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Emma Lake Artist Workshop, Saskatchewan, leader & artist Carol Sutton, July 1977 space1.gifcarol_sutton_emma_lake_SK_.jpg
Title: Carol Sutton and her painting 'Emma Lake',
Place: Emma Lake Artist's University of Saskatchewan, guest artist & workshop leader Carol Sutton, Location: Emma Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Title: Carol Sutton and her painting 'Emma Lake',
Date: July 18 to 29, 1977
Carol Sutton, artist and leader at Emma Lake Artist Workshop, July 1977 space1.gifca_sutton_emma_lake_SK_1977.jpg
Carol Sutton
Painting Information:
Title: Emma Lake
Series / Group: Emma Lake Diamond Group
Artist: Carol Sutton
Date: July 18-27, 1977
Size: 69" x 144"
Size: 175.2 cm by 365.7 cm
Signed: signed, titled and dated "May 24 1981" by the artist on front and the reverse
Media: Acrylic (probably Utrecht & Golden Paints) on cotton canvas
Notes: Painted in studio setup at Emma Lake Artist Workshop, University of Saskatchewan, one of five diamond paintings, one given as a gift to Dorothy Knowles and William Perehudoff.
Photographer: unknown
Photograph: Property of Carol Sutton Fine Arts
Copyright© and All Rights Reserved by artist
Files: carol_sutton_emma_lake_SK_.jpg and DETAIL: ca_sutton_emma_lake_SK_1977.jpg
Provenance: Exhibition at Emma Lake Artist Workshop, July 18-27, 1977, then shown privately in New York City at the William Edward O'Reilly Gallery. Current: Collection: of the artist. Never exhibited in Toronto, Ontario
Emma Lake Workshop History Information & web.giflinks:
Place: Emma Lake Artists Workshop
renamed: Emma Lake Kenderdine Workshop
web.gifWeb: ARTIST WORKSHOPS: (current):
web.gifWeb; THE PLACE: Location: Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus is situated approximately 50 kilometres north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. It is on a small isolated peninsula in a lake-resort area. web;
Facts;Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus gratefully acknowledges the funding support of Dorothy Knowles Perehudoff, The Saskatchewan Craft Council and the Emma Lake Collaboration Biennial Conference Committee.
ART: since its inception in 1935
See; Influences of Emma Lake Art School -Has thumbnails: Quote "Set in relative isolation on Murray Point amidst the spectacular scenery of Emma Lake, the Kenderdine Campus has always been an inspirational site for art-making. Then, in the '50s, the Emma Lake Artists' Workshop began to invite top modernist artists from New York City like Will Barnett and Jules Olitski and art critic Clement Greenberg to lead intensive studio courses. Today, that philosophy of collaboration, camaraderie and creation still beckons local and international artists to return to Emma Lake.
web.gifEmma Lake Artists' Workshops, The Canadian Encylopedia
Other artists to Emma Lake were: Augustus 'Gus' Kinderdine (1907), Ernest Lindner, Kenneth Lochhead (Leader 1963), Kenneth Noland (Leader 1963), Jules Olitski (Leader 1964), Otto Rogers, 1975-88 Professor, Dept. of Art and Art History, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon & Workshop coordinator, Emma Lake Artists' Workshops.
Andre Fauteux, (sculptor & Leader 1976), others; Dorothy Knowles, William Perehudoff, Robert Christie, Wynona Mulcaster, Ted Godwin, Ken Macklin (sculptor), Edna Andrade (Leader 1977), Douglas Bentham, Carol Sutton (Leader 1977), Anthony Caro (Leader 1977), Clement Greenberg, Karen WIlkin, Terry Fenton, Vancouver artist Jack Shadbolt, John Gibbons (sculptor & Leader 1991).
guest artist John McLean and critic Karen Wilken).
"most well-known were Barnett Newman (1959) and Clement Greenberg(1962)" from:

DETAIL of Published Poster 1977- Emma Lake Artists Workshop & Saskatoon Printmaking Program:
University of Saskatchewan
Special Art Programs - Summer '77
Emma Lake Artists Workshop
Saskatoon Printmaking Program
University of Saskatchewan, Dept. of Art, Extension Program
July 5-15 1977
Guest Artist list:
Nonie Mulcaster, Painter, Canada
Richard Mock, Painter, U.S.A.
Warren Rohrer, \Painter, U.S.A.
Ken Carpenter, Art Critic-Writer, Canada
July 18-29
Edna Andrade, Painter, U.S.A.
Mina Forsyth, Painter Canada
James Brooks, Painter, U.S.A.
Carol Sutton, Painter, Canada
August 1 -12
Anthony Caro, Sculptor, Britain
Terry Fenton, Writer-Gallery Director, Canada
Doug Bentham, Sculptor, Canada
Otto Rogers, Painter, Canada
Notes: Gray field poster with white print and color photo of studio scene.
Owner: Carol Sutton
File; DSC_0038.JPG
date of file: 10/26/2006

Published poster 1977: - Emma Lake Artists Workshop & Saskatoon Printmaking Program, July 5 to August 17, 1977:
University of Saskatchewan
Emma Lake Artists Workshop
Property of Carol Sutton Fine Art
Files; mma-lake-SK-poster-1977-c.jpg and detail: emma-lake-SK-poster-detail.jpg
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LINKS TO THE OTHER ARTIST, who were guest artist at Emma Lake Artist Workshop, at the same time that I was there: July 18-29.
* Edna Andrade, Painter, U.S.A. (1917-2008)
web.gifARTNET - Edna Andrade:
web.gifSmithsonian Archives of American Art: - Edna Andrade with her painting Nudes on a Beach., ca. 1949 - photographed by Reuben Goldberg:
MORE: Smithsonian Archives of Edna Andrade:
* Mina Forsyth, Painter Canada (September, 25,1920 - 1987)
web.gifMina Mabel Forsyth- Saskatchewan Council for Archive and Archivists:
* James Brooks, Painter, U.S.A. -(October 18, 1906 ­ March 9, 1992)
web.gifJames Brooks (painter) biography- on Absolute Astronomy:
web.gifARTNET - James Brooks:
myself: Carol Sutton, Painter, Canada - living:

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