CLEMENT GREENBERG (1909-1994): "Man can you draw.You know, no one has been able to draw convincingly in abstract art, for some reason it has to be figurative for people to draw well. This is something new here. You've done it. The drawing in the tracery is beautiful. Man can you draw. How did you discover this? You have invented a way to draw in abstract painting. You are the first person to do this successfully. Man can you draw." This quote was made during Clem's last studio visit to Carol Sutton studio and Andre Fauteux's studio in 1990; when I showed him my then as yet unshown work for my upcoming show at Gallery One in Toronto, of the Carol Sutton series: 'The Spirit Balcony Paintings'.

greenberg_carol_sutton.jpg, Portrait of Clement Greenberg, by Carol Sutton,www.carolsutton.net, acrylic on canvas, 1987, Copyright© & All Rights Reserved

Portrait of Clement Greenberg

by Carol Sutton

Media: Golden Paints acrylic and acrylic loaded pen tool on cotton canvas

Size: about 16 by 14 inches.

Location when painted: painted at Pine Plains, New York State at the time

of Triangle Artist Workshop of 1986

appbalcony.button.jpg , mini button Apparition Balcony by Carol Sutton©

Apparation Balcony
Series: The Spirit Balcony Paintings
(This quote was made during Clem's last studio visit to Carol Sutton studio and Andre Fauteux's studio in 1990; when I showed him my then as yet unshown work for my upcoming show at Gallery One in Toronto, of Carol Sutton series: 'The Spirit Balcony Paintings'.
"Clement Greenberg visited my studio for over 17 years. The first time was 1974 and the last time was in 1990. He usually took in about five or six artist in Toronto when he came up from New York to visit and view Jack Bush's work in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Clem also saw and criticized all the artwork I made in the two different Triangle Artist Workshops; 1983 and 1986 respectively, in Pine Plains, New York State and the one Art Triangle Barcelona in 1987; which took place in Barcelona , Spain.
My husband's work, a sculpture that Andre Fauteux gave to Clem; is included in the Portland Art Museum gifts. I also gave Clement Greenberg a small close value painting, mainly of brown colors (Rembrandt tones), even murky, which was not selected for inclusion in the Portland Art Museum gifts group. Greenberg, never asked for any gift from an artist. Artists instead wanted to give him work because Clement Greenberg gave them so much encouragement, his insight often sparking new ideas, notions, or potential ways of seeing." notes by

dreambal.detail.jpg, detail of tracery in Dream Balcony by Carol Sutton©

Detail of Dream Balcony ,Series: The Spirit Balcony Paintings

The above painting detail of 'Dream Balcony' shows the kind of drawing in the tracery that critic Clement Greenberg responded to in a very positive manner, when he first saw these paintings in my studio in 1990.

The Portland Art Museum"acquired and recently exhibited Greenberg's art collection, consisting primarily of gifts from artists. The museum's"past exhibition" site contains a provocative selection of works from the collection. Well done although incomplete and not always well selected. A must see. "http://www.pam.org/museum%20plaza/collections/listing/greenberg/greenberg.html)

sut021.jpg , Townsend, painting by Carol Sutton©
© Carol Sutton
date: 1976
materials: acrylic on canvas
measurements: 68 x 96 in.; 172.7 x 243.8 cm
description: Early Fan Series.
notes: named after my Maternal Grandfather, Beverly Townsend Sustare and my older sister, Nancy Townsend Sutton {Nowlan}

Who is Clement Greenberg? - LINKS
#1. "Clement Greenberg: As the art world remembers him" (Interviews with John Russell, Hilton Kramer, William Rubin, Robert Rosenblum, and Linda Nochlin), The Art Newspaper, June 1994, p. 4.
Clement Greenberg as the American art world remembers him
by Jason Edward Kaufman
- link no longer active.
#2. Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities- INVENTORY OF THE CLEMENT GREENBERG PAPERS, 1928-1994 -INVENTORY OF THE CLEMENT GREENBERG PAPERS, 1928-1994. Accession no. 950085. Finding aid prepared by Annette Leddy. ... - 2k http://archives.getty.edu:8082/cgi/f/findaid/findaid-idx?cc=utf8a;c=utf8a;view=reslist;subview=standard;didno=US%3A%3ACMalG%3A%3A950085
#3. ... CLEMENT GREENBERG. Photo: Eleanore Lazare. CLEMENT GREENBERG (1909-1994) was the greatest art critic of the second half of the 20th century and possibly the greatest art critic of all time. All this, of course, is arguable and remains so. He was the most vilified critic since Bernard Berenson -- "Clembashing", as it came to be known, has continued unabated since the late '60s, climaxing in Florence Rubenfeld's dreadful biography and Adam Gopnik's savage review of the same in the pages of The New Yorker.
by Terry Fenton [also a critic and artist. Curator for many years at the Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton , Alberta, Canada, at: http://eag.org/].. 16k
An Autobiographical Statement by Clement Greenberg:
#4. Clement Greenberg is the focus of an on-line site ,
THE GREENBERG SYMPOSIA HOMEPAGE, at http://da.awa.com:80/artnet/artnetweb/views/greenberg/cghome.html - NOT VALID URL

