Old Town U.S.A. Balcony, a painting by Carol Sutton, 1993


detail-Old Town U.S.A. Balcony painting by Carol Suttondetail of red, white, and blue flag colors in lower left corner of this painting


Old Town U.S.A. Balcony

Spirit Balcony Series

by Carol Sutton

measurements: approximately 88 " x 119.5" or 223.5 cm x 303.5 cm
date: 1993
materials: Golden Acrylic on cotton canvas

a detail of upper window reflection areaOld Town - U.S.A. Balcony painting by Carol Sutton-detail upper center


scan courtesy of Bill Kirby of The Canadian Visual Arts Information Network or Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art www.ccca.camini- USA balcony by Carol Sutton

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