eps or high resolution pink ribbons

for printing by Carol Sutton

breast cancer web clip art and awareness graphics
All 2 FREE eps file pink ribbons are now on this new page ! Use these for newsletters, business cards, stationary, anything you print.
PLUS 1 FREE, but not for commercial use. (large file and ZIP download) by Ameil Weisblum.

THIS ONE IS NOT EPS high res. IT IS LOW RESOLUTION. Since September 29, 2003- Improved revised version by Vanessa Rumaz, has sharpness and gradual pale fade to lower edges.File size is small: 16KB.Thank you Vanessa.

EPS by Vanessa Rumaz

Since June 12, 2004 - NEW - THIS ONE IS : eps or high resolution version made for printing. File size is: 292KB. Thanks again Vanessa Rumaz.

"My name is Vanessa Rumaz-last year I sent you a ribbon to post on your site. Since then I have had requests from people who needed high res version of the logo for print material. All the ribbons on the site are really low res and can not be used for print. Last night a gentleman wrote me telling that his wife faces double mastectomy, and that he needed a ribbon to put on his business cards to raise awareness. I thought that was a very good reason to go ahead and create a high res logo he, and others, can use. One ribbon has a shadow, the other doesn't."

INSTRUCTIONS: download this eps file to your computer and open it in PHOTOSHOP

THIS ONE IS NOT EPS high res. IT IS LOW RESOLUTION by Denis Ryan. in Freehand before converting to gif format so it has very smooth graduations of color. Denis also has this in eps format which is best for commercial printing. Thank you Denis.

EPS by Denis Ryan

"Attached is the eps version of the pink ribbon graphic. It will only print correctly on a postscript printer. On non postscript printers such as desktop inkjet printers it will print very ragged but I would expect that anyone requesting an eps version would be aware of this. Should you receive any requests for other versions of this graphic, eg: jpf, tif, bmp etc, just let me know and I will be happy to oblige."

Denis Ryan eps is drawn in freehand before converting; so it has very smooth graduations of color. USE IT FOR FREE!

INSTRUCTIONS: download this eps file to your computer and open it in PHOTOSHOP.

Since April 7, 2002 -NEW - THIS ONE IS : eps or high resolution version made for printing version by Denis Ryan. File size is 36 KB.

September 27, 2004 -+ PLUS, Denis Ryan has a even larger one available and you can contact him via his message posting area in his new website.

Denis Ryan makes the best labels!
Please take a l@@k at: http://www.pinkribbonlabels.com
Pink Ribbon Return Address Labels - These labels are sharp and clearly printed. See sample above.
"Tired of constantly handwriting your name and address details?
Use pink ribbon return address labels on your envelopes, CDs, books etc.and you will also be helping promote breast cancer awareness.
Easy to apply - No wetting required - Worldwide shipping"

Since September 15, 2005

Ameil Weisblum has given this new ribbon. {size is 152 k}.

Thank you Ameil for this superb perfect form design. A large file version of this ribbon is available on this ZIP link:"Can be use for professional proposes and can be printed in huge formats with out degradation of quality. '"Ameil Weisblum.

"You can not use this for Commercial use."-quote Ameil Weisblum.

ZIP FILE LINKweb.gifhttp://www.weisblum.com/images/Pink_Ribbon.zip

amiel_weisblum_pinkribbon.jpg, Pink Ribbon by Ameil Weisblum. not for commercial use.


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