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My SUTTON line of decent. A Brief Chart:

Who was Father of Cornelius Sutton Sr??(Who was Mother of Cornelius Sutton Sr.? maiden name could have been, Jane Clawson (according to DAVIS book, page 707, this name Clawson is a corruption of the Dutch name Claessen, that was actually the original earlier name of Claes or Nicholas Corniliszen, who was born in Holland 1597 and probably came to New Amsterdam, New York, on March 4, 1637 with his son Peter Corniliszen.)

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Cornelius Sutton Sr., (99 years, 11 months and 1 day)

b.21, Oct, 1750 in England (not probable according to DAVIS book;"Cornelius is a new name among the Suttons of New Jersey and the fact becomes obvious that Cornelius Sutton, Sr., was not born in England as some amateur family genealogists have claimed in the past." end qoute from page 707.) or Middlesex County, ,S. Amboy Twp. ,New Jersey (more probable according to the DAVIS book.)---

Died, September 30, 1850, is buried in the old Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery at West Union County, West Virginia. (page 707 of Davis book.)

Cornelius Sutton Sr. married on September 12, 1806 to Elizabeth Davis Maxson, widow of Deacon. Ephraim Maxson. born 1743-1746 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey; died 1807,

had 2 children:

i.Prudence Maxson

ii. Jesssie Maxson,

with Deacon. Affirm Maxson.(Stone web site)

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while the DAVIS book states she had 6 children with Ephraiam Maxson , listed on page 21

i. Amy Maxson

ii. Sally (Sarah) Maxson

iii Prudence Maxson

iv.Jesse Maxson

v. Piety Maxson

vi. Charity Maxson

Elizabeth Davis Maxson, born in 1743 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island ; died 1799.

The same Cornelius Sutton Sr.married Elizabeth Applegate (note both wives named Elizabeth) on 27, April, 1764 in New Jersey.

Cornelius and Elizabeth Applegate had 6 children according to the DAVIS book, and they are listed on page 707: (Nancy L. Huey has new information and writes me that they had 11 children.) (Stone website only listed 4 children & now seems to be off line.)


i.(1) James Davis Sutton, (no other information)

ii. (2) Jesse M. (Maxson?) Sutton (no other information, I am the one who wonders if his middle name is Maxson, CLS)

iii. (3)Joseph Davis Sutton (no other information)

iv. (4). Nellie Sutton,born: ?died: ? Spouse: U. M. Stevenson

v.(5.) William Stevenson Sutton (no other information)

vi.(6)Jane Sutton(125 in Stone family),born October 7, 1770, died April 27 1857, married Nathan Davis Jr. #45 in DAVIS book.

vii. (7)Hannah Sutton married Joseph Davis, #44 in DAVIS book.

viii.(8) Sarah Sutton (155-Stone), born circa 1778, died March 18, 1863; married in Harrison


County, West Virginia on Feb 23, 1797 to Jesse Maxson, #52,

ix. (9) (DAVIS) Cornelius Sutton Jr. (iii. in 126-Stone), born June 20, 1780; died August 30, 1859; married in Warren County, Ohio on December 9, 1806, to Judith Babcock #72 in DAVIS book.

x.(10) (#64 in DAVIS book)(iv. in 127-Stone family) John N. Sutton .(My line of Sutton's), born 20, Oct,1785, see info below.

xi. (11) Amos Sutton, born October 17, 1789; died February 9, 1870; buried at North-Hampton, Ohio, beside his 2nd wife Sarah Lippencott. He married on April 3, 1812 in Greene County, Ohio to Phebe Davis


#30-iii; he married a 2nd time on March 27, 1817 in Greene County, Ohio, to Sarah Lippincott, #160..Amos Sutton was a soldier in the War of 1812. Amos Sutton and his wife Sarah Lippincott and their 5 children are enumerated at the 1850 Census of Clark County, Ohio.



John N. Sutton, born 20, Oct,1785, New Jersey (on tax roles in Twp.) son of Ms. Applegate& died 3 March,1869 in Quincy, Ohio; buried in Quincy, Ohio. John married November 23, 1807 to Rachel Davis of Harrison County , West Verginia.


Cornelius Sutton - Elizabeth Applegate, (11 children)

John N. Sutton - Rachel Davis (12 children)

George J. Sutton -- Eleanor Davis (George had 10 children)

Thaddeus S. Sutton --Martha J. Norman ( 10 children)

James E. Sutton, ("Mack")---Alvertie M. Queen.

Porter Odry Sutton--Margaret Lorine Crocker

Robert William Sutton--Nancy Chester Sustare

Carol Lorraine Sutton, me, 2nd child of 3 children--André Joseph Lucien Fauteux; and they had 2 children:



Nancy L. Huey information on children of Cornelius

(notes:Courtesy Robert Porter Sutton,my brother as seen in letter


Stone family internet site:


And the DAVIS book listed below. And correspondence from Nancy Huey A related book - DAVIS-The Settlers of Salem, West Virginia- (Their Ancestors and Some of Their Descendants) (Settled 1792-Chartered 1794) Bicentennial Edition.

by Walter W. Nicholson and Susie Davis Nicholson

Publisher- The Salem Seventh Day Baptist Church, 1992

Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 91-77804, Clothbound

+ Index of same title that is Paperbound

It is from the Davis book that I took the information on the children of George J. Sutton and Eleanor Davis; and similar information on Thaddeus S. Sutton and Martha J. Norman Sutton.

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Robert William Sutton




Sutton side,my Father's side - family tree of Carol Lorraine Sutton

,descendent of Cornelius Sutton; also Thaddeus S. Sutton and Martha J. Norman