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At that time he mainly worked on a box series he called 'Paradox', but also did joyful yet somber, portraits of family or close friends, these were both three dimensional and also painted as illusions. An example would be: Paradox Series No. 4, painted construction, 1968, 66" x 58", Betty Parsons Gallery, New York City. Portraits were: an example: #12. 'Portrait', pencil, 1966-1967, Betty Parson Gallery, New York City. This was a frontal view, head only, no neck, no background, a clean spare view of his beloved wife Patricia. It is beautifully shaded and has a soft transition between areas of light to dark. The drawing is done as if there were a spot light shinning downward above her head. In some box portraits, Walter actually cut a hole in the box above the head so that actual light DID shine down onto the head, such as in the work of a portrait of his baby son Michael. #16. small,#16, untitled,construction, baby Michael, by artist Walter Barker, 1968This directed light shinning down on the subject was staged, similar to the way in which Bernini [Giovanni Lorenzo-[1598-1680, Italian baroque sculptor] staged a raking side light to shoot across his sculpture beginning at her head and tapering off towards her feet, in his sculpture 'Death of the Blessed Ludovica Albertoni', 1674, in the Altieri Chapel, San mini, #17, Untitled , painted construction, by artist Walter Barker, 1968Francesco, Rome, Italy. Barker keep the light from drifting away by having it contained within the box where it could not escape. Barker did this in his both of these two works: 'Untitled'. , painted, construction, 8" x 20", x 20", 1968, Private Collection. and #17. 'Untitled' , painted, construction, 8" x 41", 18", 1968, Private Collection; this is a full figure portrait of a man standing stiff and facing frontally forward, with a box painted around the figure. It is not a self portrait.

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Artist: Walter Barker, a.k.a. Wally Barker
Title: Untitled. , painted, construction,
{listed as "#16. Untitled, painted construction"; in catalogue -
mini open cataloguePaperback catalogue
Title: Walter Barker, 1958-1968
Author:Ernest Smith, {Director, Gallery of the Loretto-Hilton Center}
Size: 8" x 20", x 20",
Date: 1968,
Collection: Private Collection.
large, #16, untitled,construction, baby Michael, by artist Walter Barker, 1968



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Walter Barker[1921- -], {portrait of wife}Untitled,#12, pencil Walter Barker[1921- -], {portrait of baby}Untitled,#16,

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