The Collages [series]
'The Hard Lesson' by Carol Sutton



button_pyramid_tiny_icon.gifThe Hard Lesson

Artist: Carol Sutton
Measurements: 24" x 30" or 66.0 cm x 76.2 cm?
Date Made: August 3 to September 22, 1987

Materials: collage on cream Stonehenge paper, ,includes:
:commercial printed matter of a magazine issue two page spread of America's First Ladies,
a 19th century etching of a young girl pausing as she reads her book,
and a commercial paint chart in the form of animal footprints. paint_chart_footprint.jpg
Photography by: Carol Sutton
Collection: of the artist
Provenance: none, never exhibited and as yet completely uncelebrated.
Price: $7,200.00 US

All Rights Reserved©Carol Sutton



The Hard Lesson

Thoughts of the artist about this work:

When I did this I wanted to make my collage an anti collage, that is no overlapping elements as a Picasso and or Braque cubist collage format would have had.

I think this collage/college is about what a hard lesson young women learn is ahead of them in life, if they pursue a career in art or in anything else. We are all 'First Ladies' and never the 'President' of whatever. Maybe we are just so many small footprints babel_catpawprint.jpgin the history of mankind and our efforts are repeat footprints of those that have gone before us. I imagine this young woman in the etching thinking about her future. Fixed in her uncelebrated position between past First Ladies and those of future yet-to-come First Ladies.

One might ask, what did you do to make this into art? Where is the hand? My art here is the choice of combination of these found objects, their ontological juxtaposition, and the very placement of them on the paper, not to mention my mind that thought of this artwork and made it into an actual work of art.

All Rights Reserved©Carol Sutton, 2000


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