Who is Clement Greenberg? A vast selection of his work can be view at The Getty Art History Information Program, or a.k.a.; this is a
searchable and clickable list of 93 articles, each and everyone just on his work at:

WALTER DARBY BANNARD: "The titles, incidentally, are seashell names, which are appropriate even if they encourage the misunderstanding of the "meaning Hounds, the people who still think the title comes before the painting and the critics who ran out of thing to say before they learned to talk. Maybe you've got to hand these people something to deal with, because it looks to me as if these pictures are going to be tough to swallow. Well, the tougher the better. It only testifies to their quality and originality."
(1983- brochure for 'The Water Spiral Series' shown at Gallery One, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Walter Darby Bannard- Carol Sutton's New Paintings, exhibition catalogue essay, Gallery One, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
November 1983)
L@@K: ESSAY ONLINE Walter Darby Bannard essay-Carol Sutton-Water Spirals & Aqua Nebula
Who is Walter Darby Bannard? - LINKS
#1. http://www.askart.com/askart/artist.aspx?artist=10065181
DARBY BANNARD IN ASKART.com Birth / Death of Walter Darby Bannard State Affillation of Walter Darby Bannard: Walter Darby Bannard is Often Known For:
1934 - NJ (Strongest affiliation) geometric expression, neo-cubism
30 Books that contain Walter Bannard
2 Periodicals including Walter Bannard
26 Museums Holding Walter Bannard
11 Auction Results for Walter Bannard
Graphs for Walter Bannard
Record Price for Walter Bannard was on 05/03/89
Biography about Walter Bannard
7 images in Gallery for Walter Bannard
sutton_charonia_trition.jpg, Charonia Trition© by Carol Sutton
TITLE: Charonia Triton
ARTIST: © Carol Sutton
date: 1976
materials: acrylic on canvas
measurements: 68 x 96 in.; 172.7 x 243.8 cm
description: Water Spiral Series.
(Triangle Artist Workshop, July 1983)

KAREN WILKIN: "Carol Sutton's paintings have attracted attention for some time because of their originality and their surprising color, but her most recent works have a new unity and directness which is particularily impressive. They seem to bring together things which have concerned her since she first began to make art and, at the same time to eliminate some to the difficulties of earlier pictures. This kind of clearheadedness and self-awareness is noteworthy, especially as the development of Sutton's present format has not been a simple progression from painting type to related painting type. Instead, she has been alert to unexpected directions suggested by eccentric pictures within a given series, just as she is alert to possibilities which become evident during the making of a picture." citation: Review: 'Carol Sutton' by Karen Wilkin, ARTS Magazine, December 1979, Volume 54. No. 4, (William Edward O'Reilly, through November 30), by the Art Digest Co., New York, NY, USA, page 16, article.
These eight writings include what Karen Wilkin has written on the artwork of Carol Sutton:
*(1979) - Karen Wilkin Carol Sutton: Recent Paintings (Toronto), Artmagazine 43/33, 10th Anniversary Issue 1969-1979. May/June 1979, color illustrated
*Karen Wilkin Certain Traditions: Recent British and Canadian Art, 1978, essay and color illustrated Catalogue
*Karen Wilkin Carol Sutton:, Artmagazine , December 1979. New York, NY, USA, essay & b.&w. illustration, page 16
*Karen Wilkin The late-blooming vitality of Toronto Art, Artnews, New York, NY, February 1980, illustrated
*Karen Wilkin Selections from The Westburne Collection, The Edmonton Art Gallery, catalogue with color illustration & text, page 35, page 18,41, & 48, July -September, 12, 1982
*Karen Wilkin A Triangle Journal, Update, The Edmonton Art Gallery, Volume 5, no. 3, Nay/June 1984, Edmonton, Alberta
*Karen Wilkin From "Chromaliving" to "Chromatics", Artsnews, New York, NY, USA, Feb. 1984, essay & illust. , page 133
*Karen Wilkin Toronto: Fans, Flickers and Penny Arcades, Artnews, Vol. 81, Number 2, Feb. 1982, New York, pages 94,95, essay and illustration of Aqua Chorda

lords_ladies_79.jpg , Lords and Ladies © Carol Sutton ,
Lords and Ladies
© Carol Sutton
date: 1978
materials: acrylic on canvas
measurements: 67.5 x 143.75 in.; 171.5 x 365.1 cm
description: Fan Series.

sutton_ceiling_painting_bt.JPG, Quirale Ceiling by artist Carol Sutton©
Quirnale Ceiling
© Carol Sutton
date: 1983
materials: acrylic on canvas
measurements: 68 x 96 in.; 172.7 x 243.8 cm
description: Ceiling Series.

