Pink Ribbon Pins to wear - jewelry, fabric, and other things

by Carol Sutton

links to sites that have pink ribbons made of cloth or metal that you can buy - Note: I do not sell these items.C.Sutton

loux pink ribbon


Where can I get a fabric pink ribbon to wear??

Or a metal pink ribbon?

Or just plain fabric printed with pink ribbons for sewing??

Thanks go to many readers for these answers.

+ my original pink ribbon jewelry section below


Picture + website


3dbullit.gif, red jelly buttonjelly red button denotes cloth / fabric

black_diamond.gifgrey diamond denotes metal

email009.gif, gianÊ @ sign

Avon pin metal pink ribbon with rose

Thanks to my many readers for letting me know that AVON has them. You must contact an Avon representative. black_diamond.gif Enamel metal pin -

Avon Canada Inc. with their Flame Crusade Pen has raised over $1.8 million, given by Canadians  canadaflagaim_tiny.gif, animated Canada flag  order from an Avon Representative.

NEW - pinkribbon umbrella. I have one and it is great! Carol says

Thanks to Roberta Scott, who told me about this site.

black_diamond.gif The Spring 2001 PIN GALLERY catalogue

by S.G.G. has lapel ribbon pins

(gold, red, pink, yellow, black, blue, white, purple).Call them at 1-800-896-9219.

Pin Gallery
PO Box 64784
St. Paul, MN, 55146-0784




Great embroidered breast cancer pink ribbons on rolls and give-away-cards.1 3/4" embroidered ribbon on a coated card ;has -African American Ribbon of Life ©

Rita has the hard to find and sought for by African American's: Kushereka ribbons. " Black was for the people, red was for the struggle and the green was for our future and hope. one half of the ribbon were these colors and the other half was pink." Thanks go to reader Barbara for this quote.]

from Rita, The Ribbon Lady. Thank you Rita

get a 3dbullit.gif, red jelly buttonfabric - cloth pink ribbon

Answer idea from Anita Smith . "You can go to Wal-mart or any hobby lobby or craft store and buy pink ribbon, cut thme about 4-5 inches long and use gold safety pins to hold fold and pin on shirt. very inexpensive."



get a fabric - cloth pink ribbon

Corrected: Note: not the same as, a different site; which is Rita. This is Madelyn.

We sell pink ribbon by the spool. It can be made into awareness ribbons. Our company is The Creative Touch Ribbon Distributor 3 East Florida Ave., Beach Haven Park, NJ 08008. We have a catalog and we are a mail order business. Call us


  Madelyn Pietrucha

folder cloth pink ribbons pinsFolded Pink Ribbons

#42106-These distinctive, 5/8", folded and sewn pink ribbons are applied with a two-way tape backing to a lapel or other surface.bags of 100. Production Time: 2-3 weeks

QTY 200    PRICE @$0.25 each

FABRIC AND METALpink ribbon black_diamond.gifenamel pins and pink ribbon jewelry

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotional products - or NBCAM

3dbullit.gif, red jelly button site."plastic pink ribbons, pink ribbons made out of pink ribbons with two way tape backing, and embroidered pink ribbons that can be peeled and stuck on a shirt." -


Pink ribbons, jewelry, graphics

Beaux Tie Designs Inc.
P. O. Box 10253, Phoenix, AZ 85064

since Jan 2002,/2004

Some great resources and wonderful links

Sample: Silent Courage Anklet, with pink ribbon charm

Plus: "sophisticated: pink ribbon card case-"  What a nice way to show your awareness than with this very classy highly polished silver card case with a brushed silver awareness ribbon on the top.

 "The only store in the world where 15% of your purchase is a donation in your name towards breast cancer awareness, treatment options and counseling every day, all year long."  

from Ed Purkiss,
Technology, Webmaster, Marketing

Ribbonborder2.gif, a pink ribbon bar gif by Terrie Jaramillo

Some of my original links to jewelry sites of pinkribbons:

Jewelry Raises Money  abacus_icon.gif  for Breast Cancer

One Woman Can Make A Difference- Carol Ann Cole-

How To Order Comfort Hearts-

sells black_diamond.gifpewter "comfort hearts"

with a thumb-print imprint for $10.00. To order Cole herself at: Comfort Heart Initiative, P.O. Box 27013, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 4M8

Ocean ARt Pewter Comfort Heart Initiative about $20.00 CDN Fundscanadaflagaim_tiny.gif, animated Canada flag

*Order from the makers: OceanArt Pewter

1-800-407-4436 - once on their site search 'comfort'.

To purchase your Comfort Hearts contact: Chris Spinney <>


Breast Cancer Awareness - Breast Cancer Store

Ribbonborder2.gif, a pink ribbon bar gif by Terrie Jaramillo

FABRIC with pinkribbons printed on it! SEWING !! Quiltings!! Pink ribbon quilt.

since February 2004

fabric_pinkribbon_heavenlyq.jpg from  - fabric printed with pinkribbons for breast cancer

Pink Ribbon Quilting Tools from

Heavenly Quilting

A reader {Ruthann} wrote asking for breast cancer fabric and I found some!

Sew your own items, pillows, quilts, lap quilts, pocket covers, anything with these wonderful fabrics printed with pink ribbons for breast cancer.


5 inch squares from Etsy.

"Imagine my surprise yesterday when I found two bolts of the newest pattern!  Scooped it up in a hurry.  Actually the set that you sent Ruthann is my older set.  Now I have 5 patterns in the set.  Much appreciated."- Note to Carol on February 14, 2004. from Darcee Alderman

-Feb 13, 2004 "Hi Carol, I found 4 of the 5 breast cancer fabrics on ebay believe it or not.  Fabric Queens sells quite a few.  If you are looking for the prints, other than the one I have by the yard, check with fabricqueens." Darcee Alderman 

[Fabric Queen-owner Sherry Todryk, 1-909-797-0420, 12905 California St, Yucaipa, California, USA, 92399, Quilting supplies, swaps, vitual meeting place.]

CHECK OUT: GOOGLE IMAGES - Just type into Google Image these words: Breast Cancer Fabric Quilt Squares

Then click to find items for sale.tiny_updated.gif


Rosie's PINK RIBBON QUILT PATTERN:Offering Over 18,000 bolts of 100% Cotton Fabrics

I've used pink for breast cancer, however you can use "what ever color you wish......

Feel FREE to use this pattern for your personal use or your your 'Quilt Guilds' and 'Quilting Groups'.Make a quilt for someone that is battling breast cancer"

7151 El Cajon Blvd. Suite 'F'
San Diego, CA 92115
Phone: 619-697-5758

View a beautiful quilt:

PDF] Fabric of hope: the Life Quilt for Breast Cancer
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
... Reimer points out that no comparable handbooks exist. Lifeworks Fabric of hope: the Life Quilt for Breast Cancer



                 More to come. Happy sewing and Quilting



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pink ribbons


Famous women who

 died of breast cancer

Pins to wear

pink-ribbon LINKS

Toxins , The Environment & Breast Cancer

Links Between Diet & Breast Cancer

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