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Famous Women Who Died of Breast Cancer

by Carol Sutton

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I want women to feel empowered that they survived breast cancer and not to be embarrassed by the fact that they had breast cancer.

Carol Sutton



Ever wonder what a ichthyosaurus fossil specimen found in 1813,

and a pterosaur ( flying reptile) fossil specimen found in 1828

have in common with Breast Cancer???

 "who saw what others failed to see"-C.Tickell, then you were right. Mary Anning was
born in 1799 and suffered from breast cancer in 1845 and then died of breast cancer two years later in 1847.

ichthyosaurus fossil

I f you guessed the unsung hero and collecting force of Lyme Regis, the Dorset woman,

Mary Anning,then you were right.


anning.jpg 48KB, Mary Anning

*image credit: A British site on Mary Anning:




Mary as a child was struck unconscious by lighting, while sitting under an elm tree, with her care giver and two others who died in that same stroke of lighting; afterwards Mary, the sole survivor of the incident, was revived in warm water.Mary Anning, a Japanese site:

Wouldn't you drink too?

"In her last years she was accused of drinking, though the truth is much sadder. She had cancer of the breast. No doubt, like so many Victorian women, she took laudamum to ease the pain."quote from John Fowles, 1995, from page 4 of 'Mary Anning of Lyme Regis', a book flatbook.gifby Crispin Tickell, forward by John Fowles.

*image credit: A Japanese site on Mary Anning:


MARY ANNING(1799-1847)- "Collected and sold fossils from the cliffs of Lyme Regis along the shores of southern Great Britain", "Discovered one of the first ichthyosaur fossils and the very first plesiosaur fossil", "Despite her major contributions to museums, her special skills and knowledge were largely forgotten by the scientific community" from:


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 Most women who die of breast cancer are not famous, nor or they ordinary in that they each touched those around them, while undergoing the stress of dealing with their own death.

Gem-Blue.gifTeri Taylor has put up a page devoted to a sad story of her own mother: web.gifDelores Louise Morris who died of breast cancer,"not a survivor, not a famous woman,but hopefully enough of a story that it will make someone who reads it STOP AND THINK!" at

Local hero to many and great puppeteer,
Gem_Yellow.gifNancy Anne Colecanadaflagaim_tiny.gif

"But we cannot lose sight of the fact that women are dying.
And we cannot be afraid of knowing it. The knowledge does not have to
make us bury our heads in the sand." --quote form
Alice Yaker at

Ever wonder which Native Canadian went with her poem songs from her local town hall to the Opera ???

If you guessed
Pauline Johnsoncanadaflagaim_tiny.gif(1861 - 1913)

a Tekahionwake Native born on the Six Nation Reserve, in Branford Ontario in 1861; then you were right.
A relative might have even heard her performing her poems with vibrancy as an entertainer. Quote:"The daughter of a Mohawk chief and an Englishwoman, Pauline travelled across Canada and the United States reciting her poetry and thrilling audiences everywhere. When she visited England in 1894 she was the toast of London's glittering parties. Pauline died of breast cancer at age fifty-two and her ashes were buried in Vancouver's Stanley Park. " End quote: from:
web.gif HER STORY WOMEN, at
Pauline Johnson, Canadian Mohawk Princess and poet, opera starThere is a Canada Postal Stamp of Pauline Johnson. Stamp number #392, issued on March 10, 1961, Perferations are 12. Value: 5 cents. Colour: green and red. Issued on the 100th anniversary of the bith of E. Pauline Johnson, Mohawk princess and poetess.

& she is also featured in other web.gifsites online including, a great childhood photograph; a vintage Recital Poster image; and a photo of her Monument:
The Pauline Johnson Archivetiny_updated.gif2012

Gem-Blue.gifHolly, Eve Fountain writes: " late, great singer Minnie Riperton, who recorded the international 70's hit, "Lovin' You. Here is some background on Minnie.Minnie was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28 in 1976, - - -"
Gem-Blue.gifAraba Mercer writes:"A couple of African American women who have died of breast cancer are": LORDE & RIPERTON - -

Gem_Yellow.gifAUDRE LORDE (1934-1992) - poet and writer, died 1992-
web.gifpoet Many web sites are up on Lorde via; here is one:

Gem_Yellow.gifMINNIE RIPERTON - soul singer, died 1979.
web.gifMinnie Riperton - Come To My Garden :An inspirational tribute to ... A tribute to artist with a five octave vocal range. Complete discography, biography, lyrics, photographs,at
Thanks for alerting me to Minnie go to two readers:Gem-Blue.gif Holly, Eve Fountain ANDGem-Blue.gifAraba Mercer, London, UK  flag_uk.gif tiny_updated.gif2012

Gem-Blue.gifAraba Mercer adds 2 more to our list: Thank you Araba.
Gem_Yellow.gifJo Spence - Notable Photographer, [1934-1992] in Wikipedia- British flag_uk.gif socialist and a feminist, PhotoTherapy, high-street photographer,
although in her later life she was a secretary."One of Jo's major projects was involved with documenting her own cancer and the attitudes of the medical establishment and others to this".
web.gif   tiny_updated.gif2012

Gem_Yellow.gifKathy Acker - [ 1944-November 29, 1997] -writer, , erotic dancer, feminist
Lort: "Apart from Burroughs, Kathy Acker was very influenced by French intellectual thought,"- - -
Lort: "In the context of the work by Deleuze and Guattari, her language abounds in inbetweeness"- -
Died of breast cancer after briefly surviving a double mastectomy.

Gem_Yellow.gifBarbara Mary Crampton Pym flag_uk.gif
born June 2, 1913 in Oswestry, Shropshire, England; had breast cancer surgery in 1971 and died of cancer on January 11, 1980.
Her book flatbook.gif'Quartet in Autumn', was shortlisted for The Booker Prize for literature.
Pym wrote six books and published between 1950 and 1980. Pym's niece,
Hazel Holt and her sister, Hilary Pym, edited an autobiography in diaries and letters.
These notes are courtesy of my mother-in-law, Lyle Fauteux.

Gem_Yellow.gifJoan Riddell Cook
Joan Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joan, died of breast cancer in 1995, she founded JAWS, was a journalist, and union leader .
Grants are available to bring young women jounalists , particularyly women of color , into JAWS.

Austin, Texas actressusa_flag_zheimer.gif
Gem_Yellow.gifKaty Cusack
died of breast cancer at age 41- at
Gem-Blue.gifNancy Abrams, who is special events chairman of the Los Angeles County Susan G. Komen
Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure; emails to ask if: "Was Katy Cusack Joan and John Cusack's
sister?" If any readers out there know please email me (see lead page: for visual email}
as of March 24, 2005 -Amswer: I went to school with Katy Cusack. We were room mates in college at UT, & went to high school together. As far as I know she wasn't related to the famous siblings.
Her mother in Dallas is Sally Mimms & I think her brother John is in Dallas. Katy was a beautiful person both inside & out. Did you know her?
Laura Hutcheson. Thanks so much Laura.

Associate professor of history, dies of breast cancer at age 46usa_flag_zheimer.gif
Gem_Yellow.gifNancy Louise Grant
Nancy L.Grant researched focused on minorities. She organized a conference
on "Blacks and Jews: An American Historical Perspective" at Washington University.

Communication professor dies of breast cancer at age 56usa_flag_zheimer.gif
Gem_Yellow.gifSusanne A. Roschwalb

songwriter dies of breast cancer at age 37, after battling breast cancer for 11 years.
Gem_Yellow.gifLinda Creedusa_flag_zheimer.gif
"One of my best friends died of breast cancer in 1987 and we all knew her.
Her name was Linda Creed one of the best songwriters of modern time. She lived across the street from me in Philadelphia, and we
grew up together. I hear her songs on the radio often, and think about Linda . " says Gem-Blue.gifDavid Warren Goldstein.
A related  site WAS this prior site. It is no longer available as of 2012. But I have left these notes up to honor both David and Linda.
web.gif site: 
Gem_Yellow.gifDavid Warren Goldstein's company .A.S. Manufacturing makes The Breast Cancer Angel Pin.- made this pin.
She wrote "The Greatest Love Of All" written for Mohammed Ali's movie "The Greatest". (sung by W. Houston & Benson)
She also wrote for the Spinners,"Could It Be I'm Falling In Love", I'll Be Around", "Rubberband Man".
She also wrote for the Stylistics, "Make Up to Breakup", "La La Means I Love You", "Stone In Love With You", and many others.tiny_updated.gif2012

Gem_Yellow.gifLinda McCartney,
wife of Paul McCartney of The Beatles, has sadly died of breast cancer.