Who is Karen Wilkin? - LINKS
#1. NYSS | Karen Wilkin
... Karen Wilkin, Art Historian and Critic Studied at Barnard College, NY, and Columbia
University, NY. Regular contributor to The New Criterion and Partisan Review ...6k -
#2. O pioneers! Picasso and Braque 1907-1914 by Karen Wilkin.
The New Criterion online-
O Pioneers! Picasso and Braque ...- 30k -

Karen Wilkin has also written a catalogue on the art of Carol Sutton's husband, André Fauteux, sculptor,"Ten Years- Dix Ans-1972-1982"

These two writings include what Kenworth Moffett has written on the artwork of Carol Sutton: Kenworth Moffett was also responsible for the purchase of a large painting; titled 'ALVERTIE', by the Boston Museum; while he was the curator there.
The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Mass., USAAlvertie © Carol Sutton
date: 1977
materials: acrylic on canvas
measurements: 67 x 144 in.; 170.2 x 365.8 cm
collection: Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massechusetts
description: Fan Series.
notes: the title is the name of my Paternal Grandmother, Alvertie Queen [Sutton]

for my art going to: Harvard Square Hines Industrial Boston, Mass., USA [ a large painting from 'The Water Spiral Series']
#1. Kenworth Moffett The New Generation: A Curator's Choice, exhibition catalogue essay, illustrated, André Emmerich Gallery, New York, New York, USA, September 1980-
This important group exhibition brought Carol Sutton's work to greater international attention. - THE NEW GENERATION: A CURATOR'S CHOICE - organised by Kenworth Moffett of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for the Andre Emmerich Gallery in New York City.  
#2. Kenworth Moffett Moffett's Artletter, April, November, and September 1986, subscription only newsletter, Stanford, Connecticut
Who is Kenworth Moffett? - LINKS
Kenworth Moffett is a critic, writer, author, and liked the past critic Meier-Graefe. Kenworth Moffett has visited Carol Sutton's studio in Toronto since 1974, up until the late 1980's. Moffett is past curator of the Boston Museum of Fine Art [BFA]. Currently he is; Museum Executive Director Dr. Kenworth Moffett.-- The Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale.Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33301
#1.ARTTEXT - lists books by K. Moffett- http://www.artextbooks.com/welcome.html
Your search for Moffett retrieved 8 Matches. - NOT VALID URL
(CARO A1045)
Boston. Museum of Fine Arts at the Christian Science Center. ANTHONY CARO: The York Sculptures. 40 pp. include 29 b&w plates, 2 color coverplates. Intro. by Kenworth Moffett; interview with Christopher Andreae. Oblong 4to, wrps. Boston, 1980. Fine. $12.00 [Order/Inquire]
(POONS A1238)
Boston. Museum of Fine Arts. LARRY POONS: Paintings 1971-1981. Unpag. exhib. cat., 15 b&w illus., 7 color plates. Essay by Kenworth Moffett, chronol., exhibs., bibliog. Oblong folio, wrps. 1981. Fine. $20.00 [Order/Inquire]
(SCOTT A1257)
Boston. Museum of Fine Arts. TIM SCOTT, The Bird in Arras Series. Unpaginated exhib. cat., 6 plates (4 in color), including essay by Kenworth Moffett. Square 4to, wrps. 1972. Near-fine. $20.00 [Order/Inquire]
20-Nov-01 The following archival collections of personal papers and organizational records are available for research at
The Smithsonian Archives of American Art.

