sutton has the electric company.

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Sutton Sr., a tall, spare man, drew plans for the offices and plant on Wilson Avenue, just north of Olney Road, off Granby street in Norfolk, Virginia. He designed the officers' desks, tables and chests. He planned the corrogated glass panel room planter dividing the lobby from the clerks' desks. Executive desks were bi-colored wood and black enamel, with custom designed brass fittings.He had furniture in the offices and his home made to order, and used rather oriental colors and designs in both establishments.*

* * *

In his manufacturing plant women run production lines, using such equipment as current lathes, and a number of special machines designed by the Suttons, to turn out their products. The firm is the largest manufacturer of its particular type of product in the country, maybe even in the world. Yet snugged away off the main streets, it is unknown to the majority of Norfolkians. Less than 10 percent of its business is with Virginians. Pleasure craft builders such as Cris Craft and Owens, buy most of their bilge pumps, wipers and blowers from this Norfolk company, and thousands of items are exported every year. hundreds of jobbers handled his products, with a large percentage going to the West Coast and Canada."

Notes by Carol Lorraine Sutton: continued--. 'Porter O. Sutton Furniture Series Pieces'- *Porter Sutton's granddaughter, Carol L. Sutton, now owns five of these original circa 1950's pieces; the asymmetrical trapezoid top desk in black enamel wood and mixed woods, the wood crescenda with twin fold down bars, the long low double decker wooden side table or occasional table, the more compact low double decker wooden veneer side table, and a matching magazine rack and table combination. All of these furniture artwork pieces are in first rate condition with the exception of the magazine rack. All rights reserved TM and copyrighted© on all these furniture pieces. Carol Lorraine Sutton has a plan to manufacture these 'Porter O. Sutton Furniture Series Pieces' which have rights and royalties on these unique modern art furniture works.

This article mistakenly states that Sutton Manufacturing Corporation was founded by Porter Odry Sutton, but it was actually founded by his son Robert William Sutton. Porter O. Sutton then moved from Sutton Electric Company and that firm was then headed by Emerson Milton Sutton. Porter Odry Sutton worked as a teenager under his mother Alvertie Queen Sutton, wife of James E. Sutton, and it was Alvertie who founded and ran The Electric Machine Company,manufacturing electric motors. It was in the same building on Granby Street, that Sutton Electric later occupied. This lot was approximately couner corner to the lot on which Sutton Manufacturing Corporation was built on 112 West Wilson Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia.

C. S.

Manufacturing for four generations of Sutton's: See below:

Alvertie Queen Sutton {Generation 1}, Porter Odry Sutton, {Genration 2}, Robert William Sutton {Generation 3}, and current Generation 4 is:

CEO, Nancy Sutton Nowlan- SUTTON BLOWERS - Sutton Manufacturing Company



BORN: June 22, 1896, in Johnstown, Harrison County, West Virginia, USA{as per birth certificate and information newly sent to me, from my sister, Nancy Townsend Sutton Nowlan. Updated January 6, 2007 )

DIED: 28, April, 1962, in Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia.


GRAVE, BURIED: May 1, 1962 in The Forest Lawn Cemetery, off Little Creek Road, Norfolk, Virginia, Lot No 428 West Center Lawn, Southwest Corner Back.Southwest Corner Back.

Porter Odry Sutton was a Freemason. Masonic, 32 Degree Mason-Ruth Lodge #89 of Norfolk, Virginia.


P.O. Sutton, Engineer, Also Interior Decorator, July 8, 1959, Ledger-Dispatch and Star, Norfolk, Va. ,

Sutton Manufacturing Corporation, 112 West Wilson Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia, USA, 23510
Manufacturing for four generations of Sutton's: with CEO, Nancy Sutton Nowlan- SUTTON BLOWERS - Sutton Manufacturing Company
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Site Quote:"Welcome to Sutton Manufacturing Compan.We manufacture the highest quality Commercial - Industrial - Marine grade Blowers all hand made, all USA Parts.These PROVEN quality blowers have been our mainstay for over 50 years. Meeting and exceeding Government standards."


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My QUEEN line of decent----is:

Catherine Coburn (d/o Jonathan Coburn) married Levi Queen and had

William B. (Burrell?) Queen married to Sarah Catherine Pritchard, and he was the father of

James Pritchard Queen married Angeline Bean (daughter of John Quincey Bean and Martha Hickman) and he was the father of

Alvertie M. Queen married James Edward Sutton "Mack" and she was the mother of

Porter Odry Sutton married Margaret Lorine Crocker, and he was the father of

Robert William Sutton married Nancy Chester Sustare, and he was the father of

Carol Lorraine Sutton.


