Agrippa dream domicle, Roma series, Carol Sutton© Copyrights and All Rights Reserved 

Agrippa's Dream Domicile

Roma Pompeii Series

Artist: Carol Sutton

Date: March 8, 2006, #3 C
Media: Golden paints, high load gesso, black gesso, heavy body, fluids, interference paints, Pelican china ink on Stonehenge paper
Size: 56.5 cm by 76.2 cm or 22 1/4 " x  30 inches
Provenance: Collection of artist; All rights reserved ©

For Sale


Note: This is a sample of my current activites and projects. Roma Pompeii Series 2005 & 2006 / Roma Series 2007 / Roma 2008. These works are inspired by seeing the black and cream fresco rooms at the  Museo Nazionale Romano at Plalazzo Massimo, near the Piazza della Republica, while on a trip to Rome in 2005. What struck me was the expanse of scale within each room, which seemed strangely modern. Love the change of scale and perspective within these early Roma rooms. Most are on paper, some are large canvases. None of these are yet on my website: as I do not want to proceed exposure in the marketplace. (with the exception of this one)

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