 Roald Nasgaard, Book Title: Abstract Painting In Canada,Douglas & McIntyre, ISBN: 978-1-55365-226-7,September 2007, new3.gifAuthor: Roald Nasgaard, Book Title: Abstract Painting In Canada, Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre, ISBN: 978-1-55365-226-7, cloth, 432 pages and 200 color reproductions.
Quote: "In the tradition of the distinguished Douglas & McIntyre art program, this lavishly illustrated and superbly printed book is a rich, readable history of abstract painting in Canada and its extraordinary impact on our country's culture."
At chapters.indigo.ca: http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Abstract-Painting-in-Canada-Roald-Nasgaard/9781553652267-item.html?Lang=en&__lang=en-CA
At: David Mirvish Books; http://www.dmbooks.com/product.aspx?ProductID=7953
The painting by Carol Sutton, from The Fan Series, titled: "Chesapeake", is illustrated in this book on page 262; with text on 124, 261, 262.
LINK: http://www.douglas-mcintyre.com/book_details.asp?b=1134 & http://www.carolsutton.net/images/fan_series_lightroom/content/Chesapeake1979_large.html
SEE OTHER FAN PAINTINGS - 9 FAN SERIES WORKS: http://www.carolsutton.net/images/fan_series_lightroom/content/index.html
Pages: 261, 262, and 124
Illustration: Chesapeake [Fan Series] (1979) by artist Carol Sutton, Copyright© /All Rights Reserved Chesapeake [Fan Series] (1979)
"Carol Sutton (b. 1945)
Although Sutton came artistically of age in Toronto in the 1970s, she is not of Toronto in the same way as the veterans of OCA and the New School. She was born in Virginia and arrived in Toronto in 1970, with degrees from the Richmond Professional Institute in Richmond, Virginia, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, trained as a commercial artist. In 1973 she met her husband-to-be, the sculptor André Fauteux, who, she said, had a profound effect on her work. He introduced her to Jack Bush, and in 1976 Bush and Clement Greenberg visited her studio. This was another of those fateful encounters during which the critic expressed his preference for, and found more original, not the group of paintings that she was showing off with great pride but some simpler ones, that she had just begun, "of less conspicuous technical virtuosity." 37 As a result, Sutton chose to concentrate on the "fans" as the new painting were called, based as they were on the simple motif of fanning out the flow of her brush strokes diagonally across the surface of her canvas, as in Chesapeake, 1979 (f 9g.124). The opened fan motif gave her a basic structural format, like Feist's wheel spokes and Hayne's split diamond, that allowed her, for the next seven years or so, the freedom to explore and orchestrate across the flat surface of the canvas a great multiplicity of colours.
Overall, it seems more appropriate to place Sutton along-side the prairie painters. She has often shown with them and has, like them, had her most valued support from critics like Greenberg, Wilkin and Kenworth Moffett, and from artists like Anthony Caro and Walter Darby Bannard. She singled out Bush and Noland as the most important influences on her development, especially the range of Bush's palette. After an inaugural Toronto exhibition with the artist-run ACT Gallery in 1977, she sought out her first dealer in New York, William O'Reilly (Later of Salander-O'Reilly Galleries), and then showed in Toronto with Theo Waddington and Gallery One.
Always a fluid and luscious painter of great gusto, comfortable with intimacy as well as the grand scale, Sutton has in recent years made richly expressive paintings based on those by Old Masters ranging from Veronese to Goya, as well as Manet, and on her own photographs of balcony grills and other architectural motifs, choosing a colour background from here, a figurative element from there, mixing them as they capture her imagination." - by Roald Nasgaard.
citation: Book, Abstract Painting in Canada, pages 261, 262, and 124, Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre,

DONNA LYPCHUK: "Although, many of Sutton's paintings refer to air and light (particularily reflected light), they often have that "oceanic feeling" described by Freud in his famous paper" Civilization and It's Discontents"- citation: Published essay, 'A Spanner in The Works - Ethos and Spirituality in Abstract Painting', 1990
L@@K:Donna Lypchuk essay on Carol Sutton's art-1990- A Spanner in The Works - Ethos and Spirituality in Abstract Painting
(1990- Oakham House show - Donna Lypchuk: 'Carol Sutton: Eye Of The Vortex, The Silhouette-Grill-Balcony Paintings', cover and feature article, essay with full page color and black and white photographs,
Artpost 33, Summer, 1989, pages 9-13, Volume 6, Number 4)
SUT046.JPG , Broad Daylight Eye {SET-CUT} - © Carol Sutton, tiny
Broad Daylight Eye {SET-CUT}
artist:- © Carol Sutton
date: 1988
materials: acrylic on canvas
measurements: 54.25 x 90 in.; 137.8 x 228.6 cm
description: Silhouette-Grill-Balcony Series.

Who is Donna Lypchuk? - LINKS
#1.Donna Lypchuk writes for 'Eye Magazine' which is on-line. Donna Lypchuk is an independent critic.
A list of her articles at eye: contributors: Donna Lypchuk
... Donna Lypchuk. June 28 2001: columns: necrofile: Last
time around June 21 2001: columns: necrofile ..- 87k -.

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