Writings by Carol Sutton

Carol Sutton Artist With Their Work, Art Gallery of Ontario, Extension Services, artist comment on her work and photograph, 1978, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Carol Sutton André Fauteux Pyramid Sculpture 1975, Owens Art Gallery, Mount Allison University, Sackville,
New Brunswick

FAU068.JPG,AndrŽ Fauteux in his studio at 2 Boulton Avenue & 792-798 Queen St. East, Toronto, Ontario, Tom Moore©André Fauteux in his studio at 2 Boulton Avenue & 792-798 Queen St. East {photo by Thomas Moore}, Poulton Block, historic Orient Hall Masonic Lodge, Toronto, Ontario ,1975 {this picture looks towards the east end of Toronto. The Poulton Block is in the historic Toronto Riverside area: new3.gifhttp://www.toronto.ca/bia/riverside.htm
Extra notes: Famous artists André Fauteux and Carol Sutton lived in the historic building on the corner of 2 Boulton Avenue and 792 to 798 Queen Street East, called the "Poulton Block", originally built as "Orient Hall", a Freemasons lodge, as inscribed on a plaque just above the 2nd floor row of windows, now covered over with cement. André Fauteux and Carol Sutton were married in their apartment loft at the Poulton Block, 2 Boulton Avenue on June 25, 1977. André lived and had his studio there for about fifteen years and Carol lived there for six years.
See more internal Poulton Block photographs of André's studio, in which Carol Sutton also painted in during 1974 at this new {February 11, 2003} page, The Story of Pip the Cat and André Fauteux: http://www.carolsutton.net/pip/andre_fauteux_pip_cat.html.

Carol Sutton unpublished Letter to the Editor of The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Ontario, October 9, 1984, concerning 'Life with the Bush Legacy' by John Bentley Mays

Carol Sutton unpublished The Spirit Balcony Paintings and The Choice of Numbers, Toronto, Ontario, July 1990, concerning why Goya, Manet, Callibotte, and Sutton choose to use certain numbers in their balcony paintings, how many rungs, odd verses even, dichotomy between closed off space verses the open out space of the picture; "We do not need to make a clear choice between the evanescent open light mist or the enunciative world of distinctively articulate forms."

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