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Weren't you saying that you always liked that glass of red wine with dinner?

Gem_Yellow.gif red wine glass© illustration / drawing is by Carol Sutton {" I like the spontaneity and fresh quality of this red wine glass drawing. The balance between the wine glass outline, the blotch of burgundy, and the edge of the plaid tablecloth." C.L.S.}


A glass of red wine wine glass drawing © by Carol Sutton, 1997is good for your microscope.gifhealth-

The natural antioxidants in food can protect you from cardiac diseases and cancer. The red grapes that go into red wine also have bioflavonoids, which are antioxidants.

paper on cardiac diseases and wine from Mayo Clinic at

Doctors are good on the attack, but not so good on the nutritional body build-up

While Modern Medicine seems good on the attack; which is surgery, radiation and chemotherapy; alternative medicine seems better on the build up of the body, through diet , vitamins, food supplements, and exercise. This dual approach seems the best until a cure is found.

April 1st marks my 10 th year since having breast cancer. I believe that I am alive today because I did use both the conventional medical system, that is surgery, in my case mastectomy, and followed by seven months of chemo therapy, and the alternative medical system, that places emphasis on vitamins and diet. I realize that diet cannot alter DNA, but it can or could reduce the stress on the body system.

I have decided to add to this site 4 food supplements that I take and believe have helped me. Diet is important for keep the immune system high. I try to follow a healthy fat diet (use extra virgin oil oil, eat no margarine or butter) and take vitamin supplements. Doctors are good on the attack, but not so good on the nutritional body build-up. My doctors told me that they do not study nutrition in medical school, but they did have nutritional experts on the hospital staff, who they referred me to and the doctors did say that certain vitamins, particularly vitamin E and trace minerals such as selenium have been shown to be effective against breast cancer in studies. My hospital breast clinic offered me physiotherapy and a support group, both of which I did. I believe I got and continue to get excellent care in surgery and in oncology. C.S.



Heard of free radicals but thought it was a political movement?


from Rice EDU 

check out Free Radicals and how can they hurt us? Proanthenols & Antioxidents

Gem_Yellow.gifWhole food group choices - & how many servings per day information

, from: "We're trying to spread the word about a particular type of lung

cancer called mesothelioma [ LIFE WITH MESOTHELIOMA] and we would really cherish and appreciate it if you could link to our new site from your "pink ribbon links" page. We have a page about cancer nutrition which I believe could be of some value to your visitors:"Jason Bennett
Four Food Groups For Cancer new3.gif: Healthy eating for life to prevent and treat cancer - Google Books Result

by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ... - 2002 - Health & Fitness - 244 pages

These New Four Food Groups will help guard against cancer plus dozens of other ... Here are the keys to making the New Four Food Groups work optimally: 1. ...


Diet may have bearing on breast cancer, studies show, April 2, 1997, CNN



Gem_Yellow.gif diet & food affects cancer  - American Cancer Society



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Toxins , The Environment & Breast Cancer

Links Between Diet & Breast Cancer


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