Fabergé Jewelry Series 

These paintings by Carol Sutton are all based on the drawings and watercolor sketches of jewelry by Carl Faberge.

Faberge Jewelry Series, A diamond brooch designed in 1909 by Carl Faberge , by Carol Sutton,



Faberge Jewelry Series,'A diamond brooch designed by Carl Faberge - Russian design' {a bow},blue + green, by artist Carol Sutton



The book I used as a source for my painting is:


red jelly buttonFaberge: Lost and Found, The Recently Discoved Jewelry Designs for the St. Petersburg Archives.
Author: Kenneth Snowman
205 illustrations, 169 in full color
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, New York
date published: 1993
ISBN: 0-8109-3307-1, hardcover, first editionA Kenneth Snowman book: Faberge: Lost and Found


Faberge: Lost & Found
Fabergé: Lost and Found. by A. Kenneth Snowman. For
more than twenty-five years Carl Fabergé ...
via Wartski index, then click publications:
Publications-Wartski has a tradition of sponsoring and encouraging academic research. To date the following studies have been published by current members of the firm;

Which has the wonderful watercolor drawings, Seeing these is what inspired me to make my Faberge paintings on paper series. Often the drawings are shown beside examples of the real jewelry piece. :

"Within the pages of these record books are countless meticulous watercolour and ink drawings of, it seems, every jewel that was made by the firm from 1909 to 1915. Each design is dated and accompanied by detailed handwritten instructions as to type, number, and weight of gemstones, precious metal setting, and colour of enameling to be used in carrying out the piece. Hundreds of these invaluable - and incredibly beautiful - drawings are reproduced here for the first time, most in full colour, with captions describing the jewel, the materials to be used, and the date of execution. And very often the actual finished jewels are photographed next to the drawings from which they were created. "QUOTE

"A Kenneth Snowman is Chairman and grandson of the founder of Wartski, the London jewelry firm that has helped form many of the outstanding Fabergé collections of the world. He has written many books and articles on gold and jewelry and is the editor of Abrams' The Master jewelers and contributor to Abram's Masterpieces from the House of Fabergé. Snowman was curator and wrote the catalogues for the Fabergé exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, in 1977 and at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York, in 1983. Fabergé: Lost and Found is critically important document for jewelry collectors and historians and a delight for anyone who cares for fine craftsmanship and exquisite drawing."QUOTE

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