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House and Garden, British Edition, cover color illustrated painting 'Gemini' by artist Carol Sutton, June 1983,
House & Garden, British Edition, cover painting 'Gemini' by Carol Sutton, June 1983Copyrights©
Title: House and Garden, cover color illustrated painting 'Gemini' by Carol Sutton and page 9, June 1983, Volume 38, No. 6, British Edition, no credit given and page 9, June 1983, Volume 38, No. 6, British Edition, no credit given
Quote: "Cool white walls and shimmering blue fabrics in the living-area of a US holiday house designed by Alexandra Stoddard. Dark ceiling beams and architraves were lightened and paired with modern furniture and dhurries. For more detail and views of the house see pages 68-73, Photograph by Michael Dunne." End Quote.

Title: Gemini
Artist: Carol Sutton ©
Size: 67 1/2" x 96"
Media: Acrylic on Cotton duck canvas.
Date: 1981
Signed on the edge in magic marker and on the rear in pencil
Collection: Georges & Louis de Menil, Fisher's Island, New York; Notes: They are related to John & Dominique de Menil, who.did Mark Rothko chapel, Houston, Texas.
Sold: via Salander O'Reilly Gallery, New York City, New York
Location: Fisher's Island, New York State, USA

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