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Robert William Sutton



Sutton side,my Father's side - family tree of Carol Lorraine Sutton

,descendent of Cornelius Sutton; also Thaddeus S. Sutton and Martha J. Norman

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of my SUTTON paternal family:Sutton side, family tree of Carol L.,descendent of Thaddeus S. Sutton and Martha J. Norman

Thadeus Sutton[1844-1906] and Martha J. Norman[1847-1921] - My Great- Great-Grandparents


Thaddeus S. Sutton --Martha J. Norman ( 10 children)-My Great- Great-Grandparents

SUTTON LINE: Thaddeus S. Sutton (4), (George J. Sutton (3), John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton (1) &

NORMAN LINE: Martha J. Norman (6), Seymore Norman (5) , James Norman Sr.( 4) [& Mary Nedley], John Norman (3 [& Lydia Brown], James Norman (2), {& unknown wife] England, James Norman (1) (abt 1678, Holbrook, Duffield, Derby, England,


Dakota Territories that became North and South Dakota-1860


Distribution of SUTTON surname on 1850 & 1880 US Census Map

Cornelius Sutton - Elizabeth Applegate, (11 children) My 5th Great-Grandparents

John N. Sutton - Rachel Davis (12 children) My 4th Great-Grandparents

George J. Sutton -- Eleanor Davis (George had 10 children) My 3rd Great-Grandparents

Thaddeus S. Sutton --Martha J. Norman ( 10 children)-My Great- Great-Grandparents

James E. Sutton, ("Mack")---Alvertie M. Queen. My Great-Grandparents

Porter Odry Sutton--Margaret Lorine Crocker-My -Grandparents

Robert William Sutton--Nancy Chester Sustare- My parents

Twelve Children of my GreatGGG Grandfather John N. Sutton & my GreatGGG Grandmother Rachel Davis & their grandchildren are listed on this page.

SUTTON LINE: John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton Sr. (1) &

DAVIS LINE: Rachael Davis 5, William 4 ,T. William 3, John 2, William1)

John N.Sutton,Rachel Davis & children data by Carol L.Sutton

The generation prior to Thaddeus Sutton

George Johnson Sutton [1808-1845], who married Eleanor Davis [1812-1892] had 11 children, parents of Thadeus Sutton[1844-1906] -My 3rd Great-Grandparents

SUTTON LINE: George J. Sutton (3), John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton Sr. (1) &

DAVIS LINE: Eleanor Davis (6) (, Rachael Davis 5, William 4 ,T. William 3, John 2, William1)

George J. Sutton, 1808-1845,married 1830 to Eleanor Davis,1812-1892,in Harrison Country, Salem, West Virginia.

James Edward Sutton, ("Mack") [1869-1954] & Alvertie M. Queen [1873-1959] My Great-Grandparents

SUTTON LINE: James Edward Sutton, ("Mack") 5, Thaddeus S. Sutton (4), George J. Sutton (3), John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton (1) &

QUEEN LINE: Alvertie M. Queen (6) , James Pritchard Queen (5) & Angeline Bean, William Burrell Queen (4) & Sarah Catherine Pritchard , Levi Queen (3)& Catherine Coburn , Charles W. Queen Jr.(2) & Mary Haley, Charles Queen or MacQueen 1, {1)


Second page: James E. Mack Sutton & Alvertie Queen + ,Porter Odry Sutton & Margaret Lorine Crocker; + Robert W. Sutton and Chester Sustare

Porter Odry Sutton [1896-1962] & Margaret Lorine Croker [1898-1930] My Grandparents & parents of Robert William Sutton

SUTTON LINE: Porter Odry Sutton 6, James Edward Sutton, ("Mack") (5), Thaddeus S. Sutton (4), George J. Sutton (3), John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton (1) &

CROCKER LINE: Margaret Lorine Croker 3, Rufus Webb Crocker, Captain 2, Capt. David Crocker or Croker 1

Newspaper Article- P. O. Sutton, Engineer, Also Interior Decorator, July 8, 1959, my paternal grandfather-


Memories and genealogy notes on Porter Odry Sutton, my paternal grandfather-at:


Father Robert William Sutton [1918-1995] , who married Nancy Chester Sustare [1920-1997]

Obituaries- Robert William Sutton, "Red" or "Bob" 76, of Norfolk, an industralist, died Monday, February 13, 1995

SUTTON LINE: Robert William Sutton 7, Porter Odry Sutton (6), James Edward Sutton, ("Mack") (5), Thaddeus S. Sutton (4), George J. Sutton (3), John N. Sutton (2), Cornelius Sutton (1) &

SUSTARE LINE (Sistare): Nancy Chester Sustare 7, Beverly T. Sutstare (6) & Clara Nannie Williams, Barnum Alexander Sustare (5) & Sarah Amanda Ferguson , James Hiram Richardson Sustare (4) & Holly Elizabeth Hemby, John Thomas Sistare (3) & Mary Gwendolyn "Polly" Outen, Captain Lazaro Jose Gabriel Sustare Jr. (2) & Elizabeth Beebe, Don Gabriel Sistare Sr. (1) & Marie Mitzavila or Mityavila, from Spain.


Virginia National Bank/News Release on Photographic Exhibition of Robert William Sutton's Portfolio,February 28,1979

WAY BACK WHEN: Cornelius Sutton Sr. [1750-1850] , who married Elizabeth Applegate [1758-1789]; parents of John N. Sutton [1785-1857], who married Rachel (Ruth) Davis [1792-1853], who were parents of George Johnson Sutton. Mystery man CORNELIUS SUTTON BY CAROL SUTTON-


Sutton family buried in Blandville,Doddridge Co.,WV Cemetery, Middle Island 7th Day Baptist

Sustare Maternal Line:

Main Sustare LEAD

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton

Nancy Chester Sustare Sutton, born in Greensboro, North Carolina,

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