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Barcelona, Spain


Triangle Barcelona was the first workshop on the Triangle model held in Europe.

It took place at the Casa de la Caritat. 40 artists (19 painters and 21 sculptors) from Spain, Canada, UK and USA participated A one time only event.



Art Triangle Barcelona Participants, 40 artists; plus some other persons linked to this artist workshop:

Barcelona, Spain

Official picture, opening day Thursday, May 14, 1987, at la Fundacion Miro de Barcelona. Ajuntament de Barcelona, Area de Cultura,

PLACE: Mies van der Rohe Pavillion, Parc de Montjuio, Barcelona, Spain

To the best of my eye and with some missisng persons, and some unidentified persons:

Rear Row:

Robert Llimos (Barcelona, Spain) painter & sculptor , Peter Hide (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) sculptor , Rafols-Casamada (Spain) painter , Graham Boyd (Hartfordshire, England, UK) painter,

, Carol Sutton (Toronto, ON, Canada) painter, Andre Fauteux (Toronto, ON, Canada), Sheila Girling (London, England, UK) painter, Sergi Aguilar (Barcelona, Spain) sculptor, Sandi Slone (USA) painter, Zush (Barcelona, Spain) painter , Joan Hernandez Pijuan (Barcelona, Spain) painter

Susana Solano (Barcelona, Spain) sculptor, Anthony Caro (London, England, UK) sculptor and founder of Triangle Artist Workshops, and and Key Founder of Art Triangle Barcelona 1987, Cheron Tomkins (New York, NY, USA) painter, Rodger Mack (USA) sculptor and coodrinacio, ? UNKNOWN WOMAN? , John Gibbons (London, England, UK) sculptor,


Front Row:

Jaume Plensa (Barcelona, Spain) sculptor, Robert A. Scott (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) painter , David Evison (London, England, UK) sculptor , Isla Burns (Edmonton, Canada) sculptor, Clay Ellis (Edmonton, Canada)(blue shirt) sculptor, Joyce Weinstein (New York, USA) painter ,

Jaqueth K. Hutchinson ('Jay') (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) sculptor, Paula DeLuccia (New York, NY, USA) painter , Mayor of Barcelona Pasqual Maragall and Key Founder of Art Triangle Barcelona 1987, Lyle Lis (Canada), Terrence Keller (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) painter, Larry Poons (hand over face) (New York, NY, USA) painter, Jilaine Jones (Connecticut, USA) sculptor,

Otto Rogers (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada) sculptor, Katja Jacobs (Toronto, ON, Canada) painter, Critic Teresa Blanch (Barcelona, Spain) , ? UNKNOWN MAN possible Ramon Herreros (Barcelona, Spain) painter , Ruth Barrett (USA), administrator and coodrinacio, Miren Bustinza i Prats, representative of The British Council, ? HIDDEN MAN?, Magdalena Duran (Barcelona, Spain) administrator and coodrinacio, hidden woman? , hidden man ?possible?- Evaristo Bellotti (Cadis, Spain) sculptor.


Others should include or others missing in this photograph are: Karen Wilkin (USA) critic, Michael Fried (USA) critic, Clement Greenberg (USA) critic, Alister Warman (Spain) critic, Carlos Leon (Madrid, Spain) painter, Maria Girona (Barcelona, Spain) painter, , Miquel Navarro (Spain) sculptor, Ken Macklin (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) sculptor, Txomin Badiola (Bilbao, Spain) sculptor, Francisco Leiro (Pontevedra, Spain) sculptor, , Rosa Amoros, (Barcelona, Spain) sculptor, Walter Darby Bannard (New Jersey, USA) painter.

Others that helped with Art Triangle Barcelona:

Technical Work: Patrick Cunningham, Josep Plandiura

Visiting artists: Helen Frankentaler, Luis Gordillo, and Antoni Tapies,

Fundació Antoni Tàpies - Museu
Address: C Aragó, 255
District: Eixample

Photographers: Ferran Freixa, reportatge, Josep Gri i Joan Falconero del Servei, Fotografic dels Museus d'Art

Art Triangle Barcelona Participants,40 artists (19 painters and 21 sculptors) from Spain, Canada, UK and USA participated

Participants Spanish:
Sergi Aguilar (Barcelona)
Rosa Amorós (Barcelona)
Txomin Badiola (Bilbao)
Evaristo Bellotti (Cádiz)
María Girona (Barcelona)
Joan Hernández Pijuan (Barcelona)
Ramón Herreros (Barcelona)
Francisco Leiro (Rontevedra)
Carlos León (Madrid)
Robert Llimós (Barcelona)
Miquel Navarro (Valencia)
Jaume Plensa (Barcelona)
Albert Ràfols-Casamada (Barcelona)
Susana Solano (Barcelona)
Zush (Barcelona)
Participants International:
Walter Darby Bannard (USA)
Graham Boyd (UK)
Isla Burns (Canada)
Anthony Caro (UK)
Paula Deluccia (USA)
Clay Ellis (Canada)
David Evison (UK)
André Fauteux (Canada)
John Gibbons (UK)
Sheila Girling (UK)
Peter Hide (Canada)
Joqueth Hitchinson (USA)
Katja Jacobs (Canada)
Jilaine Jones (USA)
Terrence Keller (Canada)
Lyle Lis (Canada)
Rodger Mack (USA)
Ken Macklin (Canada)
Lawrence Poons (USA)
Otto Rogers (Canada)
Robert Scott (Canada)
Sandi Slone (USA)
Carol Sutton (Canada)
Cheron Tomkins (USA)
Joyce Weinstein (USA)

casa-de-caridad_barcelona_l.jpg, Barcelona, Spain


Casa Provincial de Caridad


Casa de la Caritat


Barcelona, Spain, Montalegre Street, between Valldonzella nd Ferlandina, in the old quarter of Barcelona. Just north from Carrer dels Angels "This superb group of buildings was restored and prepared especially for the workshop and in the future will become the Center of Contemporary Creation in Barcelona." This 19th Century complex was a city for the poor, in the middle of Barcelona, in the heart of the Raval district with its own hospital, schools, workshops, church, and open park areas. At Montalegre 5, 08001 Barcelona, Spain is the CccB, Centre De Cultura Contemporanea De Barcelona. The C.C.C.B. was built by the architect Piñón y Viaplana on the site of the old Casa de la Caridad. (http://www.cccb.org/ca/)

Quote: "From Calle del Carme take Calle dels Angels up to the big open space. The MACBA (Museu d'Art Contemporari de Barcelona) was built by Richard Meier.. Around the corner going up Calle Montalegre is the Casa de la Caritat, an ancient orphanage turned in to an exhibition hall." End Quote. excerpt from: Barcelona Walks: http://www.innsidebarcelona.com/ramble_ramblas.htm.

© by Carol Sutton, one of the artists who participated in Art Triangle Barcelona.

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