Gem_Yellow.gifJuliette Gordon Low (1860-1927)
Founder of Girls Scouts of the USA
Ms. Low died at the age of 67 of breast cancer. What started as a handful of girls wanting to gather together in a civic and
social organization has grown to include 2.7 million girls around the world.
Thanks go to reader Gem-Blue.gifTara Roberts who wrote to add Juliette Low's name. "while researching a project my Girl Scout troop was doing to prepare for our local Relay for Life America Cancer Society fundraiser." Tara Roberts found my site and emailed me on April 6, 2001.

Gem_Yellow.gifDusty Springfield ( April 16, 1939 - March 2, 1999, age 52)flag_uk.gif
Song Writer and Singer - ["Ode to Billy Ray","I only want to be with you"]

OTHERS WHO HAVE DIED OF CANCER - {not breast cancer}

as of March 20, 2004usa_flag_zheimer.gifGem_Yellow.gifRosemary Clooney (singerUSA) died of (lung) cancer. Thanks to reader:Danielle Swanson
Rosemary Clooney, legendary actress and singer , Born May 23, 1928, in Maysville, Kentucky- and died in Beverly Hills, California in June 30, 2002, age 74.
A related web.gif site:Rosemary Clooney Biography - "Recovering from her January 2002 lung cancer surgery, "at

as of March 20, 2004usa_flag_zheimer.gifGem_Yellow.gifCelia Cruz (Singer Cuba) died of brain cancer. Latin Music Icon. Thanks to reader:Danielle Swanson.
Born: ?, died 2003
A related web.gif site: - Celia Cruz, the 'Queen of Salsa,' Dies at 77 - By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, tiny_updated.gif2012
Latin music icon Celia Cruz dies, By Rose Arce, NEW YORK (CNN) --Thursday, July 17, 2003 Posted: 1127 GMT ( 7:27 PM HKT)Cruz belts out a tune at a Cuban radio station in this undated photo. Latin music icon Celia Cruz, the "Queen of Salsa," died Wednesday afternoon after battling cancer, her manager said. She was believed to be 78 years old.

as of March 20, 2004usa_flag_zheimer.gifGem_Yellow.gifNina Simone (singer born as Eunice Waymon, 1933 in Tyron, North Carolina, USA and died April 21, 2003, in Carry Les Rouet, France) "She lived abroad for more than 20 years and blamed racism in America for her decision to live outside of the country." quote from 'Jet' obit) died of cancer after a six year battle, at her home in Carry Les Rouet, France, flag_fr.gifage 70, on April 21, 2003.
Thanks to reader:Danielle Swanson

A related web.gif site:"whose raspy, forceful voice helped define the Civil Rights Movement" - " with such protest hits as Why (The King of Love Is Dead), a tribute to slain civil rights leader the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which she wrote the day King died; and Mississippi Goddam, a tune about the plight of Blacks in America which she wrote and recorded after four Black children were killed in a church bombing{16th Street Baptist} in Birmingham, AL."
Singer Nina Simone, 70, dies in France. (Entertainment).(Obituary) Jet, May 5, 2003 - LINK NO LONGER VALID

A related web.gif site:BBC NEWS flag_uk.gif-Nina Simone: Your tributes - have your say- Last Updated: Monday, 28 April, 2003, 07:27 GMT 08:27 UK; plus links to other web sites:

Gem_Yellow.gifLorraine Hansberry, the African-American author of "A Raisin in the Sun" also died of cancer.
Thanks go to reader Gem-Blue.gifJeffery Mingo


Gem_Yellow.gif  National Women's History Project  Gem_Yellow.gif

"Every time a girl reads a womanless history she learns that she is worth less." -

Quote is from Myra and David Sadker,

in failing at Fairness How Americas Schools Cheat Girls.

Read about Women in History. Take their fun quiz or study some new ideas.

Gem_Yellow.gifWrite with a pencil that says, "Write women back into history." Make your own history.


A number of

famous people

had their mother's

die of breast cancer.


Know of any famous women who died of breast cancer and belong in this section??, let me know by


Paul McCartney

of The Beatles

animated gif of the 4 Beatles, black background

lost his mother when he was at age 14 flag_uk.gif and lost his wife Linda in 1998.

