Charles, Alexa, 'A Gift of Self', photo of Carol Sutton at Joel Weeks Parkette, by Beau Callaghan. etc. . . news, March 18, 2004, an article about Sutton's volunteer gardening for over 24 years in the South Riverdale community Joel Weeks Parkette. Page 15.
A related story appears on May 3, 2004, {the day before Carol's deputation at City Hall} by Star columnist Joe Fiorito. Sutton's effort to save the green space and place of Joel Weeks Parkette and The Thompson Street Parkette, plus the heritage trees of Don Mount Court is happening at the same time. Two deputations given towards this effort by Carol Sutton at Toronto South Community Council. Carol Sutton became the business liaison officer for the 18 + businesses on Davies Avenue, Matilda Street, and Carroll Street, near the Queen East / King Street Bridge; flanking The Don River, and next to The Joel Weeks Parkette.
sutton_etc_news_charles2004.jpg, ambassador gardener Carol Sutton, etc. news, by Alexa Charles, photo by  Beau Callaghan
EtcNews Newspaper, page 18, Local Toronto, Ontario paper: article:" A Gift of Self", by Alexa Charles, March 18, 2004; with a photo of Carol Sutton at Joel Weeks Parkette, by Beau Callaghan
An article about artist Carol Sutton's volunteer gardening for over 24 years in the South Riverdale community Joel Weeks Parkette
Quote: "Carol Sutton is a truly unique and interesting individual contributing much to the Riverdale community, and the city as a whole. Sutton has lived in Riverdale for 26 years and is the unofficial liaison officer for twelve businesses in the east Don River area and volunteers in conjunction with The Riverside Area Residents Association.
The Joel Weeks Parkette on Carroll Street, has been continuously nurtured thanks to this individual. Sutton has single ­handedly weeded, fertilized, watered, and planted every flower in the park, from the iris and tulip beds, to the Virginia creeper vine and rose bushes.
Sutton has planted two trees including an indigenous and impressive 30-foot silver maple tree, and was instrumental in having John Wilson of Bring Back the Don Committee, plant one too.
On top of all this work, Sutton, for the past two years, has purchased nets for the park's basketball hoops all on her own effort, energy, and money. Sutton says, it's her duty to contribute to the community. She knows that by giving of herself, she benefits everyone.
The park is home to a giant 150 year old willow tree and three horse chestnut trees. Sutton says she feels so strongly about protecting them, that in the next little while she'll present the city with a deputation, pleading with them to do all they can to help her in her mission. Sutton says she considers the willow "a jewel", but thinks the chestnut trees are indispensable as they provide food for the local wild life, serve as homes to many birds, and muffle noise pollution form the Don Valley Parkway.
As the city did less for Joel Weeks Parkette, Sutton did more.
Not only is she a volunteer with a love for gardening. She is also a mother, a property manager and an artist. Sutton donates pink ribbon graphics to those needing them for different breast cancer awareness campaigns. A breast cancer survivor herself, Sutton says this is just one way she volunteers the cause. Sutton shared her own experience in 'Toronto Tonight' magazine, speaking about the link between breast cancer and antibiotics.
Sutton carries no ownership to the cause she works so hard for. Sutton says everything she does is for the good of the whole community. She says for her it's a thrill to hear when others are interested in helping to do their part.
For those interested in lending a hand, contact Carol Sutton at
Etc news congratulates Carol on all her remarkable work and contributions within the community." End quote.
Photo: Carol Sutton at Joel Weeks Parkette

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