Carol Sutton space1.gifspace1.gifCommissions space1.gifspace1.gifMartin Liefhebber drawing of Fancye

Martin Liefhebber, draftsman and Architect, drawing of stage preformance of Fancye by Jaeger and Sutton, 1973. ©

1973 FANCYE by Composer: David Jaeger and Artist: Carol Sutton
And composers: The Canadian Electronic Ensemble or the CEE
Music for Organ and computer synthesized sound, moving sculpture, still sculpture and lights,
for New Music Concerts, Concert Hall Organ - Inaugural Concerts,

Location / Place: Edward Johnson Building, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: November 1973
Edward Johnson Building, Concert Hall Organ, Inaugural Concerts, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto,Program Booklet, 1973, scan by Carol Sutton© copyright
inaugural-concert-organ-univ-to-jpg - Program Booklet, ©Carol Sutton
Excerpt from:
Edward Johnson Building Concert Hall Organ
Faculty of Music
University of Toronto
"Fancy - for Organ and Computer-Synthesized Sound .... . .. . . . . .David Jaeger
(Commission premiere)
"An English renaissance form of music, 'Fancy' is used as the basis for a joint work ­ music and visual ­ by David Jaeger and artist, Carol Sutton Martin. The visible part consists of flakes of coloured light (soft colours of a Japanese fruit dessert) produced by light organs linked to the computer electronic tape and cast upon two distinct sculptural forms. The first form: hanging mirrors which move freely wit the wind (as the organ is a wind instrument). The second form: high silver-surfaced columns, scattered at random on stage, catching light and reflecting it back to the audience. The composer and artist wish to thank Pennina Coppersmith, architect; Fred Baldwin, builder; James Swanston, carpenter; Martin Liefhebber, draftsman; Henry Zomer, plastics consultant; the University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio, Gustav Ciamaga, director, David Jaeger, graduate of the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, is with the national music department, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation."
Derek Healey, organ
Program notes by Willis Noble." End quotes.



Fancye, by composer David Jaeger & artist Carol Sutton, fancye_jaeger_sutton_univT.jpg 1973, Carol Sutton Martin, artist, now Carol Sutton, University of Toronto with organ & electronic music, Copyrights©fancye3_jaeger_sutton.jpg -feb5


1973 FANCYE by Composer: David Jaeger and Artist: Carol Sutton


The stage is ready for performance.

fancye3_jaeger_sutton.jpg -feb5

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