Madonna-singer & actress

James Dean - actor

Rosie O'Donnell actress

&Oscar de la Hoya

"Did you know that the mothers of Rosie O'Donnell and Oscar de la Hoya also died in their 30s?" Suggested by Nancy Abrams who is special events chairman of the Los Angeles County Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure.

Past President Bill Clinton's mum,Virginia Clinton Kelley, died of breast cancer. [Thanks to reader:Araba Mercer]

Thanks to reader:Danielle Swanson
Since March 20, 2004
Nas (rapper USA) mother died of cancer. Thanks to reader:Danielle Swanson

"Nas was born Nasir Jones in the Queensbridge Projects of New York City. The son of jazz musician, Olu Dara,.By 2001, the rapper who had once owned the rap industry; lost his career. He suffered personal problems throughout that year; his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and his girlfriend cheated on him. The single, "I Can" had lots of airplay and the video was nominated for a 2003 MTV Video Award. " all from source below:

A related web.gifNas (Nasir Jones; Sep 14, 1973; Queens, NY) site:

... In 2000, Nas compiled an album called QB Finest, which ... By 2001, the rapper who had once owned the rap ... that year; his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and his ...

 Author: C. Sutton and

Thanks to reader:Danielle Swanson

Singer and author Patti LaBelle's mother, Mrs. Bertha Holte and Patti's sister also died of cancer.

 Thanks to reader:Debbie McKinney

 Roxie Roker, who was in the 1970s TV show, The Jeffersons. She was the mother of singer Lenny Kravitz.

 Thanks to reader:Kimberly Fowler  Hattie McDaniel, the first African American to win an Oscar died of Breast Cancer? She opened up doors for black actresses/actors.
Thanks to reader:Debra Bender "I was reading [about] "Sting" and his mother died of breast cancer."


3dbullit.gif  SURVIVOR  3dbullit.gif

3dbullit.gif Olivia Newton John is celebrating Twelve Years Cancer-Free since 1992. A breast cancer survivor. -
3dbullit.gif Third eye blind -(lead singer's motherUSA) suvivor of breast cancer-Thanks to reader:Danielle Swanson
3dbullit.gif Olivia Newton John (Singer/Actress moved to in USA in 1975.usa_flag_zheimer.gif  has or had breast cancer. Thanks to reader:Danielle Swanson

Olivia was born in Cambridge, England  flag_uk.gif  on September 26th 1948, and had breast cancer in 1992.
Bone Health Center... and I am so happy to report it is now 2003 and I am cancer free! ... and affirm that life is a gift--so live in the present!" - Olivia Newton-John, (Actress, Singer ...
A related web.gif site:International - Only Olivia- web, Olivia Newton John, Biography. - no longer active 
Quote from this bio: "The bombshell came on July 2 - Olivia Newton-John had breast cancer. {... weeks after her father had died of cancer} She was taken to hospital and operated on, and then had to undergo a period of chemotherapy. In February the next year she got the all-clear, and went to Australia to recuperate. And "Olivia chose to talk about her experiences with breast cancer, so that other women in a similar position could see that survival was possible, and early detection was important." And " After recovering from breast cancer back in 1992, Olivia has continuously supported breast cancer awareness charities. In the 21st century Olivia is helping raise funds to build a cancer support centre in Melbourne, Australia which will be named after her."
             Olivia Newton John Wikipedia -

as of March 20, 2004   
Anastacia (Pop singer, born in USA) has breast cancer- Thanks to reader:Danielle Swanson

3dbullit.gif Anastacia - "That's me. Survivor Chick." A breast cancer survivor. -
Chicago born Anastacia Newkirk) found out in January, at age 34 years old, that she had ductal in situ Carcinoma, was operated on, had reconstruction and radiation therapy and chemotherapy with new drug Exemestane. Luckily Anastacia had no lymph node cancer.
Originally going in for a breast reduction operation due to back pain, had to have a "pre-op mammogram that revealed calcium spots which indicated cancer'.(from Facing the Music ABC NEWS)
"Anastacia also suffers from the painful genetic bowel disorder Crohn's disease." Quoted from:(Anastacia Diagnosed With Breast Cancer-MTV, 01.21.200}
3dbullit.gifFor more information on Anastacia, visit the following Web sites: or

A breast cancer survivor, Carol Sutton
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