Title: green on green garden plan view 2 -Andre le Notre, Vaux le Vicomte

Garden  Series  - Andre le Notre, Vaux le Vicomte

Artist: Carol Sutton

Date and inventory number: February 7, 2009
Media: Golden paints, Golden Gels, Golden Fluids,  Historic colors such as Azurite Hue, Golden High Load Green Gesso, Golden Interference and Iridescent colors, Tri-Art Acrylics and Spectral Colour, velvet, tile, glass mini marbles, broken tempered glass, broken egg shells, pencil and other media such as Rembrandt Pastel, on paper
Size: in inches: 28" x 32 3/4"
Size in centimeters:  71.5cm x 80.5cm
Provenance: SOLD- PRIVATE Collection; All rights reserved © - This work is shown here unframed. 

Notes: This is a sample of my activities and projects.  My Garden Series are mainly based on two distinct gardens, both in France. One garden group is based on the garden of Gustave Caillebotte Estate in Yerres, France, a 19th century estate, which I visited and photographed.  This group of Gustave Caillebotte Estate also includes a sub-group 'Kitchen Garden Work - 2009'. Most are on paper, some are canvases.

The other Garden Group is based on Andre le Notre garden plan at Château de Vaux le Vicomte, an 17th century estate to the east of Paris. Here I photographed both the site itself and early map plans of the gardens which were within the Chateau and I have used these photos as source material. For me this 'garden' is a like being in a giant sculpture; where it gives forth expansive vista views, paths to follow,  parterres of flowers, trees and stone,  sight line structure, and both playful expanses of space and compression of space.  Notre's work is also full of surprise views, such as the pond canal.

Only a few of these are yet on my website: www.carolsutton.net as I do not want to proceed exposure in the marketplace. (with a few exceptions)

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